Whenever a business has a decision to make, inevitably research plays an integral role in guiding the way. For businesses looking to identify some fresh resources, GetApp may be one of the very best places to turn. The site features 170,000 reviews covering more than 5,000 different business apps, and recently, The Studio Director was featured in its breakdown of various dance studio software providers. We are honored to be included in GetApp’s assessment, especially since more than 2 million monthly users visit the site.

Moreover, we are humbled by GetApp’s feedback, which highlights the versatility and comprehensiveness of our solution. Here is what GetApp’s own Matt Mullarkey-Toner had to say about The Studio Director:

"There are all-encompassing solutions that can help you manage a gym, martial arts facility or spa, but there are few that have the extra bells and whistles to help manage a dance studio. The Studio Director helps fill this gap with not only standard fitness facility features (scheduling, online registration, POS), but also specific features that factor in costume management, in-depth recital planning, and report cards which have been lauded by GetApp users."

Indeed, The Studio Director is a total game-changer behind the scenes. That’s precisely how we designed it. Because we know that running your studio is filled with more tasks than you have time to complete them, the software serves as a consolidated system through which you can handle everything from billing to scheduling. No longer will you have to consider expanding your staff or cutting costs unnecessarily.

Instead, The Studio Director will effortlessly give you the opportunity to increase revenue and control your expenses in one fell swoop, boosting your bottom line in both respects. Perhaps best of all, our software liberates you from the shackles of the office. You’ll have the freedom to access your data anywhere via a cloud-based system and, if you ever have any questions, our exceptional support team will be waiting to assist you.

However, don’t simply take our word for it. The Studio Director’s signature blend of high-performing functionality and streamlined usability has allowed us to foster a broad and loyal customer base. From the beginning, our service was designed to be the complete studio management software, the only system you’ll need to finally organize and elevate your business. To learn more about why GetApp selected us, check out the entire post for yourself!

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