If you’re reading this, you already know that dance studio management software makes life more convenient. You might have even found this blog by searching for a specific benefit or convenience. But even people who know they need help -- indeed, even people who have used studio management software for years -- may fail to realize that studio management software is more than just a convenience. It’s a valuable tool that can improve your quality of life, your relationships, even the time you spend with your children. Yes, really. Here are the studio management software benefits you might not think about.

Outsource Your Most Frustrating Tasks


Most studio directors open their studios with stars in their eyes. They’re going to run a different kind of business. They're going to inspire students, work creatively, teach meaningfully, and forge a new way of running a studio. For many, the frustrating reality comes knocking all too quickly. Studio ownership is mostly about managing daily logistics -- taxes and zoning, payments and budgeting, hiring, firing, management, and so much more.

By the time you’ve cleared these daily frustrations from your plate, you may have little time, energy, or motivation to do much else. Teaching may begin to feel like just one more obligation. And forget about planning a creative curriculum, getting involved in community events, or finding meaningful ways to give back.

No one wants to spend their days doing menial tasks. In fact, many studio owners opened their own studios in an attempt to escape the drudgery of their jobs. Yet here you are, right back where you started. You have something unique and meaningful to offer. Don’t squander it spending your time on tasks you hate.

Studio management software takes care of the grunt work -- accounting, issuing report cards, managing enrollment, tracking analytic data over time, and more -- so that you can get back to what you do best. Anyone can issue a report card or enroll someone in class. Your students want your unique touch. They want to see you, talk to you, get your insight, and benefit from your knowledge. Don’t deprive them, or yourself, of the chance.

Have More Time to Yourself

More than half of small business owners say they work more than 50 hours a week. When you run your own studio, getting everything done in a normal work day can become a virtual impossibility. Here’s the problem: Working long hours is terrible for your health and well-being. It’s even a risk factor for heart disease. Research also shows that efficiency dramatically decreases when people work longer than 40 hours a week. Maybe that’s why so many studio directors feel like they have no time, but also like they’re not getting anything done.

Your well-being matters. It’s not selfish to take time for yourself. In fact, your students depend on you to practice self-care. Only by caring for yourself will you be able to be fully present for your students, your teachers, and your business. Having time to yourself improves your quality of life. It gives you a break from the daily demands of running a business. That break may even be the source of an electric creative spark.

The right studio management software gives you more time to yourself because all the information you need is organized in one place, and many daily functions are handled by the software. No more digging through papers. No more frustration. Just a chance to enjoy all life has to offer.

Have Access to the Information You Need, Wherever You Are

Your business is probably, like most businesses, built on relationships -- to partners, suppliers, customers, and many other people. To sustain those relationships, you can’t lock yourself away in an office all day. You probably spend much of your day driving from place to place -- coffee with a teacher, lunch with a former student, dinner with a potential business partner, and a presentation to your marketing team the next day.

What happens when you don’t have the information you need? Most studio owners either have to prepare for each meeting by gathering a ton of notes, or wing it and deal with being unprepared. Either way, you lose valuable time -- the most important asset you have, and the only irreplaceable one.

With studio management software, a cornucopia of information is available with little more than a swipe of your finger. The Studio Director stores everything in the cloud, and offers a convenient app. So you don’t have to worry about computer malfunctions costing you your work, and you’ll never again have to load all of your work onto a storage device before a meeting.

Make More Money, and Keep More of What You Earn

If only you could clone yourself, you’d have unlimited opportunities to earn more money, right? Cloning probably isn’t an option, but the right software is your second best option. You can outsource a wide range of duties to studio management software. That gives you more time to pursue creative, money-making pursuits.

Your time is money. Consider how much you bill for each hour of your time. Now consider  how much time you waste on tasks you could outsource to the right studio management program. The only thing standing between you and more money is a willingness to try it. So reclaim your time, keep more of the money you earn, and open up new revenue channels with the right studio management software partner.

Enjoy Better, Closer Relationships to Children, Friends, and Family


You might wonder what studio management software has to do with your marriage and your relationships with your kids.

A lot, actually.

Business owners constantly hear complaints about how they spend their time. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Why can’t you unplug during vacation?
  • You spend too much time at work.
  • You’re always distracted by your job!
  • You’re never able to relax.
  • You spend too much time on your phone.
  • You’re never off the clock.

Owning a business means the buck stops with you. So there’s no room for error, and it can feel like your work is never done. The resulting stress can wreak havoc on your relationships. Your spouse may feel resentful and neglected. Your kids may miss you, or grow to hate your job. Family vacations and weekends can become a source of stress and conflict.

Studio management software frees you to travel with your family -- whether up the road or across the globe -- because everything you need will be stored in a convenient app. By outsourcing so many daily duties, you’ll be able to save time -- time that you can then use to spend with your spouse, play with your kids, and enjoy your life.

Your Earning Power Increases

What’s your plan for the future? Do you want to open a new studio? Franchise your studio? Sell it to someone who can grow it? Most studio owners have big plans for the future, and hope to grow their incomes with time.

The problem is that the daily grind of operating a studio can be so exhausting that it thwarts even the most modest goals. If you’re constantly fighting chaos, it’s hard to think about the future -- and harder still to make that future a reality.

Studio management software helps you manage the daily grind of management, enrollment, inventory, and more. What will you do with your time?

Consider the following ways that more time can increase your earning power:

  • You might begin building partnerships with other studios in anticipation of a lucrative merger.
  • You’ll have more time to work on marketing.
  • You can build lasting relationships with students and instructors, potentially helping you expand your customer base.
  • You can participate in community events, which may be a springboard to lucrative relationships and other earning opportunities.

There are lots of reasons to go into business for yourself. One of the biggest is that your earning power is, with a little luck, virtually unlimited. So free up time and watch yourself begin earning more money.

Control Over Your Own Schedule

When you work for someone else, you have little control over your own time. You take vacations when the boss tells you you can. You work on someone else’s schedule. Your time is not your own. You might have thought that business ownership would change this.

Now you're beholden to other schedule destroyers -- suppliers, last-minute meetings, students, teachers, parents, and more. You may still feel like you don’t own your time, like you can’t take time off, and like you cannot enjoy all you have worked for.

Studio management software gives you control over your time. You can outsource daily annoyances to the program, freeing you to spend your life as you see fit. Many studio owners find that this is the first time they really feel like they have control over their own schedules. You’ve built something from the ground up. Shouldn’t you at least get a say in how you spend your time?

Your Students Will Get Better Service, But With Less Effort

Ultimately, you’re here for the students. You want to see them max out their abilities -- whether that means a scholarship to Julliard or just a fun summer learning tap. When you’re behind an office door calculating expenses, it’s hard to ensure your students get the best possible experience. It’s harder still to monitor teaching, assess progress, and ensure your studio follows your teaching philosophy.

Your students need you -- no matter how good their teachers are. Studio management software empowers you to be there for them. You can be physically present, and will have fewer distractions because you know your software is keeping track of key information and helping you reach your business goals.

Better student experiences with less effort by you -- and still some time to spend with your family at the end of the day. That’s a win for everyone. After all, the best studios are built on strong relationships. Studio management software helps you strengthen those connections. Remember also that happy students are the best source of marketing you can get. Take care of them and they’ll take care of your business.

Your Creative Spark May Come Back


Creativity can thrive on boredom. Think about the last big idea you had. It might have been while you were zoned out in a meeting or waiting for an elevator. No matter how creative you are, you need quiet time where you’re not doing anything in particular.

Dance is an inherently creative undertaking. Studio ownership demands creativity. You need to be on the cutting edge of industry trends -- from hiring creative teachers to designing curricula that work for students of varying abilities and needs, if you’re not practicing creative ownership, you’re going to be left behind.

When you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned out by endless work, the last thing you want to do is plan for the future, think creatively about the present, or spend one more second on work. That’s where studio management software comes in. By giving you more time, it offers a powerful chance to renew your creative spark.

A Clearer Mind

When you run a studio, there are a million moving parts to consider. Did you pay that bill? Enroll the student who called late? Talk to the teacher about the behavioral issue? Your mind can feel like a cluttered morass of muck. With so much going on in your head, it becomes very difficult to think clearly.

Studio management software gives you a physical place to put everything that’s swimming around in your head. This can greatly reduce stress, help you sleep better, and make it easier to prioritize and focus on your next task -- instead of endlessly feeling overwhelmed and bogged down. Free your mind.

You Can Finally Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

You work hard. Probably harder than anyone else you know, and certainly harder than you worked before you owned a business. You deserve to enjoy the fruits of your hard work -- time with your family, a chance to control your own schedule, plenty of vacation time.

Studio management software gives you your life back. That’s not hyperbole. You enjoy to deserve the fruits of all of your hard work. Let the Studio Director show you how.

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