Swimming instructors and the businesses they run face a range of pressures. Unlike many other sports, swimming demands a large, costly place to practice. Owning such a business is also rife with administrative, legal, and accounting challenges. The Studio Director is your partner in this endeavor, but without all the hassle and compensation of a human partner.

Let us show you what our portable, web-based program can do for your swimming business. Available on both Mac and PC, we can take your business to new levels of success and growth.

The Hassles of a Swimming Business

Your love of swimming coupled with a desire to nurture the next generation of swimmers are valuable assets. Unfortunately, they’re not enough. A swimming business is a huge commitment that requires:

  • Accounting skills: Accounting boils down to the simple balance between money in and money out. But when you have multiple classes and many students, enrollment occurs throughout the year, or when you’re selling merchandise, tracking expenses isn’t easy. Factor in marketing, staffing budgets, and other expenses, and you’re looking at a time-consuming administrative hassle.
  • Legal considerations: Sooner or later, someone will be injured at your business, or be angry with your policies. How will you handle this? Every business needs a consultation with a lawyer. You'll also need liability insurance, and to ensure that you follow local zoning and other regulations.
  • The right space: Swimming businesses depend on the right space. Your students need a safe, secure, climate-controlled place to swim year-round. Will you rent a location for classes only? Rent it as a full-time business space? Buy something? Build something? The decision you make could affect your business’s long-term survival.
  • Advertising and branding: To get new students, you need to let potential pupils know about your business. The right marketing strategy filtered to the right marketing channel can make or break your business. Professional, compelling branding helps solidify your message. Neither is cheap, but both are vital.
  • A supportive team: Your team should include excellent instructors, safety advisors, a receptionist or front desk manager, enrollment specialists, and contractors such as accountants and lawyers. These professionals demand fair pay. Cutting corners to get cheap service can ultimately backfire. Good management means determining which services are worth paying a premium rate for.
  • Opportunities for growth: Every business wants to grow. Growth means a chance to reach more students and earn more money. To grow your business, you’ll need to constantly remain abreast of opportunities to do so. That usually means being connected to your local community of swim aficionados and instructors.

Cutting Costs Without Cutting Corners

It seems simple enough: to make tidy profits you need to spend less than you make. But when you sit down and list all of your expenses, it might begin to seem impossible to get all you need while still making some money. 

That’s where The Studio Director comes in. We offer a range of administrative services so you can get back to the business of running your business. In so doing, we cut costs. Rather than cutting corners, we actually deliver a better product, since everything is automated. We can:

  • Help you manage enrollment.
  • Track the inventory you’re selling
  • Allow students to register for classes online
  • Keep track of expenses
  • Issue progress reports and report cards
  • Offer detailed reports that help you measure the success of your business

Armed with our portable software, you’ll quickly be able to discern what’s working -- and what’s not. No business degree, and no army of highly paid staff, necessary.

Save Money By Saving Time

How much do you charge per hour of class time? That’s how much your time is worth. So every time you spend time on a task, that’s the money you’re losing. Do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars each week doing something that someone else can do for you? And do you really want to pay an employee to do something that a program can do more cheaply and with fewer errors?

The Studio Director saves you time and money -- two of the most valuable commodities when you run your own swimming business. With more time and more financial resources, you’ll have more options, happier students, and more free time.

The Freedom to Grow

You probably want your business to grow. Maybe you’ve dreamed of more students, more classes, or a second location. When you spend all your time managing your daily obligations, it’s impossible to look ahead or see the big picture. The Studio Director frees your mind to think about what’s next. And because we save you time and money, you’ll have more to invest -- of yourself and of your money -- into the future of your business. So consider that second location. Hire that amazing instructor. The Studio Director ensures that the only limit to your success is your creativity.