Martial Arts Billing Software from The Studio Director

Automate your billing, customize your pricing plans, and consistently generate accurate invoices

The Studio Director’s martial arts billing software is a comprehensive solution for martial arts studios looking to streamline their billing and payment processes. With features such as automated billing, customizable pricing plans, and class scheduling management, this martial arts business management software allows studio owners to focus on providing high-quality instruction while leaving administrative tasks in capable hands. 

Recurring Billing

One click of a button and you can process payments, send failed payment notifications, send receipts, and post payments.

Payment Processing

Fully automated with credit card and ACH (bank transfer).

Track Charges

Track the charges generated from classes, tuition, gear, and more.

I directly attribute The Studio Director to increasing our bottom line profit by 17%. We lowered our labor costs to do remedial tasks that can be handled by The Studio Director more accurately and faster than anyone that you could ever hire.

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Software's Key Features

The Studio Director offers clients full control and a range of features to help martial arts studios streamline their financial operations. It’s the perfect all-inclusive gym management platform.  

Automated billing and payment processing

The software allows studio owners to automate the process, reducing the amount of time spent on administrative tasks. With automated billing, payments are processed automatically, reducing the risk of errors and missed payments. 

Customizable pricing plans and fees 

The Studio Director provides flexibility for studio owners to customize pricing plans and fees based on their unique business models. This feature enables studios to create custom pricing structures that fit the needs of their students. 

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Class scheduling and registration management 

The software simplifies class scheduling and registration management by providing an easy-to-use interface for instructors to create and manage classes, as well as allowing students to register online. 

Robust reporting capabilities 

The Studio Director’s software provides detailed financial reports that allow studio and business owners to track revenue, track attendance, monitor expenses, and gain insights into their business performance. Reports can be customized based on specific criteria such as date ranges or student demographics. 

Credit card processing 

The software supports credit card payments and provides secure encryption to protect customer data. Credit card processing also enables studio owners to accept payments from many places, making the payment process more streamlined for both studios and students. 

Secure customer database management 

The Studio Director provides a secure customer database that allows studio owners to store information about their students, including contact information and payment history. This payment solution ensures data privacy and security, making it easier for studio owners to manage their customers’ profiles. 

Martial Arts Software for Invoicing and Billing Benefits

Martial arts software for invoicing provides numerous benefits to martial arts studios. Here are some of the key benefits: 

Increased Revenue Through Efficient Billing and Payment Processing 

Martial arts software automates the process, eliminating manual invoicing and payment collection. This ensures timely payments, which in turn increases cash flow and revenue for the studio. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction with Easy Online Registration and Payments  

With martial arts software, students can easily register for classes, book appointments online, and make payments securely through integrated payment gateways. This convenience enhances customer satisfaction, leading to improved retention rates and positive word-of-mouth referrals. 

Time-Saving Automation of Administrative Tasks 

Invoicing, payment processing, class scheduling, and registration management are all time-consuming administrative tasks that can be automated with martial arts business management software.  

This frees up time for instructors to focus on teaching classes or other important tasks necessary for running a successful martial arts studio.  

Enhanced Financial Reporting for Better Business Decision-Making  

Martial arts software offers detailed financial reports that provide insights into business performance. These reports help martial artists studio owners make informed decisions about pricing strategies, marketing efforts, class schedules, and more. 

Using business management software for invoicing is a smart investment for any martial arts school or studio looking to streamline their operations, while improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenue. 

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More Features from The Studio Director's Martial Arts Billing Software

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Frequently Asked Questions About Martial Arts Management Software for Billing and Invoicing 

How can Martial Arts Software benefit my studio?  

Using billing software for your martial arts studio can increase revenue through efficient billing and payment processing, improve customer satisfaction with easy online registration and payments, recurring billing system, and member management, save time by automating administrative tasks, and provide enhanced financial reporting for smarter business decision-making. 

Is it difficult to set up billing software?  

No, it is not difficult to set up. We offer tutorials or support to guide you through the process of setting up pricing plans, adding classes, managing registrations, processing payments, and generating reports. 

Can I customize pricing plans and fees?  

Yes, you can customize pricing plans and fees with most software providers. This allows you to create different membership levels with corresponding prices based on the needs of your students.  

Having a membership management platform for your martial arts school or martial arts club will enhance your customer relationship management.  

Is my data secure with this software for martial arts billing?  

Yes, we use encryption technology to ensure that all data transmitted between your client portal your studio’s website and the provider’s servers are secure from unauthorized access. 

Can I integrate other systems with martial arts billing software? 

Yes, most billing software providers allow integration with other systems such mobile apps such as accounting or marketing tools through APIs (Application Programming Interface). 

How much does martial arts billing software cost?  

The cost of the software varies depending on the software provider and the features included in the package. Some providers charge a monthly subscription fee while others charge a percentage of each transaction processed through their system. 

By using billing software for your martial arts studio, you can streamline operations while improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenue.  

If you have any further questions about implementing this type of software in your studio, don’t hesitate to reach out to a provider or contact customer support for assistance. 

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Implementing Martial Arts Software  

The processes for your martial arts classes in your studio is simple and can be broken down into three main steps. 

Setting up pricing plans and fees 

The first step is to set up pricing plans and fees for your classes. This involves creating different membership levels, setting prices, and defining payment schedules. The software allows you to customize pricing plans based on the needs of your students. 

Adding classes and managing registrations for a martial arts school 

Once pricing plans have been set up, the next step is to add classes to the system and manage student registrations.  

You can create class schedules, assign instructors, and set capacity limits for each class. Students can then register online using a secure registration form. 

Processing payments and generating reports 

The final step is to process payments and generate reports. Payments are automatically processed according to the defined payment schedule. The software also generates detailed financial reports that provide insights into business performance. 


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The Studio Director is a top provider of this software and offers flexible pricing plans with various features to meet the needs of different studios’ management needs. With its many benefits and features, implementing this software in your martial arts studio could help take your business to the next level.  



The Studio Director is a popular, cloud-based software for martial arts schools provider that offers flexible pricing plans to suit the needs of different studios. We offer different pricing structures based on your needs.  

Regardless of the size of your martial arts class, you can find a custom business portal to help manage your invoicing and manage your daily admin tasks.  

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