Dance Studio Management Software

Manage classes, registration, billing and more with one easy platform.

The Studio Director’s Software for Dance Studios 

Dance studio owners need dance studio management software that helps run their dance classes and dance school.

This is one of the top dance studio software solutions out there. 

Dance instructors love the advanced features of The Studio Director’s cloud-based solution for dance studios and customer relationship management. 

Key Features for Dance Studio Management Software from The Studio Director

You’ll be dazzled how the dance studio software makes your studio operations run smoothly, saving you time and money. 

From online booking to class scheduling management, you’ll find something that will help for any dance school.

Online Registration

This membership management platform allows new and existing members to register for classes, competitions, and events online. 

Integrated Payments

Make payment collection easy, and eliminate billing and collection hassles with this all-in-one payment processing feature, designed specifically for your business. 

Dance Class Management

This online appointment scheduling software can create and organize dance  schedules and other class management tasks. Manage waitlists, skill charts, private lessons, online bookings, class scheduling, attendance, and more through email. 


Text or email individuals and groups. Set drip campaigns for automated, ongoing emails. Lead management and other business operations are made easier with this dance studio software.

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Top Software For Dance Studio Owners

See how The Studio Director will improve how you manage your dance studio!

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Partnerships and Integrations

The Studio Director customers receive added value with our established partnerships and integrations:

Payment Processing

Integrate payment processing for one-time and recurring payments. Manage payments, membership fees, monthly fees, and much more. Your customers will love the convenience of this easy way to collect payments.


Track student progress with a customizable, skill-tracking software.


Allows students to register for classes right within Google search page.


Connect additional apps to The Studio Director to automate more of your processes.

The robust functionality helps class management for your dance studio. 

You’ll also be able to identify trends, send push notifications, text messages, generate detailed reports, identify payment preferences, books classes, and stay connected to your classes in one platform with easy access. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about The Studio’s Directors Dance Studio Software Solution

Does this studio management software have a support team to answer questions? 

Yes! The Studio Director offers technical support via phone, chat and email so you get the help you need, when you need it. 


Can The Studio Director software generate reports? 

Yes! The Studio Director’s dance studio software can generate detailed reports on classes and students’ progress, giving you an overview of how your studio is performing. Reports can be customized with the data that matters most to you, like class attendance or overall class participation. 

How can the software help me with new members? 

The Studio Director’s dance studio management software can help you manage new members with its easy-to-use registration process.  You can easily track student information, set up recurring payments, and keep your records organized. The software offers a variety of tools that make it easy to market your studio and attract new members.

Can it help me run dance recitals? 

The Studio Director’s dance studio software can help you run dance recitals with its easy-to-use performance management tools. You can easily track student information, set up rehearsal schedules, schedule class times, and coordinate logistics.

Can personal trainers use this software? 

Yes, personal trainers can use The Studio Director’s dance studio software to manage their clients and track progress. The software offers a variety of tools that make it easy to record health and fitness information, schedule appointments, and monitor nutrition plans for clients. 

Additionally, you can also use the software to create custom workout programs for your clients. 

Other industries that can use this business management software include: 

  • Boutique fitness 
  • Martial arts schools 
  • Gymnastics
  • Cheerleading 

“If you need to book classes, enroll students, and keep the personal touch with the next generation of physically active members, you will love The Studio Director’s dance studio management software.”
– Ironwood Dance Company

How can The Studio Director help with administrative tasks?

The Studio Director is an easy-to-use software that efficiently manages administrative tasks for dance and performing arts schools. It streamlines various processes, allowing school owners to focus more on teaching and fostering business growth. The platform provides a suite of tools that enhance customer satisfaction, from online payments to premium support.

  • Costume management – Simplifies the organization of costumes for performances.
  • Online payments – Facilitates smooth transactions by accepting tuition and other fees online.
  • Student details – Maintains detailed student profiles for easy access and efficient tracking of attendance.
  • Admin tasks – Automates various administrative tasks, freeing up time for school owners.
  • Customer satisfaction – Enhances the client experience with features like online registrations for new clients.
  • Financial reports – Generates comprehensive financial reports, providing valuable insights into the school’s financial health.
  • Premium support – Offers top-tier support for smooth operations and quick resolution of any issues.

You will love how much time and effort you can save when you streamline your dance business with dance software that can handle administrative operations like managing members and customers, reporting features, sales figures, recurring billing, and more. 

Does The Studio Director Have a Free Trial?

Yes, The Studio Director does offer a free trial. You can request your 30-day free trial here.

Prospective users can request a 30-day free trial customized for their business needs by visiting the company’s website. This trial period allows businesses to explore all the features and benefits that The Studio Director offers, from marketing tools to revenue tracking systems.

The free trial provides an opportunity for staff members to learn how to use the product on any device, and understand its details and functionalities. The software is designed to build efficient communication systems between the admin and teaching teams, allowing them to focus more on their core tasks rather than administrative work.

Reviews of The Studio Director highlight its reliability in managing various events and tasks, thus helping businesses grow by improving their operations and increasing their customer numbers. The system also offers comprehensive reporting options, which can be a significant asset in strategic planning and decision-making.
If you’re looking to get started with reliable studio management software that could potentially enhance your business’s revenue, The Studio Director’s free trial might be an excellent place to begin.

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After using this program to run your business you won't be able to live without it. This makes everything so simple and easy. And the tech support is amazing. You can always call with anything and everyone's so happy and willing to help!
Tiffany Schmalz
Ironwood Dance Company