Costume and Recital Management

At The Studio Director, we provide the tools you need to get over the obstacles in your way.

The Studio Director lets you easily plan, track, order, and manage costumes and accessories. Save time sizing costumes and order quickly and accurately from your vendors. Also, you can plan and manage events and recitals more effectively.

Track Costumes
  • Easily add costume and accessory details to each class.
  • Add as many costumes and accessories as you need – there is no limit.
  • We’ve already added all the size charts from the top costume vendors for you!
Measure Students, Size & Order Costumes
  • Print worksheets for your instructors, staff, or families to write in student measurements, or enter measurements for all students in a class on one screen.
  • Press one button to size all costumes automatically based on the student’s measurements and the costume size chart (you can always override or change individual costume sizes).
  • Non-performing students are automatically sized as “Do Not Order.”
  • Set individual student costumes as “Do Not Order” if you don’t want to order that specific costume for a student.
  • Reports to quickly show you student costumes that still need to be sized.
  • Printable Purchase Orders to mail or fax to each costume vendor. Includes all the costume items, quantities, sizes, colors, prices and totals.
  • Ready-to-print labels with the student names, class names, and all costume and size info to put on costume bags to help organize distribution when they arrive.
Post Costume Fees
  • Easily post costume deposits for everyone that’s getting a costume.
  • Easily post costume balances (list price less the deposit) as well.
Manage Events / Recitals
  • Create and manage dates, times and locations of Events, Recitals and even Competitions.
  • Easily add performance details to each class participating in the event.
  • Use the automatic ordering feature so that there are no back-to-back performances. Or, order them yourself and have the system check for conflicts for you.
  • Reports will help you find students that are performing too close together (no time to change) and find families that have multiple students performing (to help get all the kids in a family into the same recitals).
  • Easily post event and/or individual performance fees globally.
  • Quickly generate event programs / playbills.
After using this program to run your business you won't be able to live without it! This makes everything so simple and easy! & the tech support is amazing! You can always call with anything & everyone's so happy and willing to help!
Tiffany Schmalz
Ironwood Dance Company