young ballroom dancesrBallroom dancing isn't as popular as it once was, and that means that many of your clients are likely older folks who grew up learning the moves or participated in them in their youth. That doesn't mean that the style can't make a comeback, though. Marketing it the right way will make it seem fun and appealing to the younger crowd, and that can help you place some new students on your roster and increase your bottom line. Here's how to get the job done.

Allow for Singles

Part of the reason that young dancers might not be interested in ballroom dancing is because you need a partner. Instead of advertising for couples, try offering an introduction class that caters to singles. People can show up on their own and then you can pair them up and begin teaching them the moves. Young people love to dance, and attracting them by making the class a way to meet new people might be all it takes to get them streaming in your door.

Hold a Show

Ballroom dancing might become more attractive to the younger crowd if you allow some of your seasoned dancers to perform. Perhaps you want to host an event at your studio and advertise at local schools, or maybe you’d like to travel to those schools and entertain the kids during an assembly or function. Once the kids see how much fun it is, you should see several of them signing up to take classes.

Start a Club

Younger people like to feel like they belong to something, so starting a ballroom dancing club at your studio could attract a good number of them. Your club could involve special discounts or access to specific classes first. When younger people get special perks for joining, they might naturally be more interested in learning to ballroom dance and perhaps even competing when they get better at it. Promoting the club as a great way to meet other young people is always a fantastic way to make it sound more exciting.

Exclude the Older Dancers

This might sound a bit harsh, but young people who show up to a ballroom dancing class only to find that they are decades younger than everyone else might not want to keep coming back. If you want to make ballroom dancing something for young adults or teens, your class should be geared for them only. That way each student feels comfortable in the class and probably has more in common with the other students in the class.

You'll want to keep track of how your efforts pan out and whether or not they get you any new students. That's why it's such a good idea to use ballroom dance studio software like The Studio Director to stay organized. You can use The Studio Director to input the data on your new students and keep their ages handy so that you can see at a glance how many younger students are interested in ballroom dancing.

However you decide to do it, making ballroom dancing an attractive option for all ages opens you up to new streams of revenue and gets more people dancing and having fun while also spreading the word about your studio.

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