Exceptional Support

At The Studio Director, we provide real support for running your business.

Running a business demands more than just expertise in your field. Indeed, the experience can be profoundly isolating. Your staff probably isn’t as invested in your business’s success as you are. Your family might not understand why you’re gone all the time. And your students may endlessly complain about course offerings and costs. It’s no wonder that so many small business owners feel overwhelmed, isolated, and demoralized.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The Studio Director acts as your part-time co-manager, accountant, business consultant, and planner. We can’t remove the hassles of running a business, but we can certainly reduce them. We know how hard it is to get a business off the ground. We understand that a single logistical snafu can wreck your day and cost you hundreds of dollars. You’re doing valuable work that nurtures minds and bodies. You contribute to your community. We think that counts for something. That’s why we offer exceptional support whenever and wherever you need it.

Help and Support

We’ve all been there: you need support now. So you call customer service, wait on hold for 45 minutes, and then are routed to a call center where you speak to a rude person who can be difficult to communicate with. Of course your needs aren’t met, but you do lose time — and with it, money. It’s enough to make anyone lose their minds.

At The Studio Director, we understand this. We treat each and every customer like we’d want to be treated. We know that your time is valuable, so we aim to get you the answers you’re seeking quickly. Our extensive online guides can often answer your questions.

But when you need real-time support, we want to be there for you. We offer web-based support, as well as unlimited support calls each month. Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives will work with you to resolve the problem for as long as it takes. We believe in our product, and we want to see it work for you.


Have a question about how The Studio Director works? Wondering where to turn for support? Our extensive Frequently Asked Questions section is a quick start introduction to our product, as well as a guide to common questions. When you need help, it’s a great starting point. We answer common queries, such as:

We’re constantly updating our FAQ library based on customer input, so if you don’t want to talk to customer service, stop by and see if we have the information that you seek.


We understand that you want to know what it is you’re using and how our program works. We offer extensive educational documentation so you can gain access to the information you seek. Our customers are like family. We want our extended family of users to understand how to use our program and to successfully optimize their businesses through the use of our program.


We pride ourselves on our expert customer service. We also know that not everyone wants to rely on someone else. We believe in offering both options: service that gets it done for you, and information that allows you to troubleshoot problems on your own. We offer extensive resources additional to our FAQ section to help you learn about The Studio Director. And more than just educating you about our offerings, we also want to give you the skills you need to run a successful, thriving studio. After all, our success depends upon the success of our customers.


Knowledge is power, especially when you’re running a business. We believe in the power of knowledge to turn dreams into realities. So we offer extensive guides to our products — and to running a business. We understand that your skills might not lie in accounting, business management, or finance. Dedicating your life to your craft is what will make your studio successful. That’s why we provide our clients with a bevy of tools to help them succeed. Our knowledge-base includes an extensive FAQ, a constantly updated blog, and a variety of eBooks. Whether you’re new to running a studio or an old pro looking for some new tips, we’re here to help your business thrive.

“After using this program to run your business you won’t be able to live without it! This makes everything so simple and easy! And the tech support is amazing! You can always call with anything and everyone’s so happy and willing to help!”
Tiffany Schmalz
Ironwood Dance Company