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The Studio Director’s Martial Arts Management Software 

Transforming a dream into reality is a thrilling experience, yet operating a business can be more challenging than anticipated.

With our martial arts studio software, The Studio Director, you can streamline business operations, automate billing, and enhance client management.

Our system offers robust features such as customer relationship management, attendance tracking, and membership management to support your business growth.

Now, you can focus on mastering the art of martial arts while we handle the complexities of running your business.

Martial Arts School Software Features from The Studio Director

The Studio Director’s martial arts software relieves the tension and guesswork of doing everything yourself, by hand:

Online Registration 

Allow new and existing members to register for classes, competitions, and events online. Never forget martial arts classes again with this convenient way to register and keep track of the next event or practice.  

Integrated Payments 

Make payment acceptance easy, and eliminate billing and collection hassles with this all-in-one payment processing feature, designed specifically for your business.  

Manage payments and help customers with billing features that are securely stored, according to PCI requirements 

Class Member Management 

Create and organize schedules. Manage waitlists, skill charts, private lessons, and more through email. Student progress tracking and attendance management is made easier for your potential clients.  


Text or email individuals and groups. Set drip campaigns for automated, ongoing emails. Instructors will be able to easily run their martial arts classes, nurture leads, and manage members.  

Our cloud-based software is flexible and scalable. Since The Studio Director is an integrated, cloud-based system, you can access your data anytime and anywhere, making it easier than ever to run your business remotely when necessary or make changes in a pinch. 


Partnerships and Integrations

Martial arts schools that use The Studio Director will receive added value with our established partnerships and integrations. We believe this makes for the best martial arts software experience.

Payment Processing 

Integrate payment processing for one-time and recurring payments. Manage payments, membership fees, monthly fees, and much more. Your customers will love the convenience of this easy way to collect payments.  


Track student progress with customizable, skill-tracking software. Martial artists and school owners will be more empowered to accomplish the goals of students’ achievement. Progress tracking is an important part of not only brand building, but retention efforts.  


Allow students to register for classes right within Google search page. This integration will help students, new members, and anyone else who wants the convenience of online booking. Martial arts school owners will love this user-friendly experience.  


Connect additional apps to The Studio Director to automate more of your processes.  

We can’t do everything for you, but we can take care of the daily grind. Let us take care of the boring work so you can get back to the business of helping your students excel. 

"After using this program to run your business you won't be able to live without it. This makes everything so simple and easy. And the tech support is amazing. You can always call with anything and everyone's so happy and willing to help!"
Tiffany Schmalz
Ironwood Dance Company

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Benefits of Martial Arts Management Software from The Studio Director 

Martial arts business owners will love the time and money-saving benefits with martial arts software from The Studio Director. These benefits include:


Save time by eliminating tedious tasks like data entry and class enrollment by automating them with automatic registration and billing functions. Martial arts studios will have more control while eliminating some front desk tasks.  


Streamline your operations with intuitive tools to easily manage student records, attendance, payments, and more. 


Generate reports quickly to track progress and make informed decisions about marketing, purchasing, or any other decision-making process you may have. Personal training and martial arts classes will be more effective by being able to track students’ progress. 


Easily switch between disciplines or add new classes without impacting existing data or records. 


Keep your data safe and secure with encryption, authentication, access controls, and other security measures provided by The Studio Director’s software solution. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Martial Arts Software from The Studio Director

What features does The Studio Director martial arts software provide? 

The Studio Director martial arts software provides a range of features including an intuitive interface, class tracking, student management, accounting integration, and more. 

How can I quickly get up to speed with the software? 

The Studio Director offers various educational resources and materials to help you get up to speed with the software quickly. You can also access online tutorials and videos for further assistance. 

What type of support does The Studio Director offer? 

Our customer support is available regular business hours Mon-Fri. The Studio Director Help Center is available 24/7.  

In addition, their technical team is available via instant message any time during business hours in order to answer your queries and resolve any issues you are facing. 

Is there a free trial version of the software available? 

Yes. The Studio Director offers a free 30-day trial so that customers can test its features before deciding whether it’s the right fit for them and their business needs. 

Is it easy to switch between different martial arts disciplines within the software? 

Yes, it is easy to switch between different martial arts disciplines within the software as it has been designed from the ground up with versatility in mind.  

Users can easily add new classes and programs based on their own preferences or requirements without having any impact on existing data or records. 

What to Look for When Buying the Top Martial Arts Software 

Does the martial arts business software provide all the features you need? Make sure that the software offers all the features you need to run your martial arts gym efficiently. 

1) Scalability 

Can you easily upgrade or scale up as your business grows?  

Many martial arts software solutions are designed with scalability in mind and offer an easy way to add new features or users as needed. 

2) Security 

Is your data safe and secure? Look for a martial arts software solution that provides strong security measures such as encryption, authentication, access controls, and PCI compliance 

The success of martial arts software depends heavily on security, so make sure the software provider or software providers can supply that.  

3) Cost 

Is the price reasonable for what you get? Consider whether the cost is justified by the features offered and how often updates are available.  

The martial arts software cost should be factored in when making a decision.  

4) Support 

Does the provider offer reliable customer support?  

Look for a provider who offers 24/7 customer support through email, phone, chat or other channels so that any issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently. 

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