If you own a dance studio, you most likely began the operation because of your passion for dancing and not so much for the commercial aspect of things. You can still enjoy the different aspects of being in the classroom, but managing the studio’s finances and growth can be a pretty big challenge. You want the business to grow, but once it does, how are you supposed to keep track of everything?

A lot of times we do not think about the inner-workings of the machine until it stops working, and this is exactly what you want to avoid. Using dance studio software ensures that you have control over your business from the get-go and all of those possible ways that you can quickly get unorganized will be easily avoided.

Finding Yourself in Over Your Head

Hopefully you received some advice before opening your studio, and maybe you even have someone on staff helping you with organization. However, you will find quickly that all of your energy will be spent making sure your business is functioning well. Instead of creating schedules and choreographing freely, you have to put all of your focus on:

  • managing how many people have enrolled for each class and which of these people have paid
  • keeping track of money in general, ensuring that all bills will be covered and designating what any extra funds should be used for
  • knowing when to close class enrollment to avoid an overfilled class and consequently having to ask certain students to enroll in a different one
  • having the foresight to predict events that could happen in the future that you should have funds set aside for
  • an easy and professional way to provide your students with useful feedback
  • a connected and innovative way to market your business and continue to create your own unique internet presence
  • how to keep track of attendance and which classes or teachers are proving to be the most popular
  • ensuring that your students and their parents are confident that your business is worth their time and money

Why Dance Studio Software Helps


By using dance studio management software, you will be given a clear guide of how to tackle your day to day management needs. You will be able to focus on enjoying the aspects of your job that you originally looked forward to when beginning this venture, because you will have a template that organizes your:


Your students and staff will have unlimited access to the schedule, keeping everyone on the same page. It will be easy for your teachers to swap classes if something comes up or check to see how many people they can expect to be teaching that day. Everyone can select the classes they are involved in to receive notifications in case of any last minute adjustments that are made. Because of this, you can easily avoid any confusion or frustration and make your studio a more cohesive environment.

Money Monitoring

This is easily the biggest headache when it comes to keeping things organized, and you cannot afford to have any slip-ups with your finances. Knowing what your monthly expenses are, how much money is coming in, and how your going to continue to expand your income means some pretty detailed bookkeeping.

Dance studio software is designed to make looking at your numbers a cinch. It also helps to identify where you are spending unnecessarily and will help you save a lot in the long run. The software gives you the option to create reports that are customized to your business. You will no longer have to wonder why your finances seem to jump around, it will all be clearly formatted for you to analyze allowing you to avoid any mistakes in the future.

Keeping Your Students Involved


Like any activity, people generally get involved in order to establish a sense of community and belonging. Your students will want to feel as though they belong to something they can be proud of, something that brings them all together. It is up to you to create these relationships by the way you interact with them yourself.

Dance studio software gives you a simple way to make your students feel that special attention that they crave. You can give them updates and news about any plans going on in the near or distant future. They will have a way to comment to you and anyone else involved in the community, and even give reviews to show how your studio has impacted them.

Managing Data

Not only will you be able to manage your finances easily, but the rest of your data (such as costume ordering, emailing, event organization, etc) will be laid out for you in a clear and concise manner. No matter what you have planned to do each day, you will be able to access all of this information from any location. Even if you are on vacation in another country, you will have the ability to check in with how your studio is doing and conduct business if it is absolutely needed.

Having the Right Priorities

When it is all said and done, knowing that you need dance studio software is just facing the fact that you need to get your priorities in place. You will no longer be wondering why certain classes fell through or the students you depended on stopped showing up to classes out of nowhere. Having the software makes you come face to face with how well you have established the basics of running a company.

  • What is your business plan? The software will help you establish a business plan by getting you to define the role that your studio will fill in the community. Without knowing what this is, it is extremely difficult to continue to expand. Your business plan includes your mission, finances, the structure of your business, and the audience you are hoping to appeal to. This plan tends to change as the business grows, and the software will help you to decide which changes will be most beneficial to you.
  • What is appealing about your location? A lot of studio owners are tempted to look for a deal when they are first starting out. No one blames them for trying to be frugal, but affordable buildings tend to mean unappealing neighborhoods. People want to feel safe when they are bringing their children to their extra curricular activities. Be sure that you are choosing a space that will serve its purpose and make people feel comfortable. This will draw more business in the long run. Taking pictures of your impressive location and posting them on your website is a surefire way to get interest.
  • Do you have a dependable team? Some may hire a bunch of people right away in fear that they cannot handle the whole operation on their own. Others might try to grin and bare it, just to find that they are swimming in paperwork and unsure where to turn or who they can depend on for help. The important thing to know is that you can always hire people later, but with software you can maintain most the control and see where the extra hands are needed. Once you know what you are able to accomplish without having to pay a handful of people, you can bring people in only who have specialized skills or that can serve multiple functions.

Making the Most of what You Have


Dance studio software is not just a smart move for those that are just getting their business started or people struggling to keep it together, it will also help those who have something good that are looking for more.

With dance studio software you will:

  • Optimize the way your business runs. Say you are hoping to up-sell or introduce new promotions or services. You will be able to send a direct link to all of your loyal customers, or give them one to share with their friends that will offer deals for those who spread the word. Using the software will help you create a relationship between your business and social media. These days, a community has a very hard time thriving without a social media presence, so you need to be sure that yours is prominent. You will also have the option to save all of your data in the cloud. This means no more files and folders and the possibility of losing valuable information. Once you have stored it, it is in your database forever.
  • See your profits increase. At the end of the day, needing less help with the office work means spending less money on manpower. The less people you need to pay to keep everything functioning properly, the more profit you are making. Dance studio software does the work of 5 different employees all at once. Not only will you be saving money in this way, you will have the time to focus on what makes your studio special. Your creative juices will have the freedom to flow and turn into something extraordinary. When you have too much on your plate, you tend to lose site of the fun that goes into running a business. Freeing up your time will open up that outlet for you once again. This should not be about how your going to make it through to the next week. Allow yourself the ease to run your studio how you always wanted to.
  • Make your bills cohesive. By getting all of your bills in one simple cohesive place, your time calculating and processing will be immensely reduced. Money organization is the most stressful aspect of owning a business, and the clearer things are, the easier everything becomes. The online payment system makes payment easier for everyone. Parents of students can enroll their kids from their own homes and order costumes right through your site. You will be able to keep track of the most profitable seasons and the classes that people seem to enjoy most.  No matter what financial issue you are facing, the software will help you to view it clearly so you can decide what changes need to be made.

Do what is Best for You and Your Business

Using dance studio software means less stress for you and, therefore, a more enjoyable environment for everyone else involved. Do not let the worry and pressure of this competitive landscape get the best of you. You stepped into this role knowing your potential, and you deserve to have the option to embrace that fully.

By using the software, you can actually begin to think on a larger scale. You can truly enjoy teaching, and even consider eventually opening more locations. Do not sell yourself short, give yourself the opportunity to do what you do best.


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