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Our software is the ultimate answer to your most pressing problems as a studio director. Payment collection, scheduling, and student information updates are now a breeze with our ingenious application.

Highly Intuitive, Extremely Useful

The Studio Director is one of the few products that has powerful features, yet incredibly easy to use. You don’t necessarily need to be a tech whiz to harness the winning capabilities of our software; our application only requires the programs you’re already familiar with.

It’s compatible with PC and Mac, as well as the most widely used mobile platforms today. You and your students can use it through the major browsers without having to worry about security. No need to install or back-up anything.

No Cookie Cutter

Whether you teach dance, gymnastics, music, fitness, or martial arts, The Studio Director can easily be customized to have the functions you require. Unlike other management software, you don’t have to make do with the features you have no use for.

It’s designed to be scalable to help you handle future growth. Be it one dozen or one thousand students, this is the only solution you need.

Saves Time, Increases Profits

The Studio Director keeps you off the computer and lets you do what you do best: teach. It automates practically every aspect of your operation, which helps you focus on making your studio profitable.

Teaching has never been this fun and trouble-free. Get your free trial today and tell us how you want your application to be.