With the new year, a new dance season could be about to start.  As the studio owner, you are probably stressing out about getting it all done. Taking a step-by-step approach and keeping a to-do list where you cross off your tasks as you do them can really help. Using dance studio software like The Studio Director is also a way to really help you stay on track by keeping important information organized and easy to access. Here are some more handy tips to make this the best dance season ever.

Insurance and Waivers

Be sure that each and every one of your students has completed waivers and insurance forms on file. You also need a completed registration form in each student's file. For liability reasons, you should never let a student participate in a class without this completed paperwork. Dancers who are minors will have to have their parents or guardians sign the forms, giving them permission to dance.

Start with Some Fun

The dance season can be arduous and stressful, so get it started right with a party or celebration. Perhaps you’ll host a pizza night for your staff or have a cookies and punch reception for new students. However you do this, it's a fun way to start the season on a high note and get everyone involved more excited about what's to come.

Build Relationships

As the dance studio owner, it's important to build relationships with your students and their parents. Make yourself available in the lobby to introduce yourself, answer questions, meet your dancers and form bonds with them that will help you both as they work through the dance season. Offer tours of the studio to new students and their parents, then send thank you cards to them afterward welcoming them to your studio and thanking them for choosing you.

Offer Buddy Days

This is a great way to get new customers, but it is also a fun way for your current students to show off the studio and what they've learned in dance class. Host a buddy day where each student can bring a friend or sibling. Plan special events or dance sequences to get the guests excited, and be sure to have information about joining classes on hand so that parents can sign their child up on the same day.

Send Out Every Piece of Information

At the start of the dance season, make sure you send out the class schedule, performance dates and other pertinent information to students and their parents. You can do this via email, regular mail or flyer. In fact, some dance studio owners send the information using all three formats so that parents can always get to it. Be sure you also include penalties for cancelled classes or missed performances. That way, you are covered no matter what comes up.

Train Your Staff

Well-trained staff is an important part of having a successful dance season. Be sure the person who answers the phone is knowledgeable and is able to answer any and all questions that potential or current clients might have. Make sure your dance instructors are ready to go at the start of dance season with a class schedule and an idea of what they plan to do in terms of teaching and preparing dancers for a performance.

The dance season can be tough to get going, but being prepared for it goes a long way toward ensuring that each of your dance studio's seasons are successful. Count yourself lucky that you get to make a living doing what you love, which is dancing and teaching others to dance. That should get you through the most stressful days with ease.

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