Is dance studio software for you? We’re not going to make you read this entire post to get the answer. Do you run a dance studio, gym, or some other studio like martial arts, yoga, music, cheerleading or a similar type of business with classes and instructors? If so, then yes! Dance studio software is for you!

Now, you know you could use dance studio software, but there’s a chance you’re still not convinced you need it. We get it. Running a company can get costly, and business expenses require justification. Fear not, because you’re about to get all the knowledge you seek that we feel will more than justify adding it to your budget. In fact, by the end of this post, you’ll see that dance studio software saves you time and money, and even helps you make more money.

How Dance Studio Software Saves Time and Money:


  • It runs on its own 24/7, and multiple people can use it simultaneously.
  • It helps you manage your inventory effectively and efficiently so you will make smart buying decisions.
  • Studio software handles the scheduling of and filling up your classes for you.
  • Communicating with your clients is easier than ever before. Keeping thorough records of those communications will be effortless as well.
  • Marketing and promoting your dance studio will feel like a breeze with it.
  • With it you’ll be more organized than you would without it. Things like filing paperwork and employee payroll are virtually handled for you.
  • Everything you need will be in one easy to access place, and you can access it from anywhere.
  • Even budgets will be simpler to manage.
  • It helps you collect your fees from clients, and will eliminate the need to chase down delinquent accounts.
  • Trends will be revealed quickly so you can adapt and stay relevant.

Dance Studio Software is the 24/7 Employee you Never Had

Imagine having someone on your side willing to work weekends, nights, and even holidays without complaint. That is what the right dance studio software will do for you. Even while you’re sleeping, it’s still burning the midnight oil. It doesn’t even need a coffee or bathroom break, let alone a vacation!

The best part is, when you’re using the right software, other people can use it too. Imagine turning off your computer for the day, and finding students have enrolled in their classes, paid for their tuition, received receipts and notices via email, and have been notified of important upcoming event dates when you come back to it later. You weren’t even working and you were making money. No additional effort, and yet you’re being rewarded? Yes, it is possible!

You Won’t Order More Supplies than Intended, or Run Out of Things Unexpectedly Either.

Good software helps you track your inventory from that first box of ballpoint pens, down to the last roll of toilet paper. When you have kept a good record of supplies, you won’t worry about wasting time with last minute runs to the store, or paying expedited shipping fees. You can also say goodbye to the need for selling your students gear or equipment at basement bargain pricing because you ordered too many shirts or pairs of shoes.

The only thing dance studio software won’t be able to do is tell you where items are inside of your studio. But, it can tell you exactly how many you have of everything you’ve kept inventory of, so you know when or if you need to order more.

Dance Studio Software Handles Scheduling and Filling up your Classes for you.

Remember earlier when we mentioned other people could use the software too, and enroll and pay for classes without you needing to be there for the transaction? Imagine a software that would let students see schedules, sign up for classes, and put them on a waitlist automatically when the class gets full. Are you beginning to see what a game changer good dance studio software can be? With a few clicks, all of your classes can be filled on autopilot.

Corresponding with Clients will be Quick and Painless, and the Customer Experience will be Improved at the same time.

Can we tell you a not so secret, secret? Your clients want to hear from you. They want to know you care about them. A great way to let them know you care is by emailing them more than just their invoices. They want to receive things like progress reports, studio updates and news, and birthday/anniversary greetings. You can do all of this and more with quality dance studio software.

Not only will it be Easier to Correspond with Current Clients, Reaching out to Prospects will be Equally as easy to do.

Let’s say you got your hands on a hot lead for a new dance studio client. Would you sit on it, simply hoping they will come in one day and check things out? No! You would reach out to them and invite them to come by. Why? Because you know that if you’re not fresh in their minds, you aren’t getting their business any time soon.

If you’re using good dance studio software you can create email templates that make the courting process with this prospect feel effortless. Picture this - you take that hot lead, plug in an email address to the system, and instantly have a drip campaign in their inbox answering any and all of their questions while you tend to other business. Securing new students doesn’t have to mean working harder. If you haven’t guessed by now, we’re about working smarter!

Perhaps you were considering creating a social media campaign to promote your studio. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to direct any leads you capture to a landing page that then takes them through the perfect sales funnel without you having to do anything other than inspire them to click on that first post? Systems and processes for attracting and even onboarding new clients could be the revenue booster you’ve been looking for, and the process can be less difficult than what you might currently be experiencing.

Filing Paperwork doesn’t have to be as Time Consuming as they Probably are right now.


Think about it for a moment. How much time do you spend looking for documents everyday? If you’re still working with paper in your office, odds are the answer is entirely too much time.

When you are using dance studio software, all of those pesky pieces of paper turn into searchable and archivable digital records that can be sifted through much faster. In fact, you may find you’re rarely needing to print anything out anymore because of how many things can be handled digitally with good software.

Think about how much you could save on ink and paper alone. Then again, going digital is about so much more than being more green in your business.

What would happen if you were audited without warning? Would you be able to quickly find the records you need to get through it and move on? If not, it could mean hours, days or even weeks of wasted time sifting and sorting through papers.

What if something happened at your studio resulting in litigation, and you needed proof that someone signed a liability waiver. How fast would you be able to find that? Would you even know where to look? In cases like these, though they may be extreme, being disorganized could cost you more money than was necessary. In the worst cases, it could even cost you your studio.

With quality dance studio software you can access your most critical information from one place, and from anywhere with an internet connection.

Want to take a day off, but also want access to your company records while you’re away? Done.

Want to hand over the reigns to someone else to manage things while you take a much deserved vacation? No problem.

Perhaps all you really want is a single source to manage your payroll, inventory, class schedules, enrollment, client payment information, communications, and more. Enter The Studio Director. Instead of wasting money on countless pieces of software, and lots of time learning how to use them, you can have everything you need in one easy to use and easy to access system.

The best part is it’s a cloud-based system that can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. You don’t even need to install anything on a computer. That also means that when there are updates to the software, you have instant access to those as well.

No more buying multiple versions of pieces of software, wasting time downloading and uploading, unzipping, converting, and unpacking - it’s all there, whenever you need it, without hardly any training at all required. How easy is it to use? If you can create a social media profile, you can use our software. With that said, if you are ever confused we have representatives ready to help you with anything you may need.

Budget doesn’t have to be a dirty word anymore.

One of the most costly mistakes a business owner can make, is not knowing their numbers. Do you know exactly how much money your business needs to take in every month to keep the lights on, and your employees paid? With The Studio Director you’ll know exactly where you stand financially at any given time. You’ll always know who owes money on classes, which accounts are paid in full, and you won’t even have to worry when their payment information needs to be updated.

The Studio Director is also a virtual office manager.

It takes far too much time and energy to chase down delinquent payments from clients. It’s uncomfortable for all parties involved, and there are too many variables in the way. For example, if you forget to ask for the money, you may never get paid. If they forget to bring in the updated info, you may never get paid.

These worries are eliminated with dance studio software. The Studio Director automatically tells your clients when they need to update their payment information, and they will receive instant notifications issues with payments arise. No more awkward phone calls, or face to face conversations. You don’t even have to be there while your client updates the account. Everyone can just get back to business.  

With dance studio software, trends will be revealed that could also save you money.


Are you offering classes no one wants? You’ll know quickly if the answer is yes because The Studio Director tracks class enrollment in real time. It won’t take months for you to see that no one wants to attend the Tuesday at 7:30 class. You’ll be able to see it fast - maybe even fast enough to cancel it before that first and only student shows up and costs you the hour with the instructor.

With dance studio software you can also send out messages to students and prospects to poll them on their interests. You might find that there is a new trend everyone in your community wants to learn, and you could use that information to add a class that fills that need. The possibilities are practically endless as to how you can use software to increase your revenue.

Saving Time and Money Gives Space for Creativity

When every waking minute is filled with tasks to do, and every dollar is accounted for, there is little room for growth. If instead you open up gaps of time, and suddenly have some wiggle room in your budget, that is where the magic can happen.

Having a free hour or two could allow you the space to come up with an innovative way to promote your studio and get more bodies in the door. Who knows? That extra money in your budget could be used on an inventive advertising campaign that gets you so busy you need additional instructors. Until you have that space, you’re stuck where you are right now, or worse. We want you to be unstuck. More importantly, we want you not just to survive in your studio, but to thrive!

Successful Owners Use Dance Studio Software

Anyone can start a business, but it takes a smart individual to run a successful one. And, smart studio owners use dance studio software. We invite you to make running your studio easier than ever with The Studio Director.

Back to our question from the beginning of this article - Is dance studio software for you? Sign up for Demo today, and give us a try with no obligation to buy. Your studio’s on the cusp of greatness, and The Studio Director can help take you to the next level faster than you thought possible.

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