Building your own business is a delicate process, especially if this is your first go at it. It is hard to foresee complications that will arise, making for an undeniably daunting future. Not being prepared for the bumpy terrain is what often causes a small business to plummet. You don’t want to wait around for problems to arise before determining the best way to handle them.

The key is to instill functionality from the get-go. Dance studio software will give you all the tools you need to run your business smoothly and watch it flourish. Here are just a few reasons why you should sync up to a good software now versus later on down the road.

Make the Best Use of Your Time

Using cloud based software offers quick and easy solutions to many time sucking tasks that arise for dance studio owners and managers. Now everything that you require to keep your business running will be located in one program that you, your employees, and your clientele can access from any location with an internet connection.

On top of that:

  • your employees will have an easier time learning how to manage accounts, communicate with clientele, and follow a consistent work standard with all of your data in one well-organized program
  • all of your expenses and cash flow will be programmed into the software so you don’t have to spend hours calculating what money you will have to pay your bills next month
  • you are given the option of programming notifications into your calendar to remind you of events and other tasks you have planned for yourself and others
  • parents can find all of the information they need through your easy-to-navigate website where they can register for classes and order shoes and other dance wear from their homes
  • all of your transactions are saved in the cloud, which means no more digging through files or saving paper receipts

In short, dance studio software shrinks down the amount of work you have to do and takes care of the necessary organizational stuff for you.

Financial Organization from the Beginning Prevents Money Loss


One of the most stressful parts of running your own business is keeping track of your finances. This is a huge undertaking, as your business depends on financial stability and there are so many elements that need to be monitored.

You need to be aware of things like:

  • the cash that is coming in from customers, including the amounts that are not being paid at the time of purchase and is still owed to you
  • the cash going out for payments like monthly rent or mortgage, taxes, and other accounts
  • the funds you need to set aside for emergencies
  • foreseeable renovations that may need to be done on your building

Dance studio software takes care of all of this for you with:

  • real-time inventory control where you can view all of your inventory data on clearly laid out reports and dashboards
  • the tracking of cash flow to educate you on what expenses are necessary and those that you could go without
  • the elimination of human errors (loss of receipts or other precious documentation, miscalculations, educated guesses, etc)
  • the ability to track when a transaction has been paid or is still open
  • doing the work that you would have to pay multiple employees for

You may consider dance studio software to be an expense, but when considering all of the above, it is the key to cutting away all the money that is unnecessarily leaking from your bank account daily. Waiting to implement such organization is silly when it is clearly a means of eliminating stress and enhancing your overall profit and production.

An Easy Way to Jumpstart your Internet Presence

So many small business owners do not realize how essential their internet presence is when it comes to their popularity and success. There are also a great many who want to avoid using a computer at all costs. This is a major mistake. Your computer is your business’s very best friend.

As we touched on earlier, your computer gives you the ease of simplified accounting, inventory, scheduling, and emailing. In addition, it gives you the access to the beautiful worldwide web. This is where you can literally create the identity of your business in exactly the way you want the world to perceive you.

There are so many ways that a business can benefit from having a web presence, but the most important ones are:

Visibility: The majority of your neighbors are constantly using the internet to navigate their everyday lives, and most people will find your business this way.

Reach: Once you have an internet presence, your customer base is no longer limited to the people who are in physical proximity to your location. People who live 20 minutes away might be looking for that unique thing that only your business offers, and the likelihood of them knowing about you without the internet is pretty slim.

Happy customers: When you make yourself more accessible to your customers they really appreciate it. A happy customer means that they will, more often than not, be sticking around for awhile. These folks also tend to spread the word to their friends. Happy customers turns into multiple customers.

Competitive sway: The more professional and interesting that you appear to be online, the more appeal you will have to those looking for your type of business. A website can put a smaller business in the same zone as larger enterprises, if done right.

Credibility: When you have a website and a clear following on Facebook or Twitter to refer people to, they are more inclined to trust you and entertain the idea of giving you their business.

With the help of dance studio software, you will have the resources that you need to build a website and social media presence that represents the persona you wish to portray. If you’re going to establish a market in any capacity, this is where it is going to happen.

You will be guided in forming this persona and given the option to include:

  • a striking design that emulates professionalism
  • photos that show the fun things that are going on in your studio on a daily basis
  • a place for customers to view past events that people have enjoyed through your studio, teacher profiles, schedules, costume order forms, etc
  • your location and directions to your studio
  • the types of classes you offer and what makes them appealing
  • a view into the aesthetic that will appeal to the audience you think will be most drawn to what you offer

Create Easy Communication


Keeping constant communication avenues open with your clients shows them just how much you care about them and value their business. Dance studio software provides you with multiple setting options, such as sending regular emails about new products and services that you are offering.

You can even impress them further by sending news and educational facts about successful dancers and dance history. This is what is known as educational ‘content marketing’, helping your customers keep up on trends in your industry. Some other perks you can set up to be on automatic email include:

  • birthday cards
  • thank you cards
  • coupons for friends
  • greeting cards for special occasion and holiday

This makes your customers feel important and part of a community. Not only is this a perk for your clientele, your business will also thrive when a sense of community is built. You depend on the happiness of your customers to keep your business going.

The more options you have to keep them entertained the better. You may be confident with the amount of students you have started out with, but it is up to you to keep them engaged, or they will be easily swayed in another direction.

Maintain your Sanity and Sense of Enjoyment


Without a simple way to organize the various elements of running your business, you will quickly start to experience the passion you had going into this endeavor taking a backseat. Once that starts to happen, your drive is supported by stress, rather than the enjoyment of your craft.

Why put yourself in this position? You have to be good to yourself, or your business will suffer. There is simply no way to keep track of everything that goes into a business on your own. You have to accept that you need help. With the assistance that dance studio software provides, you can:

  • teach your own classes and have fun with them
  • find the time to choreograph dances to new songs
  • take time to watch the show on Netflix that everyone else has been raving about
  • take a vacation, or multiple vacations a year
  • spend all of the holidays the way you want to
  • get a good night's sleep regularly
  • have excess time to do whatever you want to do

Don’t let yourself get to the point where you have let go of your sense of self and enjoyment. Get organized first, and you will be able to continue doing what you love most.

You are Not on your Own

This is your business. Your baby. It is understandable that you want to have all of the say, and you always will. We have also established that you simply cannot do all of this on your own. Dance studio software gives you the help you need while allowing you to call all of the shots.

Each software comes equipped with a customer support team ready to give you the assistance that you need, all based on your preference. Standard support includes:

  • the option to call an unlimited amount of times each month
  • constant support via email
  • guidance on marketing tips and your social media presence
  • free training via audio conference if requested
  • compassionate and intelligent support that will consider the unique aspects to your business and offer advice to help you use the software in a way that is most beneficial to you
  • automatic backups carried out nightly
  • automatic application upgrades
  • an archived cd of your studio data if requested

What could be better than getting unlimited organizational and marketing advice?

In Conclusion

The best way to build a solid foundation is to start out strong. Providing yourself with ample tools from the beginning is wise, and dance studio software is all of the tools you need in one package. Get the help before you are spiraling and have no other choice.

Allow yourself a successful and healthy lifestyle at the same time. Take care of your customers, but do not forget to think of yourself as well. You will not only be a person to look up to, you will have the time to appreciate and enjoy everything that you have built.

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