Dance studios are a lot more work than they seem. Of course, you know better than anyone how much goes into managing a studio of any kind. Between your team and your students, you probably feel constantly overwhelmed at the prospect of just keeping your studio in operation, let alone fostering any kind of measurable growth. If that’s the case, know that you’re not alone. In fact, far from it. Most business owners struggle with the strain of maintaining their business. Whether you’ve just opened your dance studio or have been running for years, you’re bound to encounter some rough patches along your studio’s journey.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to idly endure these tribulations. Far from it. In fact, you have a variety of tools and strategies at your fingertips that could help you to more effectively manage your workload and push your studio to new, previously unimagined heights. Of all the systems you could use to offset the mounting stress and refocus on delivering the quality service you aspire to, perhaps studio management software is the most valuable one you can invest in for your studio’s future.

Unfamiliar with the benefits of integrating studio management software into your business? Well, let’s address some of the key features that can help facilitate a smoother operation and a more relaxed work environment for you and your team. Before long, you’ll see exactly what we mean when we say that studio management software is the one element your studio has been sorely missing in order to reach its full potential.

Take It Seriously

No matter what discipline your studio focuses on (dance, martial arts, yoga, etc.), we know you have a passion for it. Otherwise, why would you push yourself through all the hard work and invest so much time and money in making your studio a reality? That being said, there is so much to consider when you open a studio that it’s essentially for you to take a step back and assess the overall strategy you have in mind for you business. At first, you may be forced to wear multiple hats to kickstart your new endeavor, but don’t simply settle for this as a concrete reality. There are certain levels of both preparation and flexibility that accompany any new business venture, and your studio is no different.

In order to fully thrive, you’ll have to loosen your absolute control of every single aspect of your studio and be willing to shift your services, your marketing or even your classes to accommodate the direction the industry may be headed down as well as the demand of your student body. Things you may have sworn not to participate in, such as social media and (you guessed it) studio management software, will prove to be integral parts of how you develop a following, and you may have to shed your preconceived notions to embrace what’s best for your studio. So, when we say “take it seriously” above that’s precisely what we mean. In the end, you want your studio to not merely survive but flourish. That takes compromise and sacrifice.

Get Organized


If your studio isn’t tightly structured behind the scenes, you will inevitably face a lot of trouble when the time comes to unite your team and serve your students. Organization is an inextricable part of efficiency and will play into every other element of your business. Look at it as the foundation of your business processes. If it’s absent, the whole thing is at risk of crumbling. Thankfully, studio management software is ideal for organizing your studio. Since the system is cloud-based, all of your files are not only always accessible but synced so that you don’t run into problems with version control or any other human error that can taint the accuracy of your studio’s most critical data, such as accounts receivable and accounts billable.

In addition, because studio management software is such a comprehensive solution, it replaces many of your current systems and integrates them into one simple login. You’ll manage to save money on countless other tools and consolidate them into a single easy-to-use interface. If you ever get audited or need to do a deep dive into some potential discrepancy in your files, you’ll be able to locate it and suss out the problem without incident. Your students will also be able to count on the enrollment data as they register for classes (more on that in a moment), and your team can anticipate the needs of each class. Studio management software is about more than just convenience; it’s about upgrading your processes across the board in one fell swoop.

Easy Enrollment

Even though you have a million and a half tasks on your plate, it’s critical that you don’t underestimate the importance of enrollment. We don’t mean just in the sense of how many students you have signed up for a given class but also with regard to the processes you use to onboard new and existing students. Studio management software revolutionizes the enrollment process, offering a simple, aesthetically appealing interface that empowers your students to make immediate changes to their enrollment with just a few clicks. In a true demonstration of how organization can make all the difference, this function is integrated with your website and allows your students and your team to have up-to-the-minutes numbers regarding class availability.

Back in the day, students had to register for classes in person or over the phone, but studio management software spares you the expense of having a dedicated team member answering phones or trying in vain to keep track of the ins and outs of class enrollment. Now students can simply log in, sign up, make changes or cancel their class enrollment themselves, preventing any further confusion about their current standing. More impressively, this online setup facilitates faster payment for your studio, since payment information is collected upfront. Don’t worry about having to chase down payments any longer. Instead, you can focus on the content of the classes, not the chaos once stirred up during the enrollment process.

Track and Report

Because your studio management software so precisely collects and catalogs your data, you’ll have an easier time than ever tracking it. This can be used to set goals for the future, whether they be revenue increases, team performance, enrollment totals or another metric. But you can also track your inventory, your finances or even your student progress. With all of your studio’s data in one secure location, you can observe and identify trends, providing you with actionable information that you can employ to improve upon your studio’s operation and determine opportunities for improvement in various parts of your business. After all, unless you keep track of the metrics that you care about, you may miss out on realizing new ways in which your studio can overcome the competition and strengthen ties with your students.

Your new studio management software allows you to create customizable reports, giving you a means to compare and contrast any figures you please. This is the perfect way to examine data alongside your team and discuss the best course of action going forward, regardless of what your specific goals are. With so much information stored in your studio’s files, you’ll need a way to break it all down into digestible chunks, and the customized reports offered by your studio management software makes it easy to do just that. So, if you goal is to cut expenses, boost revenue or simply keep better track of your return on investment, you’ll be able to create a report to suit your needs.

Trust Your Team


As we alluded earlier, it’s natural for you to have to perform multiple functions when your studio is in its early days. However, to optimize your studio’s operation — even with studio management software on your side — you need to surround yourself with a team that you can rely on. True, studio management software will greatly reduce the number of hours required to keep up with the administrative side of your studio, but if all you do with this added time is try and take everything on yourself, you’re negating the value that studio management software brings to your business. To truly meet your studio’s potential, you’ll need to delegate tasks to your trusted team members.

From your administrative staff to your instructors, your team looks to you to set the tone for your studio, and that dynamic depends greatly on your managerial style. If you don’t demonstrate that you completely trust your team members to execute the best course of action for your studio, they’ll be able to sense that, and your studio will be tainted from the inside out. Create an environment of mutual respect. Dividing up the remaining work may take some work on your end, but the fact that the bulk of the tedious administrative tasks will hopefully help make it easier for you and your team to come together and raise the bar for your students. Remember that your students have a lot of other studios they can visit. What makes yours special could very well boil down to the people you employ.

Reignite Your Passion

With the addition of studio management software, you should see a notable uptick in performance across the board for your studio. Profits will rise. Expenses will drop. Engagement among both students and team members will experience an uptick. In fact, virtually every metric you have for your studio will likely begin to improve. Still, one of the best elements of your studio management software’s effect on your business is the way in which it frees up your schedule. You’ll have more time to review those aforementioned reports, to connect individually with students and team members and to find new and innovative ways to build on your existing community. In short, it will be an entirely new experience, as if you rechristened your studio all over again.

In other words, you’ll be able to tap into the passion that first led you down the path of studio ownership in the first place. Getting back to your roots will inspire you to refresh your vision of your studio, and this enthusiasm will prove to be infectious with students as well as team members. People can tell when someone else is really devoted to a particular path, and your deep, abiding love for what your studio is and could be will help you stabilize your role in the community and shake away the stress that you once had regarding your studio. With that gone, a more positive perspective will emerge to take its place, setting the stage for even greater things to come for your studio. All thanks largely due to the introduction of studio management software.

A Higher Level


See what we’re talking about? Even though we may seem biased, we’re confident that you’ve come to see that studio management software — yes, like our own — is a total game-changer for businesses like yours. By placing an emphasis on streamlining and automating your most tiresome administrative duties, this system alleviates a bulk of the responsibility that has been weighing on you as you manage your studio’s operation. With the tools modern technology has afforded us, there’s no reason you can’t get more done in less time, maximizing profits and savings along the way as well as enhancing the service you provide to your students.

Moreover, in the ever-evolving marketplace, integrating studio management software into your business practices will also give you a newfound edge over your competition. We live in a cutthroat time for any business out there that dares to offer a product or service to the masses, as consumers inundated with options and endless information grapple to make the best possible decisions. Once you experience the difference that studio management software will make on your business, you’ll be able to more confidently nurture your students and develop more time to building a community that will help safeguard your studio from its nearest competitors.

If you’re ready to give studio management software a shot, we are currently offering a FREE trial of The Studio Director. No strings attached. Just enjoy 15 days of our system to get a taste of just how impactful it can be. Visit our website for details on how to get started!

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