What To Look For In Dance Studio Software

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The right dance studio software can revolutionize your business, whether you’re running a small, student-centered studio or a large well-known dance school. But no one wants to spend money on another useless, hyped-up product. Before you invest in dance studio management software, ensure the program you’ve chosen is a good fit for your business, your management style, and your budget. Ask these questions, and you’ll quickly see why The Studio Director is your all-in-one solution.

How is data backed up?

What happens if your computer crashes? Do you just give up? Pray for a miracle? These aren’t acceptable answers. Good dance studio management software is so effective that you quickly grow dependent. So when your computer misbehaves or your hard drive crashes, there needs to be a back-up plan.

The best option is cloud-based software, which stores your data in the cloud — not on your computer. This means that no computer glitch or user error will destroy your access to your data. It also means you can access it anywhere, so you never again have to be chained to your desk. The Studio Director is cloud-based, offering you ready access to your business’s most important data.

What Will it Cost?

No good dance studio management software is free, but cost should be a consideration. So how do you determine how much to spend? The cheapest software isn’t always the right answer. Instead, you need to assess the value the program offers you. How much time and money can it save you? If this savings offsets the price, then the program is well worth a little extra cash. If, however, the program is just another useless business expenditure, then it’s not worth it — no matter how small the price tag is.

Will it Save Me Time and Money?

You know that time is money. How much money is your time worth? Consider that every hour you spend on accounting and management tasks is an hour you’re not dedicating to teaching or running your business. That money can quickly accumulate.

Consider also how much you’d need to pay staff to fulfill roles such as enrollment management and tracking inventory. Once you have a ballpark figure, evaluate the cost of the software you’re considering. If it can accomplish a significant portion of the tasks that eat into your daily schedule, and if doing so saves you time and cash, it’s time to make the investment.

How’s the Customer Service?

No matter how great the software is, sooner or later there will be a problem. Maybe you get locked out of your account, need to change your billing information, or need some help figuring out how to get the program to do what you need.

When you’re in need of help, the last thing you want is to speak to someone who’s rude, incompetent, or doesn’t speak English. Ask about the customer service you can expect. Use your experience buying the program as a guide. Companies tend to put their best face forward with prospective customers, so if your buying experience is bad, you can bet that the customer service will be even worse once you’re a customer.

The Studio Director offers daily phone and email support. We believe in our product, and we believe that one of its most important benefits is the stellar customer service that accompanies it.

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What Functionality Does it Offer?

It doesn’t matter if a program boasts a jillion features if none of those features work well with your business model. Try making a list of all the daily tasks associated with running your business. Those might include issuing progress reports, managing inventory, tracking enrollment, and managing payments, for example. Then compare this list to the features the program you are considering offers. If there’s a pretty good fit between the two, consider buying.

The Studio Director offers a wide range of features, including individualized progress reports and report cards, inventory management, and enrollment tracking and management. Our customizable software can work with just about every business model.

Will it Work on My Computer?

Have you ever gotten all excited about a new program or mobile app, only to find that it doesn’t work on your phone or computer? Before you invest a single penny in dance studio management software, make absolutely certain that the program will work with your computer. Cloud-based programs are an excellent option, since they don’t require you to install software directly on your laptop or computer.

The Studio Director is compatible with both Windows and iOS/Apple computers. Our friendly customer service team will talk you through the process of putting our program to work for you.

Is it Easy to Use?

The world’s greatest program is totally worthless if you can’t figure out how to use it. Some programs are high on features, but low on usability. Before investing in a pricey dance studio management software package, ask if you can use it, since what’s easy to one person might be impossible to the next.

The Studio Director is so confident that you’ll love our user-friendly program that we offer a free 15-day trial. We teach you how to use the program, and stand by ready to answer any and all questions. Let us show you how easy it is to outsource the most tedious dance studio management tasks.

How Quickly Can It Be Set Up?

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting excited about something that will benefit your business, only to find that you have to wait weeks for setup, and then another few weeks before you get the hang of using it.

The Studio Director isn’t like that. When you’re ready to try our program, we’re ready to hit the ground running. We can get you set up in a matter of hours. We’ll work with you to customize our program to suit your needs, then offer first-rate customer service that ensures you’re a program expert in no time at all.

You’ve exhausted yourself and drained your bank account long enough. Isn’t it time to see what surprisingly affordable dance studio management software can do for you?

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