Maybe you’ve seen an ad for it, or you have heard people talking about it - studio management software. Perhaps you’ve even been considering trying it out for yourself. But, something keeps holding you back. Who really uses studio management software anyway, and how can it help you in your studio?

The Studio Director studio management software is perfect for dance, gymnastics, fitness, yoga and many other types of studio owners that:

  • Enjoy having an organized business
  • Want to avoid being tied to the office
  • Know they can’t do it all alone
  • Like to market more efficiently to their prospects and current clients
  • Are interested in working smarter, not harder
  • Have hopes of becoming or staying successful

With studio management software you can enjoy having an organized business.

Did you know that the number one thing that causes an office to get cluttered and disorganized is paperwork? Think about it. All the paper files from students, timesheets from your employees, invoices, inventory logs etc... When there’s all that paper hanging out in your office, no wonder bills go unpaid, items on to-do lists go undone, and things get lost as they get shuffled around.

With The Studio Director you can eliminate all those printed pages, and have everything managed in an organized, tidy fashion. And, it’s all categorized and titled in a way that you can easily search for anything, and pull it up quickly so that nothing ever gets lost again.

Being disorganized isn’t just bad for business, it’s bad for your mental health!


Neuroscientists at Princeton University found that the presence of physical clutter in your office actually affects your output. This clutter will compete for your attention, increasing your stress and decreasing your performance.

In fact, the presence of this physical clutter overloads your senses - this is what increases the stress levels and even impairs your ability to think creatively. Clearing all that work space of the plethora of paperwork, and streamlining it into neat, indexed files in a piece of software will give your brain a healthy boost, and allow you to think more clearly.

And, when you’re less stressed experts agree you can get more accomplished in less time.

Being organized can also help you avoid problems and stress with tax season, random audits, and legal issues that may come up in your studio.

Let’s say you’re audited by the IRS. Would you be prepared? In the event an audit happens, the IRS will likely ask you for the records for as many as the three previous years.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of those records were categorized and easy to search for in one convenient space? It’s already frustrating enough that an audit could even occur, but imagine having to shuffle through hundreds of pieces of paper to find what you need to settle your situation.

Another very real possible scenario - let’s say you have a legal issue that has come up such as one of your students getting injured during a class. With The Studio Director you’ll have all of your liability waivers on file should they be needed. You’ll also have your insurance paperwork zoning info, and any other legal documents that you need in one safe, and secure place. Studio management software doesn’t just help you stay organized, it gives you peace of mind.

Studio owners want to avoid being tied to the office, and they know they can’t do everything alone.

Would you rather own a business, or have it own you? The answer is probably obvious to you. The whole reason you wanted to open a studio in the first place is likely to avoid being a slave to a nine to five job. Unfortunately, many studio owners end up feeling trapped and imprisoned by their businesses.

Those weren’t the words you expected to use when describing your dance studio, were they? Of course not! You wanted freedom, and excitement, and to feel like you were building something meaningful that would allow you a higher quality of life. It’s safe to say prison and freedom do not belong in the same sentence, and the feeling of being trapped doesn’t belong in your dance studio either.

How can studio management software allow you to leave the office at a reasonable time?


With The Studio Director you don’t have to do all the work alone.

  1. Registration for classes has never been easier - Yes, you’ll load the dates and times of your classes, but you can have your students register and pay for the classes online without you even needing to be in the office. Managing payment information is handled for you as well. Students/clients will enter their credit card information on their profile, and will be notified directly when it needs to be updated. Imagine not having to chase delinquent payments or have those awkward talks about bounced checks! Everything is handled discreetly, and effortlessly without you having to do anything.
  2. Other people can help with things like inventory management and event updates - You can outsource these tasks and more with The Studio Director. You could even have someone else input all of your class times and assigning of instructors. Our software is so easy to use that you can outsource as much or as little as you would like, so that you can get back to the things you most enjoy about running your own business.

You can even go on vacation without worry, knowing that your files can be accessed anywhere with WiFi, or handed off completely to your staff.

Many business owners struggle to take time off from work because they don’t see how anything can be managed without them there. The Studio Director is a cloud-based software that is not only accessible anywhere with WiFi, but also easy enough to use that you could hand over the reigns to your most trusted employee while you’re away. As long as you’re not taking “too remote” of a vacation, you can rest assured that you’ll have access to your files if you really need them.

As an added benefit, since it’s cloud-based and doesn’t require hardware to operate, you never have to worry about losing all of your information if your computer crashes. It will all be safely backed up in the cloud, and ready to retrieve on your Mac or your PC. Plus, when any upgrades take place with the software, they will automatically be available to you without a need to download anything.

You understand the importance of marketing, but you also need to communicate more efficiently to your prospects and current clients.

Using studio management software helps you handle your marketing and communications in a much more efficient manner. The saying “out of sight, out of mind” is more than just a popular idiom - it’s a fact that could kill your business. Harsh, right? But, it’s true. When people forget you exist, they have no reason to visit you, let alone be a patron of your business.

Your current customers want things like class confirmation letters, report cards and attaboys (or attagirls), birthday greetings, and general check-ins. Your potential customers need details of classes including times and instructor info, what to expect when they come to your studio, notices of discounts or special offers, and updates of the important events your business is hosting.

All of this communication can be done more efficiently with The Studio Director’s done for your templates complete with your studio’s own logos and branding. Your marketing campaigns and communications (postal mail or email) can also be filtered to focus your efforts on your exact target audience.

You’ll be able to easily track the history of your contacts and communications with the family to prevent multiple, different, and confusing responses to the same family. Using our software you can even send emails and/or text messages to all or some of your students.

5 things you can do to put/keep your studio in the mind’s of your students:

  1. Send an email newsletter telling your current customers about the highlights of the most recent month/quarter. Include shoutouts about the success of any events that were held, and what’s coming up.
  2. Create an email that you’re seeking new students, and ask your entire list to share it with anyone they think might be interested.
  3. If you haven’t said happy birthday to this month’s students that are having a birthday - create a special email, and make a point to send birthday greetings from now on.
  4. Ask current students for their opinion on how things are currently going at your studio. Not only is a poll great for quality feedback, it shows your clients that you care what they think. Of course, be sure to implement the good ideas so you can prove you are making changes that are warranted.
  5. Team up with another business or charity to host an event of some kind, and then email your list about what you’re planning.

Once you start thinking outside of the box, you’ll come up with many different ways to interact with your current clients, and your prospects. Your best advertisers are your current clients, so be sure to include a call to action where possible and/or to ask for referrals whenever it feels appropriate to in your email correspondence.

People who use studio management software are interested in working smarter, not harder.


Using The Studio Director is like unlocking the secret door to being able to enjoy running a studio again. You’re taking all the difficulties that come with managing your studio and breathing simplicity into them. From billing to marketing, payroll to communication, everything just feels less taxing.

  • Want to create a system for onboarding new students?
  • Want to design an email drip campaign that transforms visitors into clients?
  • Wishing that budgeting and inventory had a process and was be less difficult too?
  • Looking to develop a simpler process for enrolling students and billing them for their classes?

You can create systems and processes for all of these tasks and more, and The Studio Director can help you do it faster, and easier than you may think.

If you have hopes of becoming more successful, or maintaining your current success with more ease, you need The Studio Director.

Consider for a moment the costs that would be associated with hiring an accountant, an office manager, a billing director, and an enrollment specialist. If you just felt your heart drop to the pit of your stomach, you’re not alone. Most studio owners can’t afford to hire all the assistants they need to help them effectively run their business. The beauty of studio management software is that it’s running for you 24/7 and it doesn’t ask for overtime pay!

Many of those pesky administrative tasks that you wish you could hire someone to handle for you, The Studio Director takes care of on your behalf. With one amazing tool, all of your classes, families, students, instructors, and financials are easily maintained, viewed, and analyzed.

Are you ready to try The Studio Director? Sign up for a demo today!

We know that with The Studio Director you’ll save time, money and energy. With us on your side, you’re that much closer to being a success, or at least having an easier time maintaining your success. 

We can’t wait to bring your studio to the next level. With our easy-to-use platform, your business will be running more efficiently, and hopefully making you more money than ever before!

Worried you won’t know how to use The Studio Director? We’ve got you covered there too! Once you’ve decided to try The Studio Director, we’ll have you up and running in just a few hours. Simply sign up for a demo and one of our representatives will contact you within minutes with your next steps. It only takes a few minutes to set up and customize The Studio Director solution for your specific studio.

As part of your setup, we’ll help you import your current data on our secure server, and if at any time you need a backup of this date, we'll send you a complete download of all your studio data upon request.  

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