Credit Card Surcharges

Did you catch Jon at the latest More Than Just Great Dancing conference in Florida recently? There was lots of discussion around the new feature in The Studio Director which allows you to automatically add a surcharge to families that pay via credit card! Implementing a surcharge can help offset some of your cost with […]


Spring is almost here and the end of your dance season is fast approaching. The next big thing coming for your dance studio is the end-of-year recital. While you may already know the performances that each class is doing, there is still lots of work to do. Which students are performing? What order will the […]

Effective Communication

Are you effectively communicating with your dance/gymnastics families? How about your staff? Ever feel like perhaps you could do more? Effective communications is an important part of your dance or gymnastics studio business. Keeping your families informed is one of the best ways to keep your customers happy and grow your business. Keeping your staff […]