Martial Arts Management Software

Manage classes, competitions, billing and more with The Studio Director.

There’s nothing quite as sweet as turning a dream to reality. But you probably realized quickly that running a business is more demanding than you expected.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Studio Director provides support at every step, freeing you to get back to what you do best and forget about the exhaustion and stress of running a business.

Landing the Perfect Hit

The Studio Director relieves the tension and guesswork of doing everything yourself, by hand:

Online Registration: Allow new and existing members to register for classes, competitions and events online. 

Integrated Payments: Make payment acceptance easy, eliminate billing and collection hassles with this all-in-one payment processing feature, designed specifically for your business.

Class Management: Create and organize schedules. Manage waitlistsskill charts, private lessons, and more through email. 

Communications: Text or email individuals and groups. Set drip campaigns for automated, ongoing emails. 

Our cloud-based software is flexible and scalable. Since The Studio Director is an integrated system, you can access your data anytime and anywhere, making it easier than ever to run your business remotely when necessary or make changes in a pinch.

Partnerships and Integrations

The Studio Director customers receive added value with our established partnerships and integrations:

PaySimple: Integrate payment processing for one-time and recurring payments.

MySkillChart: Track student progress with a customizable, skill-tracking software. 

Google: Allows students to register for classes right within Google search page.

Zapier: Connect additional apps to The Studio Director to automate more of your processes. 

We can’t do everything for you, but we can take care of the daily grind. Let us take care of the boring work so you can get back to the business of helping your students excel.

"After using this program to run your business you won't be able to live without it! This makes everything so simple and easy! And the tech support is amazing! You can always call with anything and everyone's so happy and willing to help!"
Tiffany Schmalz
Ironwood Dance Company