If you build it, they will come. If you’re like most studio owners, that’s probably what you believed when you began the dreaming and planning stage of your studio ownership journey. The realities of studio ownership are more complicated. Gaining a loyal following of students is about far more than offering excellent classes.

With a saturated market, even modest improvements in your daily operations can give you a significant competitive edge. Of course, streamlining your operations and making tweaks to your business model can be exhausting undertakings. That’s where studio management software comes in.

Studio management software such as Studio Director does the heavy lifting for you. For a small fee, it frees up significant resources, allowing you to get back to doing what you do best. Skeptical? Concerned that studio management software will just be one more bill? We understand. But here are five reasons that the right program is worth every penny -- and then some.

Studio Management Software Gives You More Time


Studio directors face a seemingly endless stream of hurdles. You’re part counselor, part manager, and part human resources director. You’re a teacher, a receptionist, a marketing expert, a CPA, a lawyer, and probably a community organizer, too.

Consider all the tasks successful owners must perform:

  • You must manage your team. That includes mediating disputes, hiring and firing staff members, giving performance reviews, training new employees, and managing issues such as payroll and taxes.
  • You’ll need to stay on top of your finances. This means saving for taxes and a rainy day, knowing how much money you can spend, and balancing the need to save money with the need to pay instructors a competitive wage. Can you afford a new marketing campaign or new flooring? You won’t know if you don’t manage your finances well.
  • Legal issues such as zoning changes can affect your business. So too can liability issues such as a broken floor or leaky roof. You must prepare for each, invest in liability insurance, and possibly lobby for legislative changes that can benefit your business.
  • Running a business means near-endless marketing. From informal channels to formal marketing campaigns, you’ll always need your game face on -- not to mention a clever way to assess whether your latest marketing strategy is a boon or a bust.
  • You’ll need to manage studio enrollment. This can be a full-time job unto itself, particularly if you don’t use software to help. Students want prompt enrollment, not long waiting lists and lots of phone calls.
  • You’ll need to continually develop new and appealing programs that challenge students, offer something different, and that stay ahead of industry trends.
  • You must offer your students personalized training, not a studio that feels like an assembly line. This means pairing them with the right instructors, tailoring class offerings to student needs, and offering personalized feedback.

Consider making a list of all the roles you fill. How much time would it take a pro to handle these roles? How much time does it take you? Studio management software is an economical way to outsource basic functions such as finances, enrollment management, inventory management, and more.

By removing these time wasters from your ever-growing to-do list, you can focus on what you do best: running your business. What can you, and only you, do? Are you the best teacher, best ambassador for your business, or the most creative soul in the building? Whatever it is you offer that is indispensable, Studio Director frees you up to get back to it. Leave the grunt work to our cloud-based software.

Studio Management Software Helps You Make More Money


Studio owners tend to focus on immediate expenses, and for good reason: small expenses add up, and not every “investment” pans out. Most studio owners have paid for at least one failed marketing plan, or seen how the false promises of various studio “gurus” rarely pan out. So you’re right to be skeptical.

Too much skepticism, however, can blind you to a good thing. It’s important to weigh the upfront costs of studio management software against the very real possibility that the right software will help you make more money.

Begin by considering how much you charge hourly for your time. Every hour you spend on administrative tasks that you could delegate to someone else, then, is money lost. Most owners are able to justify the expense of studio management software by considering this factor alone. The savings don’t end there.

Some other ways that studio management software can help you make more money include:

  • Saving you money on staff. You may not have to hire an enrollment manager or receptionist. You might be able to scale back the funds you spend on your accountant. In addition to the obvious savings this entails, you’ll also save time by not having to train and manage these team members.
  • Helping you assess what’s working and what’s not. With all of your studio management information in one place, you can easily assess whether your latest marketing campaign is effective, how much inventory you need on hand, and whether you can afford to start a new class.
  • You’ll be less likely to see things fall through the cracks. When students can’t easily enroll in your classes, they may go elsewhere. When you don’t know how much inventory you need, you might run out. By staying on top of these recurring issues, the right program helps you to never again miss a valuable opportunity.

More money means more opportunities to grow your business, to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and to ensure you offer students the best possible experience. All for a small software fee. What’s more, Studio Director offers a free trial. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love it. So there's no upfront expense, and no risk. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. We’ve found, however, that people willing to give our software a try almost always end up buying it.

Studio Management Software Can Grow Your Business

Pop quiz! Can you answer the following:

  • How much money do you need to open another location? How long will it take you to earn that money?
  • How much can you expect to pay in taxes this year?
  • Is your city council doing anything that could affect your business’s bottom line?
  • How much liability insurance do you have? Is it enough?
  • Will your building need repairs soon? If you are leasing, how might your lease affect your business?
  • Do you need to order more or less inventory?
  • How much profit is each student worth?
  • Does each instructor bring in more revenues than their salary?
  • Who are your most effective instructors?
  • Which advertising channels work best for your business?
  • What are three new things your competitors have done this year?
  • Do you need to offer more classes or fewer classes?
  • How quickly do your classes fill up?

If you can’t quickly answer all of these questions, then you’re missing important data that could offer you key insights for better running your business.

Savvy business owners know as much about their business as possible. It’s what allows them to act quickly, assess the relative value of various opportunities, and follow their gut in a way that rarely backfires. Studio management software helps you track trends over time. It automates much of your business, so that you can focus on the things that can’t be automated -- like what your city council is up to or how you can get better involved in your local community.

With this influx of actionable information comes a chance to grow your business. Suddenly you have insights into whether or when you should open a second location, how best to market your business, whom to hire next, and whether your current slate of classes is optimal for your students.

The best studio directors know their businesses inside and out. If you feel more like someone beating back an avalanche, studio management software can change all of that, empowering you with data that helps you more effectively run -- and grow -- your studio.

Studio Management Software Relieves Stress


The human brain can only handle so much information before things start to go haywire. Try as you might, you’re still not a computer. There’s simply no way to keep track of everything on your own without help. Yet many studio owners hope that a few to-do lists and a bit of wishful thinking will help them get everything done.

It won’t.

Do you wake up with a knot in your stomach? Do you miss deadlines? Do you panic at tax time, or when there’s a bill to pay? This is no way to live. It’s certainly no way to run a business. The cold, hard reality is that few businesses can operate with oversight from just one owner. Most need a combination of automation and outside help to run their business. You’re no exception. Studio management software relieves the need for many employees, and offers a single place where you can store all of your key data.

Studio Director is accessible anywhere, which means you’re no longer chained to a desk. Need fast data during a high stakes meeting? Pull it up instantly with our easy to use program. No more stressing about what you don't know.

This ability to stay on top of key information does more than improve your quality of life. It also improves your business. It shows students and partners that you’re a professional with a commitment to quality. It helps you avoid hidden expenses -- like the bank fees you don’t notice or the late tax penalties that you pay to avoid having to file on time. Get organized and watch small sums of money quickly add up to real cash.

Studio Management Software Helps You Enjoy What You’ve Built

When you began your plans for a studio, what did you envision? How does your current life stack up against that vision? It’s a sad, harsh reality: for many studio owners, studio ownership is not nearly the dream they hoped it would be. They envisioned teaching, learning, or making a difference in their communities. Instead, they’re managing uncommitted employees, fighting with the IRS, and trying to claw their way out of debt.

That’s no way to live. And while no magic bullet can take the stress out of studio ownership, studio management software is a pretty close substitute for magic. It allows you to outsource many key functions without paying the exorbitant costs associated with hiring a consultant, an accountant, a receptionist, an enrollment manager -- or all of the above.

So you’ll save money on these key functions. You’ll also get something else: a chance to enjoy what you’ve built. Ultimately, that’s why you went into business, right?

Studio management software frees space in your mind, your life, and your wallet so that you can:

  • Spend more time with your family.
  • Take more vacations.
  • Maintain a reasonable schedule.
  • Stop spending so much time stressed out that it makes you sick.
  • Sit back and enjoy the growth your business has experienced.
  • Volunteer in your community.
  • Network with other studio professionals.

Studio management software may very well be the missing key to a life you can fall in love with. That should be reason enough to consider the investment. Yet many studio owners are dyed in the wool workaholics who perpetually prioritize everything above their own health, life, and enjoyment. So here’s one other secret to studio management software: when you’re happy, you’re more productive.

More vacations, more time off, more time with your family, and more enjoyment really can improve your business operations. You’ll be a better manager, a more attractive ambassador for your business, and better equipped to intelligently promote what you offer. More time to yourself also gives you a chance to think about your business more positively. This positive outlook will come through loud and clear in your communications with others about your business. Put simply, it’s a marketing strategy that works.

Your life and happiness matter. They also affect your bottom line, and your students’ experience -- not to mention the daily lives of your staff. The more you can delegate to studio management software, the better.

The Studio Director: Your Silent Partner

The Studio Director does everything an HR professional, partner, and receptionist would do -- without all the emotional labor, management difficulties, and expense. We manage your inventory, track expenses, offer customized progress reports, help you track marketing campaigns and more. We let you get back to the business of running your business, without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

Our friendly representatives offer tech support and start-up service that can put you on a path to a more successful and better run studio today. You have nothing to lose -- and only a better life to gain.

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