How to Make All Your Yoga Classes Memorable

Here are some tips for making your yoga classes stand out from the crowd.

If you own a yoga studio, you likely offer a variety of classes on a daily or weekly basis. As the owner of the studio, you want to be sure that each of your classes are engaging and enjoyable so that your clients will want to return time and time again. Having the best yoga classes in town also ensures that you continually grow your business and get new customers all the time. Here’s how to make each and every one of your yoga classes awesome.

Choose a Theme

A theme, such as feeling love or letting go of stress, that you can come back to many times during each of your yoga classes gives you a backdrop for creating the sequence of poses you’ll use and helps you connect to each of your students at the same time. You can switch up the themes often to keep the interest levels high and make the class new and exciting all the time, which always keeps people coming back for more.

Ask the Students

Setting aside part of class time to focus on the specific things that your students want will make you one of the best yoga studios in town. Let your students request certain poses or techniques, and use the last part of class to spend some time doing those things. When your clients are happy, they’ll spread the word about your studio and will be much more likely to keep coming back for another class.

Cater to All Levels

Beginner yogis won’t have as much experience as those who have been coming to class for years so be sure that you are offering a variety of poses to meet those needs. You can also offer variations of each pose so that you can teach both newbies and experts in one class. This makes your students feel engaged and welcome and will ensure that they are getting what they need from the class, no matter what ability level they happen to have.

Hold Outdoor Classes

When the weather is nice, it’s enjoyable to have yoga classes outside in the fresh air. If you have a place within your studio to offer outdoor classes, it’s an easy way to make your clients happy and bring in new ones all the time. Your outdoor area should be quiet and grassy for the best results.

Give Clear Instructions

You aren’t going to get your yoga students to come back if you don’t make it easy to do the workout. You’ll need to offer clear and precise instructions for each pose as you go so that your students know exactly what they need to be doing.

Offer Refreshments

Tea, juice and light snacks are always a good way to end a yoga session and are sure to make your clients happy. Set these items out in the lobby or near the changing rooms so that your students can get to them without holding up the start of the next class.

Make Enrollment Easy

Having software like The Studio Director will make it easy for your students to enroll in classes on-line or at the studio.  You can even offer class cards!  The Studio Director can help you to track the classes so you can see how enrollment is going or to quickly determine if additional class cards need to be purchased.

The most important thing is to have fun.  If you are having fun teaching the class, your students will enjoy taking the class!