At The Studio Director, we provide the tools you need to get over the obstacles in your way.

The Studio Director specializes in fitness businesses such as dance studios, gymnastics studios, and cheerleading. But that’s just the beginning. Our versatile program can take businesses of every variety from sinking to successful.


More Than Meets the Eye

Our software was structured with our core customers in mind, offering unique features for:

  • Dance: Intuitive studio management that can grow businesses ranging from tiny to enormous.
  • Gymnastics: A customized approach to growing your gymnastics studio and expanding your reach.
  • Cheerleading: Comprehensive programs designed to optimize your teaching and support your cheer business.
  • Martial Arts: Success is about more than fighting skills. We help you refocus your efforts on teaching, rather than worrying about profits and growth.

What about other businesses? Our software offers more than meets the eye. From office settings to a range of instructional businesses — piano, guitar, tutoring, and so much more, we take your business to the next level. Our goal is to give you more time and money to take your business to soaring heights.

How We Help Your Business

Our program works for any business that wants to manage inventory and expenses while growing. And that’s pretty much any business. We’re particularly useful for businesses that offer instruction or academic training. Consider what we can offer your business:

  • Comprehensive inventory management, so you can track whatever you’re selling. This allows you to make intelligent purchasing decisions, ensuring you don’t overspend and never run out of stock.
  • Seamless course management that ensures students can easily enroll online and tender payments. We close a class when it’s full, saving you the hassle of offering refunds or explaining to students that the class they’ve chosen is no longer an option.
  • Customized reports designed to meet your business needs and goals.
  • Clear progress reports and report cards for instructional businesses. After all, students are there to learn. They will learn best with clear, specific, regular feedback.

No matter what type of business you operate, you’ve probably already learned that the expertise that caused you to open your business is just one component of success. You also must master the basics of business law, accounting, local zoning, local politics, social work, and so much more. No one can fill all the roles that the typical business demands. That’s where The Studio Director comes in. We free your time and mind to do whatever it is you do best – whether it’s tutoring struggling students or teaching ballroom dancing.

Customizable, Portable Software

We won’t judge your computer choices. That’s why we offer software that runs on Windows and iOS. Even better, our cloud-based program ensures your data is accessible from anywhere. We understand that you’re dependent on the service we offer. That’s why your data is stored in the cloud. Don’t waste space on your hard drive — or worse, panic about a massive data loss due to a hard drive crash. 

Armed with The Studio Director, you’ll have instant access to the information you need, wherever you are. This can help you:

  • Make wise purchasing decisions when time is of the essence.
  • Always know where your business stands financially.
  • Have data at your fingertips for meetings with lenders, investors, students, and employees.
  • Travel without worrying about accessing key data.
  • Give your staff the information they need to competently run your business.
  • Finally get the rest you need to be a competent, confident, happy business owner.

Save Time, Maximize Profits

You’ve probably heard the expression “time is money” more times than you can count. Time truly is money when you run your own business. Consider how much you bill your time. $25 an hour? $100? More? However you value your time, you are losing that billable hour when you focus on administrative duties. The Studio Director frees you of the administrative hassle, allowing you to spend more time billing and more time managing your business.

What about paying someone else to perform administrative duties? After all, it’s pretty unrealistic to expect you to become an expert in everything yourself. No one can simultaneously be an accountant, a manager, a retail expert, and an enrollment specialist. But hiring all of these experts is cost-prohibitive. Not only will you have to spend a small fortune on salaries. You’ll also need to manage taxes and benefits and act as a supervisor. That means more wasted time and money.

With The Studio Director on your side, you’ll no longer have to deal with these time-wasting hassles. Forget about managing surly employees, trying to keep track of endless spreadsheets, and always wondering if you’re doing ti right. We free your time and save you money. That means you’ll have more of both to invest in growing your business.

"After using this program to run your business you won't be able to live without it! This makes everything so simple and easy! & the tech support is amazing! You can always call with anything & everyone's so happy and willing to help!"
Tiffany Schmalz
Ironwood Dance Company