“I don’t need anymore profits. I’m fine with just having enough money for paying my bills, and keeping payroll current,” said no dance studio owner ever.

Let’s be real - every business owner, regardless of the business they are in, wants to see a healthy bottom line. Dance studio management software is one of the best ways to achieve that.

Here are just seven ways you can maximize your dance studio’s profits with software:

  • You can reach out to more people for marketing purposes quickly, and easily.
  • With dance studio management software, you’ll always know your numbers.
  • Inventory will be a breeze, and it will save you more money than you may realize.
  • Your paperwork will always be filed, and easily accessible.
  • Taking vacations or time away from your studio won’t be so scary - and yes, taking a vacation is necessary for maximizing profits. We’ll cover why below!
  • Dance studio management software streamlines even those pesky time-consuming tasks like payroll and scheduling.
  • Keeping in touch with current clients will be easier too.

Now that you understand the basics of why you need software for more profits, let’s break each of these down further to really drive home the fact that adding dance studio management software to your studio is a no-brainer. Ready to learn exactly how to increase your bottom line? Here we go!

With the push of a button - you can market your studio to more people.


While it may not be exactly that simple, it’s certainly going to be easier to market your dance studio with the right software than it is using other methods. When you consider the fact that it can take and average of five to seven touchpoints with a potential client prior to them actually signing up for classes, suddenly it becomes so much more clear why you need help with your marketing game.

Picture this: New potential client comes into your studio for a tour. What happens next? If you’re marketing correctly, your sequence of events should look like this:

  1. When they walk in, you give them a form to capture their name, email address, and other contact information. The name and email are the most critical elements to capture so you can easily keep in touch with them.
    1. You walk them around and ask them any questions they may have.
    2. If they sign up for classes that day skip to step seven. If not, move on to step two.
  2. They leave, and you send them the first email thanking them for stopping by, and tell them to get in touch if they have any other questions. You also include a link to class schedules and pricing.
  3. If they have not signed up, a day or two later, you send another follow up email. This time, you include some kind of signing bonus offer if they want to go ahead and sign up for classes.
  4. As much as a week later, if the potential client has still not signed up, you follow up again. Keeping yourself top of mind makes you that much more likely to secure the new customer. In this message you could include background information about your studio, payment plans, upcoming events, etc…
  5. At this point you could be feeling like they are never going to sign up, but remember it could take as many as seven touchpoints for them to sign. So, with this piece of correspondence, you could just offer a discount, or some other incentive.
  6. If they still haven’t signed, just keep them on your email list. Maybe now isn’t the right time for them to sign up, but that doesn’t mean you should give up completely.
  7. They sign up for classes! Woohoo! Now it’s time for onboarding emails.

Wait what?

Is marketing to prospects starting to feel like a second full time job? It could be, if you don’t use dance studio management software. When you use good software like The Studio Director however, this task of marketing becomes significantly easier, and takes a lot less time.

How? Enter Drip campaigns!

You know you need to keep your dance studio on the mind’s of potential prospects, but writing all those marketing emails we mentioned above? Odds are you simply don’t have time for that.

With The Studio Director you can create a Drip Campaign for prospective customers that automatically sends out emails on your behalf. You type up all the campaign emails just one time, and then you are able to use them over and over again. Doesn’t that sound better than trying to manage all that correspondence on your own? We think so!

How can this help you maximize profits? Simple - more correspondence means a higher chance of converting leads into customers. And, more customers means more profits. This feature alone proves how much you need The Studio Director in your business, but we’re not done yet.

Dance studio management software helps you ensure you always know your numbers.

There is nothing worse than a bounced check, or an overdrawn account when trying to run a business. All those overdraw fees, and back charges for bounced checks can dwindle your bottom line very quickly. Not to mention the damage to your reputation, and risking loss of customers, employees, and vendors.

When you use The Studio Director, you’ll never have to worry about where your finances stand. You’ll know exactly what’s coming in and going out, and this will help you make smarter buying decisions.

For example, you might know you need new equipment to attract new customers, or please your current ones to keep earning money. However, you don’t want to make that purchase blindly. It’s imperative you know whether or not the purchase will hurt you in the moment, or if you need to budget for it and buy the equipment later.

Inventory is easy to manage with good software, and it can save you big bucks.


What happens when you don’t manage your inventory? You buy things you don’t need, you run out of things you do need, and sometimes you over order stuff that will just sit around collecting dust.

Consider what happened the last time you were out of something you really needed. What happened? If you’re like most people, you had to get in the car, drive to the store, and buy that one thing. Two problems with this? You wasted the time for the drive, and you wasted the gas it took to get there.

At first blush, that might not sound like it could hurt your profits, but it can. How? For starters, because you needed it, you likely had to buy it at full price, or at a price that is higher than the normal vendor you buy from. The lack of savings, and the gas money you had to spend to retrieve it adds up, and if you have this happen multiple times - well, you’re starting to spend money that simply didn’t have to be spend.

If you couldn’t retrieve it yourself, you may have had to pay an employee who is on hourly wages to get it. Before you know it that one thing you had to have, just cost you a boatload more than it would have if your inventory had been better managed.

Again, this is where The Studio Director comes in. You can manage your inventory to ensure you never run out of the supplies you need. You can also make sure you aren’t buying too much of something that could expire, or never be sold.

Case in point - dance attire. Let’s say you keep tights, and shoes, and even shirts in stock to sell at your studio for students who need or want them. If you buy an excess of any of these items, they could end up sitting on your shelf collecting dust. In the worst case, you will end up having to sell them at a discount or even a loss. Bye bye more profits!

Never lose an important file, or piece of correspondence again.

Wondering how this can help you maximize profits? Here’s just a few pieces of correspondence that if lost could get your bottom line in hot water:

  • Liability forms
    • If one of your students gets injured on your premises, heaven forbid, and you end up in court - you will need the liability form they or their parents signed to help you avoid paying serious damages. Not having this form could result in a big cash payout that could all but shut down your studio. Don’t let that happen to you!
  • Payment agreement forms
    • Do you really want to be on the wrong end of an argument over how much a student owes for classes? Not having the proof of what someone agreed to pay for the class could ultimately cost you the fee.
  • Vendor agreements
    • Similar to the student owing money, wouldn’t it be better to have the records of all vendor agreements in one place just in case of discrepancies?

Here’s the hard truth - while we want to all believe that everyone will be honest, and will pay what they agreed to pay, it’s always better to have copies to cover yourself. Besides, it isn’t always about whether or not the person is intentionally being dishonest, some people just forget things they have signed, and it’s always a good idea to have proof to protect your business’s interests.

For the sake of your studio success, you need a vacation.


It may seem counterintuitive to take a vacation to be more successful, but time away from your studio could be the best way to increase the amount of money your studio is bringing in. When we overwork ourselves into exhaustion, we get burnt out and that’s when mistakes can happen.

The lack of rest can cause us to forget to pay our employees on time, slip up on assigning tasks to other people, or even neglect to load new classes into the schedule for the new season. Ouch! Those mistakes could result in lost profits from angered employees, and annoyed customers.

That’s just a few examples of why studio owners need vacations. But, what is that holds most studio owners back from taking a vacation? They fear leaving their files behind.

They think: “What if I need access to an important file, while I’m away?”

The Studio Director saves the day again! With our cloud-based platform, you can access any of your files from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Your excuse is officially eliminated. Our platform even allows you to hand over the reigns to another member of your staff so you can get back to relaxation mode.

One more quick reason to take a vacation? Relaxation time gives us a chance to think about our business from a new perspective. Who knows what money making ideas you could come up with because you took some time away?

Payroll and class scheduling can take mere minutes, not hours!

Imagine crunching the numbers for payroll, and scheduling all your classes in less time than it takes to order a pizza. Yep! This is possible too with The Studio Director.

Like those templated emails, you can enter all the pertinent information into the platform once, and then use it multiple times. A click here, a click there, and your payroll is paid on time, and your classes are scheduled for the season.

The best part? Your employees can simply log in their time into the system so you don’t have to waste precious minutes typing in times and dates. Our platform also allows students to log on, sign up for classes and pay for them all from the comfort of their own home. You don’t have to be there for any aspect of the transaction, freeing up even more time for you.

Communicating with your current clients is critical to success, and with software, it’s a piece of cake to keep up with.

Happy clients are the most loyal. What makes them happiest, is getting progress reports and feeling like you care about their success. With The Studio Director, you can manage this effortlessly as well.

Everything from invoices to class confirmation letters, progress reports to studio news, can all be handled quickly and easily. Our platform even allows you to add your own studio logo and messaging, so you’ll have everything branded with your studio’s unique branding.

Bottom line: Dance Studio Management Software is your secret weapon for taking your business to the next level.

If you aren’t using dance studio management software in your business, you are making your job so much harder than it needs to be. You deserve to have your day-to-day tasks streamlined, so you can focus on the things that really matter in your dance studio.

Why keep wasting all that precious time and energy doing things the difficult way, when solutions exist to make life easier? You can get started with a demo of The Studio Director, today!

Welcome to the world of increasing profits, and saving loads of time!

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