Ballroom Dance Is for All Ages

downloadIf you thought ballroom dancing was an activity reserved for older people, here’s why you should think again!

If you own a dance studio, you may notice that most of your ballroom dancing students are older. This style of dancing isn’t as popular as many other kinds among the very young and elderly crowd because they have been exposed to other forms of dance in their lifetime. That doesn’t mean that you can’t cater to all ages, however. The trick is making ballroom dancing enticing and fun for everyone. Here’s how to grow the number of students you have in your ballroom dancing classes.

Make it For a Wedding

Couples who want to make an impression during their first dance at their wedding will be excited about learning to ballroom dance. Start a class in your studio that is for engaged couples and teach them a variety of moves they can use at their wedding reception. This is a fun way to draw in a younger crowd while mixing up your student roster with people who otherwise might never take a class together.

Have a Date Night

Couples are always looking for a new and interesting activity for date night. This is especially true for couples with kids who don’t get out very often. Cater to their whims by offering a date night class that teaches couples a new and fun way to dance with each other. Offer drinks or snacks to make the event a complete night for couples out on a date.

Hold a Competition

People all over the country are getting into reality shows like Dancing with the Stars, so cater to this by holding your own dancing competition. This will draw in couples who want to compete and will create a class that has students of all ages who are good at dancing and want to have fun and enhance their skills at the same time. You can do this the same way as the shows on television or create your own unique competition style.

Try it For Exercise

People are always looking for a fun and enjoyable way to exercise, and dance burns tons of calories and engages muscles all over the body. You can grow the diversity of your dance studio by featuring classes for people who are looking to get in shape and lose some weight. Offer ballroom dancing as a fun way to tone up and slim down that is also social and exciting. Your classes will never be the same, so this is a perfect option for people who don’t want to do the same workout all the time.

As you can see, there are many ways to get the word out about ballroom dancing and bring in a wide range of students who want to learn how to do it. Keep it all straight with a top-quality ballroom dance studio software program like The Studio Director. This allows you to keep your class lists, schedules and events organized and easy to access anytime you need them. You can organize all of your information so you can easily pull up what you need. The Studio Director also allows you to run the business end of things without keeping you from your time in the studio. Your love of ballroom dancing is part of what inspires your business, and now it’s time to share that passion with everyone in town.

If you have a successful ballroom class, let us know!