May We Have This Dance?

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Should your dance studio offer dance classes targeted towards the elusive “first dace”? Absolutely! Let’s explore why a dance studio manager might choose to include adult dance classes for weddings, and how to best implement offering them. Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this, you’ll be ready to say “I do” to including dance classes focused around weddings.

Why Offer Adult Dance Classes for Weddings?

With wedding season around the corner, offering a series of classes focused around “the first dance” is a great way for owners to capitalize on the ever so profitable wedding industry. According to Cost Helper, “At a dance studio, private lessons range from $55 to $125 per lesson (per couple).” They also acknowledge that costs can vary depending on the location and that lessons cost more in major metropolitan areas.

Top London choreographer Michael Litke told Hello Magazine that for basic movements, some couples can get away with just a one hour class, but they would need up to “ten lessons if [they] wish to wow [their] guests with full-on choreography.”

And, if the countless first dance videos on YouTube and Facebook are any indication, full on choreography is precisely what most couples want these days. It’s no longer enough to sway your hips side to side with an old song and dance. Nope! Couples are using their first dance to truly shine, and show off to their guests.


By that math, your dance studio stands to gain around $500 to $1000 for a package of ten lessons. Not bad for choreography you can teach multiple times to more than one couple. Sure, you may need a few pieces of choreography for a handful of songs, but barring a few minor tweaks, these classes can be rinsed and repeated for an easy revenue stream for your dance studio.

If we’ve piqued your interest about adding adult dance classes for weddings, you may be wondering the best way to implement them, especially if you’re already running a dance studio.

How to Incorporate Adult Dance Classes for Weddings to Your Studio

First, you’ll need to find the time and the space to offer the classes.

Perhaps you have Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings open in your studio. Or maybe you just have Saturday and Sunday during the day available. What a coincidence! That’s likely when wedding couples will be available to take their classes. Why? Because they’ll probably be working during the hours of 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.

Any day or time you don’t have filled with regular classes could transition into space for your adult dance classes for weddings. The more slots you can fill with paying customers, the better. Don’t fret though. This doesn’t mean you as the dance studio manager have to be there at all times. Which brings us to the next step.

Second, you’ll have to find someone to teach the classes.

You’ll want a teacher who is well versed in wedding dance choreography if possible. Or in a pinch, someone who’s comfortable with teaching ballroom or even just couples dancing.

Third, you’ll want to create the schedule of classes.

Now, this doesn’t have to be a year-round offering. That is unless there is enough of a demand for it. Perhaps in your town, wedding season runs June through August. If that’s the case, perhaps you could seasonally offer wedding dance lessons from March through July.

If however, you’re in a location that boosts weddings all year round, such as Hawaii or Florida for example, you might want to offer these classes all year long. As you start learning more about wedding season in your studio’s area, you’ll get a better feel for when classes might be in demand.

Lastly, you’ll need students!

Where can you find them? There are several options for finding students for these adult dance classes, including:

  • Local wedding expos and conventions — wedding show producers are often looking for entertainment to be on the stage in the middle of their events, and your studio could be that entertainment!


  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest — be sure to use relevant hashtags so your posts are easily found and get organic traffic.
  • YouTube (viral wedding dance videos are already there, so pull from that traffic) — a fun idea for promotion on YouTube would be to have past students let you use their wedding dance videos on your channel. Or, alternatively, you could also hire a couple of dancers to showcase your work and choreography.
  • Ask your current database of clients, prospects, and vendors — they may know a couple getting married and can pass along your contact information. 
  • Get a profile on sites like The Knot or Wedding Wire — now a-days everyone has a wedding website, this is a great place to advertising and get people talking and thinking about your services. 
  • Local media may be an option as well if they are doing a segment on weddings — see if you can share tips couples need to know about learning their first dance for their weddings, or offer to have dancers perform as the media outlets are “going to break”.

You could even partner with wedding vendors such as florists and photographers to exchange referrals. In fact, if you can hook up with a few local wedding planners, perhaps they might be interested in offering your dance classes as part of their packages in exchange for a portion of your fees.

Once you start getting your marketing wheels turning, you’ll see that the possibilities for promoting your studio are endless.

Bottom line: People want memorable first dances for their weddings, and dance studios can benefit from offering these types of adult dance classes.

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