6 Habits of Successful Studio Owners

No matter what your focus is — dance, fitness, yoga, gymnastics, martial arts, or anything in between — your studio often lives or dies based on the day-to-day habits you establish early on. After all, it’s an incredibly competitive world out there for small businesses, and you need to take every conceivable step to ensure […]

When Should You Hire More Staff for Your Studio?

No matter what kind of studio you run, the road ahead is fraught with obstacles that threaten to undermine your long-term vision. From what classes to offer to which equipment to keep on hand, running a studio involves one decision after another. So many, in fact, that mistakes are bound to happen along the way. […]

Balance Supply and Demand for Your Most Popular Classes

When you’re bogged down in the daily realities of running a studio, it’s easy for Business 101 to take a backseat to the challenges of appeasing students and growing your business. So here’s a reminder: in business, supply and demand rules.

Why The Size of Your Dance Class Matters

More students always mean more profits, right? After all, $900 is more than $800, so your profits with more tuition payments must be greater. In the world of dance studio management, common sense is an unreliable guide to business and class management. Dance class size matters more than you think it does, and limiting enrollment […]

How to Bond with Your Students’ Parents

Children who love dance will likely make up a large portion of the classes you will be teaching in your studio. That means that you’ll be dealing with the parents of those children on a regular basis. As you probably know, some of them are more difficult than others. One of your objectives should be […]

How to Increase Your Dance Studio Profits

If you own your own dance studio, you probably have a passion for dance and want to share that with other people. However, running your own dance studio will certainly cost money.  Here are some steps you can take to increase your bottom line without sacrificing your time in the studio with your students. Even […]

Use These Tips for a Successful Dance Studio

Running a dance studio is a dream come true for you, but that doesn’t make it the easiest thing in the world to achieve. There are lots of things that will need your constant time and attention to ensure your success. What are they? Read on for everything you need to know to have the […]

Planning for Growth at Your Ballroom Dance Studio

One of the most important things to consider when running a ballroom dance studio is how to make your studio grow by keeping things fresh and relevant for a wide range of potential students. Making sure your ballroom dance studio is large and accessible to customers ensures a lifetime of success doing something that you […]