Looking for New Software?

Have you ever thought that dance studio software might help your business? Frustrated with your current software? Now is a great time to consider The Studio Director for your dance or gymnastics studio needs. Since summer enrollment tends to be lighter than “normal”, it is easier to introduce new software to your families. What can […]

Effective Communication

Are you effectively communicating with your dance/gymnastics families? How about your staff? Ever feel like perhaps you could do more? Effective communications is an important part of your dance or gymnastics studio business. Keeping your families informed is one of the best ways to keep your customers happy and grow your business. Keeping your staff […]

Grow Your Business – Consider Interns

Students that have graduated but are still actively involved in dance can often gain valuable experience in the dance and fitness industry through ‘learner/trainee’ (intern) positions. This summer, as you begin setting up summer camps or workshops, you might consider mentoring the next generation of dance & fitness professionals through paid and/or unpaid intern positions […]