Access Anywhere

Anytime. Anywhere. The Studio Director is at your fingertips.

Whether you run a gymnastics, fitness or dance studio, your work likely has you running all day long. From teaching students to marketing your business, you are flat out busy.

That’s why you need The Studio Director.

The Studio Director frees your time by managing administrative tasks, including billing, enrollment, inventory management, and so much more. This allows you to focus on running your business, not printing reports.

Even better, our mobile-ready program is accessible anywhere, meaning you aren’t chained to your facility.

Cloud-Based Software

The Studio Director’s software is accessible anywhere, from any computer. That doesn’t just mean easy access to all your information – it also means you don’t have to install more software on your system.

If your hard drive or computer crashes, you’ll still have access to the data you need to make your studio a success. And because we are cloud-based, we run on all browsers.

Mobile Access

Our software is accessible anywhere with internet. This gives you access to  class attendance, payment history, and more.

Online Registration

You could force your students to register in person, via email, or by phone – which costs you time, money, and sanity. The Studio Director’s customer portal is streamlined and responsive for your students to easily access class and payment information. They do the work themselves.

We not only remove the need for you to be involved in the registration process, we allow students to register online. This opens registration to students and parents who are too busy, stressed, or shy to call or come in.

We track payments for you, enrolling students when they pay. We close enrollment when a class is full, so you never have to apologize for an overcrowded classroom or lose money by giving refunds.

Mac and PC Compatible

Our cloud-based program works on any internet-enabled computer. We offer unlimited troubleshooting calls, as well as web-based service designed to address your needs and concerns.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for The Studio Director today!