What is up with your studio? Are you doing really well? Aka.. are people looking you up left and right, wondering what your class schedule is? Or on the flip side, are you scrounging for customers, waiting for your moment to shine? When you first jumpstart a business, it may take some time to get a good following. OR, you may have brought an entire crew with you, positive of your style of teaching.

In both cases, you can benefit from studio management software in ways that you didn't know was possible. Let us check in with the appropriate times to take a second look at your business plan or, when you should know that it is time to start upping your game.

Noticing The Pitfalls Of Your Efforts


When it comes to your business, you need to pay very close attention to what is working and what is not. When a business is at its ending point, the warning signs are evident if you are looking for them. Once you start paying attention, you will notice that the problem can be diverted easily.

Especially, if you are a studio that is not using management software, you may find that:

  • you have not been in communication with potential customers in over a month
  • there is not a constant flow of conversation about your business online
  • the mistakes you find yourself making keep happening
  • your bills are not getting paid on time
  • your business has remained the same for over a month
  • your employees keep quitting or not fitting the needs that you desire
  • people in your close network are making comments about your business failing

Do not ignore these telltale signs. If you observe such things happening, something is clearly not right and it is time to look for some organized help. In this time, the last thing you want to do is be stubborn. Recognize when you have found the tool that could change your success and take it by the reigns.

Recognizing The Better Opportunity

When you decide you must make a shift in your business plan, this should not be a time of mourning. This is a time to celebrate! You have found new possibilities to morph and grow your business. Success is built on realized opportunities. Focus on the hits rather than the misses.

The best way to achieve this is to realize that:

  • the journey will not be a smooth or perfect one
  • your future depends on current technology not tomorrow’s
  • you have to learn from your mistakes
  • timing can determine everything

Getting Back To Where You Started


The real issue that most studio owners find themselves facing is that they have lost their passion even though they are running a business that promotes the thing that they love the most. That can be extremely confusing. After all, a part of you is accomplishing it, so why are you unsatisfied? There are many possible reasons.

Think about the hard work that you put into launching this business and what you put yourself through to get it off the ground. There is so much you need to consider when it comes to this type of business, but what is going to get you back to the thing that you are truly passionate about?

Here is how:

  • You need to see the change happening. You are probably knee deep in the workload of your business. Not only that, there is competition all around you and you are hoping that the students will choose you over the others. Yet, you are overwhelmed with the tasks of accounting, scheduling, reporting, and managing for your studio. This is where you are tempted to bring in more employees. This isn’t necessarily needed.
  • You should feel like you are managing things well. There is no denying that you have amount of work on your plate. It is also evident that there a many different management tools becoming more and more popular. As you start to notice these options on the market, pay attention to the specific needs that you have. You may need help with:
  • Data backup
  • Prices for your services
  • How easy it is to be a customer with your company
  • Know when it is time to get more help. It may be time to look into dance studio management software, but this does not mean that you are failing. It only means that you have recognized where you need more assistance with organization and that you are making the decision to act on it. The only question you have to ask yourself at this point is, what are the benefits of studio management software?

The Benefits of Studio Management Software

Dance studio management software can change the way you see your business as you know it. No doubt, you are probably hell bent on being independent and not needing a lick of help from anyone, nonetheless a piece of management software. Yet, consider how you can maintain your personal preferences with management software, rather than having to hire a slew of new employees that may have their own incentives.

Using management software promises:

Less Stress. You’re already stretched thing in a world of stress from creating your lesson plans and next years season. You probably even hoped that was all you had to do and then the rest would simply unfold for you. But your passion does not mean free flying wings with no compromises, there are always going to be new considerations and issues that you must address.

On top of being an amazing dancer, as a dance studio owner you must also be an:

  • accountant
  • lawyer
  • manager
  • etc

These are things you are, most likely, completely unfamiliar with. Let a studio management program take the reigns. Know that you are still in charge, but do not have to be making every little notation and decision along the way.

More Time For You


As a studio director, you already have a handful of jobs.

You are a:

  • teacher
  • accountant
  • receptionist
  • and sometimes even a janitor

This is probably not what you expected owning a dance studio to be. You probably thought it would actually mean spending more time on yourself and what you love. Unfortunately, those that own businesses become slaves to it. They are the sole carer for the company, so they need to make sure that it runs appropriately.

However, if you are using management software, you only have so much monitoring to do. You can actually manage your time a lot easier. With this tool you can spend time with your family and even consider opening a second or third studio in the future.

Less Spending. When you start a business it can feel like throwing money into a pit. There are, most likely, many expenses you did not even foresee when you first began this venture.

These types of expenses include:

  • legal and business management expenses
  • the prices for marketing and advertising, memberships with local companies, etc
  • fees for staff and guest instructors
  • spending for branding and signs/logo prints

These expenses may still exist here and there, even when using software. But having a site and social media networks lessons the need greatly.

Heightened Efficiency. If you put all of the workload on yourself, you simply cannot put in the quality of effort that you normally would. Using a studio management software helps you to achieve the standards that you dream of for your company without the lack of sleep. With studio management software, your students are able to enroll online and no longer have to wait for a response about whether or not they have been enrolled. You will also have the ability to keep stats on each student and their progress with your company.

Having heightened efficiency means less time set aside for you. You can take a well needed vacation at some point or even take a few sick days without feeling guilty. The business will keep running on without you and you can watch it from home if you so much. At the end of the day, is it really worth it to run yourself thin?

Fewer Errors. No one expects you to have every duck in a row. Yet, when it comes to the money they spend, it is a different story altogether. Do you really want to tell your paying customers that you are running a little behind? You can be sure that it is just plain embarrassing to admit that you have screwed up when people put so much stake in you.

Using management software cures these ailments for you by offering:

  • enrollment information that is updated and the ability to register online
  • report cards
  • management of inventory to keep you running out of your most popular products
  • the need for less or no extra staff

The Potential For Your Studio To Grow

You obviously want your business to grow. Yet, if it grows quickly you may not even know what to do with it. This is where studio software is most helpful. When you become quickly over your head, you need an organizational system that will guide the way. Except the help of the experts. This will require some research concerning the best software fit for you, but it will not be hard to find your ideal match.

After you have aligned your business with a software you will be set up with:

  • customer online registration
  • class listings
  • time clock to manage employee hours
  • attendance management
  • event management
  • reporting on all activity within your website
  • costume ordering
  • schedule viewing
  • and more
  • inventory monitoring
  • and more

Don’t Miss Out

Do not be a stubborn studio owner and try to run it all on your own when there are easier options out there for you. You simply have too much on your plate, and using studio management software saves you the risk of being locked up in your office until the late hours of dusk.

Get back into doing what you love to do! Choreograph something new and arrange a trip to an art studio that might inspire kids to express themselves differently. Revisit what this whole venture was meant for, and don’t hesitate to find the best way to do it.

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