You’re already running a successful dance studio, but you may be wondering if there is a way you can make it better. At some point during the life of your business, you’ll be looking for options and tools to make your life a little easier. You might find yourself wondering -- Is dance studio software right for your studio? Absolutely! Still, you might need more convincing than just a quick yes.

We get it! You’ve got to be skeptical in business. To make our case, we’re sharing all the ways dance studio software can help you in your business. We’re betting that by the time you reach the end of this post, you’ll wonder why you didn’t look for a good software solution for your studio sooner.

Don’t be the Studio Owner Trapped by Their Business

Let’s take a look at a hypothetical situation that may be more realistic than you might think.

Debra was in love with choreography, the thrill of teaching routines, and all of the elements that she’d bring together to create a beautiful recital at the end of a dance season. Eventually, after a few years of being an apprentice for a dance studio owner, she decided to open a dance studio for herself.

Her enthusiasm was overwhelming, and her studio quickly became well known in her town with students signing up left and right. It was all so exciting, and everything felt fun and easy in the beginning. Then, things took a frustrating turn.

Shortly after opening her dance studio, Debra got bogged down by all of the ins and outs of running her business. Before she knew it, she was wearing multiple hats, and working 80 to 100 hours a week or more trying to deal with all the moving parts of running her dance studio.


She not only had to communicate with all of her students and their parents, but she was also responsible for filing and handling the nonstop paperwork, administrating human resource jobs like payroll and managing instructors, keeping track of inventory, and other office tasks. In her “spare time” she played the role of mediator, janitor, and sometimes even counselor. To put it mildly, Debra became nearly everything to her business.

When anything went wrong in the business, everyone turned to Debra. When the invoices needed to go out to students, she found herself having to work weekends to inform her clients it was time to pay up. At the end of each week, she spent countless hours ensuring that payroll was managed so her employees would get paid on time. When class tuition went unpaid by clients, it was Debra that had to chase down all of those delinquent payments, and have those uncomfortable conversations about them.

Fast forward a mere six months, and the now depressed Debra hasn't taken a single day off from work, let alone enjoyed a date night with her husband. She barely spoke two words to her family or friends, and officially feels trapped by her business. Her days feel like an endless cycle of mundane and repetitive tasks that consume her time and energy. Though the business is making a profit, the studio now leaves her feeling deflated, tired, and dreading each day of work.

And the worst of it all is she hasn't taught a single class in this entire six month period, even though it was her love of dance and choreography that led her to open and own a dance studio in the first place. Because of this, a once happy dance teacher turned overwhelmed studio owner is considering selling the business just to get out from under the prison she has created for herself.

Does any of this resonate with you? If so, you’re not alone. Even if you have hired an office manager or some extra help, odds are you are still performing countless tasks that feel repetitive, making dance studio ownership cumbersome, and for lack of a better phrase, unfun.

Don't be like Debra. There's a better way!

Dance Studio Software is An Escape from Monotony

Imagine streamlining your communication with prospects, current clients, and anyone else you regularly need to communicate with.

Instead of creating a new email every time you need to send correspondence to someone, imagine being able to pull up a template that cuts your time by at least half, if not more. Besides, you’re likely sending the same messages out over and over again anyway. Why not use a system that takes less time and energy? That’s just one of the many things a good dance studio software can help you do.

The right software will allow you to design more than just basic templates though. It will also help you create things like invoices, progress reports, class confirmation letters and more, that you can use over and over again.

Good software makes creating email drip campaigns, and the sales funnel a breeze as well. How nice would it be to sit down once and create one, two or even three marketing campaigns that you can use over and over again? It takes a lot of time and mental bandwidth to market your studio to people. Wouldn’t it be better to only have to do all that work one time and then simply rinse and repeat?

Sure, it might take a while to get your initial recipe for marketing just right. However, after it’s done and you have a system that works, you shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel each time a potential client learns about your dance studio.

With the right software, if a new prospect comes into your studio, you can get their contact information, and immediately begin dripping a series of pre-written emails into their inbox at the push of a button. Now, that prospect is getting important notices from you about class schedules, frequently asked questions, pricing, and more without you having to do any additional work. This is the kind of marketing that feels informative without being pushy or salesy.

Picture yourself sitting at home or even out for a well deserved night on the town, as students enroll in classes, and pay for them without you having to be part of the transaction. When you use quality dance studio software, this isn’t a pipe dream. It can be your reality!


Your students should be able to log on to your website, and click a few buttons, sign up for a new class, and pay for the tuition all from the privacy of their own home. If their credit card is expired, they should receive an automatic notification letting them know they need to update their payment information.

If the class is full, your student should automatically be placed on a waitlist. If they want to take more classes, it should be easy for them to pull up class schedules and see what’s available to them.

Bottom line - good software takes you completely out of this situation. Sure, you will need to populate the class schedules with the class names and times, etc. But after that, your work should be completed. There is no reason why your time and energy should be expended once a student has decided that they want to enroll.

Tasks like class scheduling, inventory management, and even billing take less time with a good dance studio software as well. At this point, we’ve really only addressed the time saving factor, but if time is money, using the right software can save you money as well.

Another mundane task that can be quite time consuming is filing paperwork. The right software saves the day again! Using a paperless system, all of your class documents can be instantly categorized and filed so that if you do need any single piece of documentation at any given time, finding it is a fast and simple search in your database. Thanks to a digitized system, your office manager won’t have to spend several hours with paperwork anymore, and you can sit back and enjoy the cost savings.

Good software will be accessible anywhere with WiFi. You want to find a platform that is cloud-based, so your files can easily be retrieved from your computer or mobile device. Not only will this save you from having to run back to the office every time you need some paperwork, but you’ll also have everything at your fingertips during meetings with vendors, while you’re at conferences, and even while waiting at the dentist for a teeth cleaning.


You deserve time away from your dance studio, while also being able to access the important information about your business without physically being in the office. Suddenly you’re not imprisoned by your studio walls! Speaking of breaking out…

It’s important to use dance studio software that is easy to use so that you can hand off business operations to someone else. What good is being the boss if you can’t delegate some if not all of the tasks on your plate? The right software will allow multiple users, and as a result, give you even more of your time back.

In fact, you should be able to give the keys to a trusted employee, and take off without having to worry whether or not the business will be okay without you. Still, if you do get nervous and want to check on the baby that is your studio, you can have the peace of mind knowing you’ll have access to all files, and be able to monitor business operations from afar.

Isn’t it time you took some time off for a vacation? We think so!

The Studio Director: The Dance Studio Software You’ve Been Looking For

We’ve been talking a lot about how good software can save you time, money and energy, throughout this entire article. Your dance studio business shouldn’t feel like a prison.

The Studio Director is the keys to your escape from the overwhelming and repetition that even the most seasoned dance studio owners experience. Fall back in love with your business with the help of a digital platform that makes so much of your job easier.

Don’t take our word for it though. You should try out The Studio Director for yourself! You can sample our entire system before fully committing. Use your own studio’s data, and try all the bells and whistles of The Studio Director with our FREE 15-day trial. We look forward to wowing you so that your studio can go from merely surviving to fully thriving!
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