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At The Studio Director, we provide the tools you need to get over the obstacles in your way.

Anyone can dream of running a business. And most people can draw up a business plan, take out a loan, and hang up a sign. Maybe that’s why so many new businesses fail. There’s a significant discrepancy between the number of people who would like to start a business, and the number who have the skill, experience, and luck necessary to keep their business thriving. Ninety-six percent of new businesses fail within 10 years, and we’re willing to bet you don’t want yours to be one of them.

It takes more than a desire to succeed to get your business off the ground. And athletic acumen isn’t sufficient to get your gym or studio to thrive. You need real business savvy, and that’s something that’s hard to come by — even if you spent years in business school.

Enter The Studio Director — your silent partner. We manage the administrative hassle for you. You’re irreplaceable as a director, teacher, and face of your business. We free you to get back to those roles, so you can enjoy the business you’ve built.


A Laundry List of Unexpected Hassle

Being an amazing teacher, a leader in your field, and a creative force might be keys to your credibility. But they probably won’t enable you to succeed as a business owner. The sad reality is that business ownership is filled with unexpected hassles. Those include:

  • Managing billing, including remembering who should be billed, and for how much.
  • Addressing customer complaints.
  • Responding to inquiries.
  • Signing students up for classes, and managing enrollment so you never have to issue a refund or deal with an overcrowded class.
  • Keeping track of your inventory so you can make intelligent purchasing decisions.
  • Managing legal and liability issues, such as purchasing insurance, ensuring your business is properly zoned, and drawing up liability waivers.
  • Collecting money on delinquent accounts — including turning those accounts over to collections if necessary.
  • Providing students with clear guidance about their performance, including regular progress reports.

The Studio Director is your ally in the struggle to run your business. We streamline billing and communications, allow students to enroll online, and issue routine progress reports, freeing you of administrative hassles. We offer you more time and flexibility, and save you the annoyance of wasting money on services we could do for a fraction of the price.


Access Anywhere​

Owning a studio means a lot more than being behind your desk. You need to be out in your community, marketing your business and meeting potential customers. You’ve got meetings to attend, phone calls to make, and potential students to capture. So what use is a program that only runs on your desktop? Our cloud-based program is accessible anywhere via our app. Take the information you’ve gathered together with you. And rest assured that a computer disaster no longer has to mean losing your students’ information. It’s safely protected in the cloud, accessible wherever you are and wherever you go.

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Save Time and Money

How much would it cost you to hire an accountant, a communications director, an enrollment specialist, and a billing director? More than you can afford? More than you’ll ever make? You’re not alone. And you don’t have to do it alone. When you spend time on administrative tasks, that's time you can’t get back. Time is money, and you are your business’s most valuable asset. We free your time so you can teach, reach out to your community, and get to know your students. For just a few dollars each month, you can harness the power of a support staff -- without the extra cost.

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Exceptional Support

What use is our program if you can’t use it? We believe that even the most diverse and comprehensive software should be easy to use. That’s exactly what we’ve designed. That doesn’t mean you won’t need a little help. We offer exceptional customer service, including unlimited calls to our friendly support staff. You can also access web-based support whenever you need it. Multi task by chatting in a meeting or while waiting at the doctor’s office. We’ll work with you until your problems are resolved, because at The Studio Director we believe our customers’ problems are our problems.

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Streamlined Billing

You may love physical fitness, but you’re ultimately in this industry to make money. You can’t do that without a streamlined billing process. Billing takes time, particularly when you want professional-looking invoices that are quickly and efficiently delivered to students. Forget about wasting time doing it yourself or hiring someone else. We take care of billing for you. And because billing is inextricably linked to enrollment, we handle both. Never worry again about how much money you have, whether the bills went out in time, or whether every student has paid for their class. We track it all for you, allowing you to make class adjustments and financial changes based on the information we compile

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