You may often find us elaborating on the cost-saving, growth-enhancing benefits of dance studio software, but believe us, we completely understand why studio owners like yourself might initially be hesitant. After all, despite our confidence in The Studio Director, it is an investment decision that will have far-reaching implications for your business.

What many individuals who own and/or manage a studio of any kind — our system isn’t just for those that focus on dance, of course — may not realize is that studio software can be a total game-changer when it comes to boosting enrollment and even increasing your revenue.

Still don’t believe us? Well, then, let’s review just a few of the ways in which implementing studio software can take your studio to that elusive next level. Perhaps by the time we’re through, you’ll be more willing to explore whether dance studio software is a good fit for your business.

Refocus on Communication


So much of your studio is borne from a sense of community. Think of the camaraderie your students enjoy during classes and the bond between an instructor and his or her pupils, and you’ll get some idea of how integral it is to establish a community of supporters both internally at your studio and expanding out into the surrounding area. You need to spend the time and energy not just in your marketing efforts but also in building lasting relationships with those around you. And the best way to do that is to simply communicate. And, yes, that does extend to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The key to retention is to keep your students engaged. So go for it. Send out regular messages checking in, presenting special offers or simply expressing your gratitude. Make progress reports available to your students so that they can keep track on how well they’re doing in your chosen discipline. It sounds simple. Yet, many studio owners don’t take this low-cost opportunity to build their brand. When you do, you’re essentially grooming your existing students to become brand ambassadors. Word of mouth will naturally grow from there, and before long, you’ll see a marked improvement in your enrollment.

Thanks to dance studio software, much of the communication you have with students can even be automated. So you can reach out without worrying that you’ll forget or letting this critical action slip through the cracks of your busy schedule. Of course, if everything at your studio is in order, you might not have that problem, which brings us to...

Organize Your Studio

If your files are in complete disarray or you find yourself constantly second-guessing what you need to do to keep your studio running smoothly, there’s little to no chance you have the chance to focus on how to boost enrollment or increase revenue. To that end, you absolutely need to approach your studio with a mindset of organization. Otherwise, you’ll probably spend more time putting out fires than onboarding new students. Thankfully, here is another way in which dance studio software can assist you. Since this cloud-based system helps you to consolidate all your files, it ensures that you and your team are on the same page and minimizes the chances that a catastrophic error may occur.

Moreover, dance studio software also unifies your business in that it will either integrate with or even replace some systems you may currently have in place. Compromising the integrity of your filing system and others that govern your studio can lead to a trickle-down effect that may harm your reputation or even tarnish the trust your students have in your service. If you can’t even maintain a sound organizational system behind the scenes, the seams will inevitably show, and you’ll be far more likely to have to struggle just to keep your studio afloat. Nevermind any plans you may have had to expand in the future.

More than simply a convenience, dance studio software enables you to run a more efficient — and, thusly, effective — business than you ever have before. It’s only one feature in a system that offers a sea of benefits you’ll be able to enjoy almost instantly.

Achieve More with Less

Once you step up your organizational game, you’ll be blown away by how much more you’re able to get done. Dance studio software enables you to stretch your resources much further because it eliminates the need for redundant systems and can even reduce the amount of staff you need to have on hand to keep your studio running at optimal performance levels. Rather than needing to pump more and more funds into trying new ways to (hopefully) increase your business, you need only implement a single system and allow your efficiency to improve naturally.

Ironically, you’ve probably been exploring different angles on how you can take your studio to new heights. But it isn’t by doing more that you will be able to find bring your growth plans to fruition. Rather, streamlining your studio is the best way to clear out the unnecessary bits that have been slowing your business down and identifying the clearest path to the future. When you find yourself not constantly be bested by your to-do list, you’ll be surprised how much easier managing your studio will become. Remember too that automation is a key part of dance studio software, meaning that many tasks which once claimed a significant chunk of your focus could be eradicated completely.

At last your studio can be as scalable as you’ve always dreamed it could be. You may have once worried that you could not handle more students, since it would necessitate a staff increase. But dance studio software minimizes that concern. In fact, once you get started, you’ll likely find yourself with more time on your hands in general. Speaking of which...

Clear Your Schedule

As we’ve discussed, dance studio software creates a more organized environment that allows you to get more accomplished than ever before. But the flipside of this streamlined, automated and fully customized system is that it also exponentially opens up your time, providing you with the freedom to direct more of your attention to connecting with your students (i.e., our discussion of communication above) and identifying how you can foster growth. How much of your precious time — the one resource you cannot create more of — do you spend on back-end administrative work? Imagine how much more you could accomplish if you didn’t have to worry about much of this and could instead devise innovative ways to outshine your competition.

To that end, a less hectic schedule would also translate into lower stress levels. So, in addition to having the time to attend to the parts of your studio management you may have once neglected, you’re also enjoy lower stress levels, creating an environment more conducive to creative thinking and inspiring your team and your students to continually improve. No one does their best work if they’re feeling burnt out or generally rundown. But with dance studio software, you’ll personal life and your studio will inevitably see a remarkable improvement. Don’t worry about all the minutiae of running your studio when you can turn your focus to how to make it a better, more positive place for everyone involved.

The kind of enthusiasm you have for your discipline — you know, the one which guided you through all the hard work of creating your business — is infectious and will naturally draw crowds if you channel it into your work. So, rather than feeling bogged down by your endless responsibilities, let your love show in everything you do.

Track Your Finances


If you started your studio because of the passion you have for your chosen discipline, we’re willing to bet that crunching numbers isn’t exactly your favorite thing to do. If that’s the case, then we have excellent news for you. One of the other attractive features of dance studio software is how it can play into your business finances. Since you’ll have everything in one consolidated system, it will be that much easier to keep track of key figures like accounts payable, accounts receivable and profit margins. As such, the accuracy of these numbers will be much more reliable and accessible anywhere and at any time. You won’t have to worry about version control ever again, especially when it comes to such impactful metrics as revenue or expenses.

Even better, this system includes a sophisticated reporting module that can create customized reports in moments. With these, you can more easily identify trends, determine how to cut costs or find ways to attract new students. Monitoring your cash flow is one of the most vital ways to keep your business’s financial health firmly in the black, which is why dance studio software places such a firm emphasis on making these numbers crystal clear to studio owners like you. Want to know how much you're spending on inventory? How about how your year-over-year enrollment is turning out? Look no further than the built-in reporting of your dance studio software.

At last, you’ll be able to maintain a realistic picture of where your business is at any given moment. Keep a close eye on your finances, and you can even forecast what the future may hold for your studio, giving you extra time to take action and minimize any missteps you may have taken.

Enhance Your Design

Over at The Studio Director, we know that first impressions are everything. That’s why we made it a priority to design a dance studio software system that has a clean, user-friendly design. In fact, we consider it one of the most significant elements in choosing a studio software. But the role of aesthetics in your business doesn’t begin and end with the tools you use behind the scenes. Quite the opposite, in fact. If you’re looking to significantly kickstart your enrollment, then the design is one of the first and easiest places you should be looking to make an improvement.

From the start, you should have been employing a bit of strategy with everything from the interior of your studio to show your logo. But if you’re looking to give your studio a design facelift without having to make widespread physical changes to your space, consider giving your website a bit of a once-over. These days, website design is much more affordable and accessible even for those without much technical skill. Consumers now are so focused on a company’s online presence that the vast majority will be looking up your studio online before they ever step foot inside or think about registering for classes. If you have a poorly designed website or fail to take pride in how your studio comes off to casual visitors, don’t be surprised if you wind up paying the price when it comes to your enrollment numbers.

In particular, you should be looking to facilitate easy enrollment and schedule management for your prospective and current students. Dance studio software empowers your students by including an intuitive interface in which they can register, reschedule or cancel classes without ever having to pick up the phone or stop by your studio in person.

A Choice to Make

Now that we’ve outlined a bit more about how dance studio software can make a tremendous difference in your enrollment and revenue, we’re guessing you may be more open to trying it out for yourself. At The Studio Director, we offer an Instant Demo during which you can gain first-hand experience with the software and decide if it is truly as helpful for your business as we’ve promised. However, we don’t expect you to blindly choose our system without carefully considering the options.

After all, there are a number of key elements your ideal dance studio software will have. So be sure to bear those in mind before you finalize your decision. Once you do, you’ll find it so much easier to confidently integrate this new system into your existing infrastructure. Then all you have to do is wait to see the mind-blowing effects dance studio software will have on your performance.

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