Access Anywhere

Anytime. Anywhere. The Studio Director is at your fingertips.

Gone are the days when a business owner sat comfortably behind a desk, assuming those days ever existed at all. Whether you run a gym, a dance studio, or a gymnasium, your work likely has you running all around your studio, and perhaps all over town. From instructing students to attending promotional events, we understand that you’re busy. The last thing we want to do is offer you a program that’s useful, but leaves you chained to your desk.

The Studio Director frees your time by managing most administrative tasks, including billing, class enrollment, student communication, progress reports, inventory management, and so much more. We think you deserve time to concentrate on running and growing your business, not the frustrating administrative tasks that leave you wanting to pull out your hair.

But these benefits won’t do you much good if you can only access them from your office. Our on-the-go program is accessible anywhere, making it almost as flexible as you are. So forget about only managing your studio from your office. Get out there and enjoy the world.

Cloud-Based Software

Based in the cloud, our software is easily accessible anywhere, and from any computer. That doesn’t just mean easy access to all the information you need to effectively run your studio. It also means that you don’t have to worry about installing a cumbersome program on your computer.

If your hard drive or computer crashes, you’ll still have access to the data you need to make your studio a success. And forget about compatibility issues. Since we are cloud-based and run on multiple browsers, you won’t have to waste time assessing why our program just doesn’t seem to work on your laptop.

On-the-Go Mobile Access

Our software is accessible anywhere that you have internet. Our customer portal is streamlined and responsive for your students to easily access class and payment information. Easily access The Studio Director from any device to take class attendance, take student payments, and quickly and efficiently send alerts via texts or emails to your students.

Online Registration

You could force your students to register in person, via email, or by phone. And that would mean endlessly inputting data, constantly struggling to keep track of who is enrolled in which class, and inevitably losing track of a student — or payment — or two. That costs you time, money, and more than a little sanity. Your students may get annoyed, and you’ll have to either pay someone to do it, or do it yourself.

We think you deserve better. We not only remove the need for you to be involved in the registration process, we allow students to register online. This opens registration to students and parents who are too busy, too stressed, or too shy to call or come in. And with online registration, you never have to worry about classes being overcrowded or payments being delayed. We track payments for you, enrolling students when they pay. We close enrollment when a class is full, which means you never again have to apologize for an overcrowded classroom or refund someone’s money.

Mac and PC Compatible

Are you tired of reading about “revolutionary” new products that aren’t revolutionary enough to work with your Mac or PC? The frustration ends with The Studio Director. Our cloud-based program works on any internet enabled computer. Not a tech whiz? You don’t have to be. Our friendly customer service representatives are here to help you get set up. We offer unlimited troubleshooting calls, as well as web-based service designed to address your needs and concerns. So why not get started today?