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Motivating Your Cheerleaders

The key to successful cheerleader coaching is motivating your cheerleaders. Check out these useful tips for keeping everyone engaged. Being a cheerleader teacher or coach is a hard job. You have to be able to create and teach routines, foster a team environment, solve conflicts and work with the parents of your cheerleaders. Sometimes, the […]

Ballroom Dance Is for All Ages

If you thought ballroom dancing was an activity reserved for older people, here’s why you should think again! If you own a dance studio, you may notice that most of your ballroom dancing students are older. This style of dancing isn’t as popular as many other kinds among the very young and elderly crowd because […]

Do You Need a Dance Studio Blog?

Even a small studio can benefit from sharing the latest dance trends, company news and more via a blog that students and customers can read any time they want to. Running a dance studio means staying on top of trends and making your name the one that people think of first when they want to […]

Dance Season Studio Tips

With the new year, a new dance season could be about to start.  As the studio owner, you are probably stressing out about getting it all done. Taking a step-by-step approach and keeping a to-do list where you cross off your tasks as you do them can really help. Using dance studio software like The […]

What to Do When Dealing with Difficult Parents

Here is some useful advice for dealing with overbearing parents of dance students. Part of running a dance studio is dealing with the parents of your young students. Often, this can be a rewarding relationship, but you’ll run into the occasional parent who is not easy to handle. Most of the time, parents are nothing […]

How to Increase Your Dance Studio Profits

If you own your own dance studio, you probably have a passion for dance and want to share that with other people.  However, running your own dance studio will certainly cost money.  Here are some steps you can take to increase your bottom line without sacrificing your time in the studio with your students.  Even […]

How to Make Attendance/Check-In Easier

Keeping accurate track of your student attendance is important.  Tracking attendance can help you quickly identify trends for classes.  Contacting students that are not attending can help you determine reasons why attendance might be lagging. Taking attendance using traditional pen and paper is certainly a great choice, but can be time consuming.  Instructors need to […]