Whether it’s a fitness, dance, yoga, martial arts, gymnastics or some other type of studio, running a business requires so many elements to be successful. You need creativity and drive, the ability to sell, innovation, organization skills - and that’s just the personal qualities necessary to succeed.

Then, there’s all the other stuff like office supplies, reliable employees, systems and processes, and the right software. You’ll likely want a good accounting software, a reliable document and spreadsheet platform such as Microsoft Office, and you should invest in studio management software.

But, who really uses studio management software? Let’s explore this and see if you should be using it too, shall we?

The person who doesn’t have time to be at their studio all day and night uses studio management software.

One of the saddest things that happens to some studio owners is that they burn the candle at both ends. These are the people that never seem to stop working until their body forces them to stop working due to sickness, depression or total fatigue.

Dolly Parton may have said it best when she said, “Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

Do yourself a favor. Take a lesson from dear Dolly, and make time for a life outside of your studio!

Signs you’re overworking yourself include:

  • You are frequently forgetting important tasks on your daily to-do list.
  • You can't even remember what a sunset or sunrise looks like anymore because you get into the office before the sun wakes up, and you stay long after it goes to sleep.
  • Calling instructors, students and/or family members by the wrong name.
  • Missing payment deadlines for vendor invoices.
  • Forgetting to order more inventory.
  • A lack of creativity for your marketing efforts, if you even market at all anymore.
  • A complete loss of passion and/or drive for running your studio.
  • You can’t remember the last time you had a good day at work. In fact, you’re completely burnt out.

It doesn’t have to be this way fellow studio owner! If you’re constantly at work, you deserve a reprieve. Using studio management software can help you to be more efficient in your business, while getting things done quicker and easier. With the right software on your side, you'll find you have more time in your day. Using it could help you to fall back in love with running your studio. Hey, you might even be able to get home in time for dinner, and remember what your family looks like.

Studio Management Software is also for the person who lacks time to keep things organized, but knows organization is important.

organization-software-blog-img.pngWe get it! Getting and staying organized is difficult, especially when you have the creative spirit that most studio owners possess. Depending on the type of studio you own, you'd probably rather be designing choreography or creating a hot new workout, instead of keeping tabs on all of that paperwork that your business accrues on a daily or weekly basis.

That’s where studio management software comes in again! With good software, all those pieces of paperwork are eliminated, and replaced with a streamlined system that helps you keep track of a variety of things such as:

  • The account information for every student in your studio, including whether or not they've paid for the classes that they are enrolled in, and when their next payment is due.
  • Your studio’s current inventory of equipment, uniforms, and pretty much anything you sell or use regularly and want to keep track of.
  • Insurance paperwork, zoning information, legal notices, and liability waivers.
  • Upcoming special events such as recitals, performances or specialty workshops.
  • Current class schedules and enrollment forms and more.

One of the best things about using quality studio management software is having the ability to search in the platform to easily find class, student, family and instructor information. Bonus points if you choose one that also backs up all of your data nightly automatically so that you don’t even have to think about it!

Studio owners who want to make enrollment and instructor management easier on themselves use it.

Imagine being able to keep track of things like student attendance, drop-ins, and make-ups without worry. Now, imagine also being able to create report cards or progress reports for each of your students, and being able to send them to said students with minimal effort. The right studio management software can do this while also keeping track of real-time class enrollment, and even offer waitlisting for your classes all with a few simple clicks.

Good software will help you create your class schedules, class capacities, assign instructors and more. It can even allow your students to pay for their classes instantly when they enroll -- you don’t have to be there for the transaction either. The right software allows your students to enter their account information and pay online, and will also notify them directly when they need to update their payment information or if their is an issue with account delinquency. No more chasing delinquent payments? That alone makes for a good reason to use studio management software!

People who want to keep in touch, love to use studio management software.

High caliber studio management software allows a studio owner to communicate as frequently as they would like with current and prospective students, as well as vendors and other business contacts.

Why is keeping in touch so important?

  • First, it shows your clients and prospects you’re thinking of them. The sad reality is that the saying “out of sight out mind” can kill your business. You want people to be thinking of you too, and communicating gets them thinking of you!
  • Communicating also gives you the chance to learn if there is anything you can do in your studio to improve customer experience, and make your studio better overall.
  • Keeping in touch allows you to ask for help marketing your studio too. Some people only act when asked to, and having an effective communication system offers you an easy way to ask for that help in spreading the word about your studio.

You get the idea. You know you need to communicate with people. However, if you’re not careful, communications can become your second full-time job. That’s why it’s so important to have studio management software that allows you to easily send emails, create drop campaigns and even send text messages to a group.

Students and teachers alike use it.

students-and-teacher-software-blog-img.pngThe best studio management software allows students and teachers to use it in conjunction with you, to make your life as a studio owner even easier. When you can offload some of the work to them, you can free up valuable time to do the things you actually enjoy in your business. That’s why you need a software that allows you to have unlimited users accessing information from as many locations as you want.

It’s also important to have one that allows them to access it through a secure, password-protected internet-based application. By using software like this, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not data such as credit card information is secure.

Bottom line: Studio owners who prefer enjoying their work over a constant stream of headaches use it.

In other words, successful studio owners use studio management software, and you should too!

Using studio management software is how you can step into the life of the big leagues. It’s the cure for burnout, the way to make things easier in your business, and the answer to saving time and money. As soon as you start, you’ll soon understand why so many other studio owners are using it too.

Of course, you shouldn’t use just any studio management software that is out there. We recommend you use The Studio Director. And, it’s not just because we work here! Here are just a few things that sets The Studio Director apart from other software that’s available:

  1. The Studio Director was designed to be exceptionally easy to learn and use. If you can play on social media, we’re betting you can quickly grasp how to use the software.
  2. The platform can also be used by more than one person in your studio. We believe the more people that are helping you, even your staff and students, the more time you’ll save overall.
  3. Our software comes with exceptional and unlimited support. We know that you need something that is virtually painless to setup and utilize. That’s why if you ever have any trouble, you’ll get quick assistance by phone, webchat or email.
  4. You can use The Studio Director from any device that can access the internet thanks to our cloud-based software. Another benefit of it being cloud-based? You won’t have to redownload new software every time there is an upgrade - we’ve designed it in a way that gives you immediate access to all upgrades as soon as they happen!
  5. Finally, The Studio Director can be customized for the individual needs of your studio. It can even be branded with your own logos and messaging.

Still thinking The Studio Director isn’t right for you?

studio-software-right-for-you-blog-img.pngIf you run a studio that schedules and charges for classes - we know you will benefit from using The Studio Director. From dance to gymnastics, martial arts to fitness studios, and everything in between - The Studio Director can make managing your business easier than you might imagine. With one easy to use platform, you can maintain, view and analyze your:

  • Classes
  • Students
  • Instructors
  • Your financial information (it even integrates well with Quickbooks)

What would you do if you were audited?

Would you be prepared, or would you be a complete mess? People that use The Studio Director would be armed and ready! All of their paperwork would be organized and easily searchable regardless of what inquiries were thrown at them!

Do you have systems in place that allow you to go on vacation?

When you’re a studio owner, it can be difficult to take time off from work. With The Studio Director you can easily manage the business from anywhere with an internet connection. Using our software, you could even delegate many (if not all) of your tasks in your business to other members of your staff while you’re away!

Is your current software lacking what your studio deserves?

Take a look at all of our product benefits of The Studio Director here. You deserve a better program, and we’ll even help you load your existing information from any system into The Studio Director.

Ready to upgrade your studio? Try The Studio Director today!

We’d love to help you save time, and money with The Studio Director. We truly feel that having us on your side is your ticket to being more successful! Instead of taking our word for it though, why don’t you try it for yourself today?

However, we’re certain that once you take a peek, you’ll wonder how you ever managed your studio without it. Using our simple to use platform, customized to fit your unique needs, we’ll have your business growing and running more efficiently in not time.

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