CCprocCustomer.pngGive your customers the ability to pay their bill on-line themselves - anytime. Customers can't "forget" to pay. Collect balances due automatically each month with the recurring - autopay features. The monthly amounts are adjusted for each customer automatically as they add classes and as other charges are applied to their accounts (for example - registration fees, costume fees).

CCprocStaff.pngSave hours each month. Process all receivables in minutes; stop chasing customers to pay their bill. Improve your cash flow and have a better idea when revenue is coming in. Reduce your outstanding receivables balance.

CCprocEmail.pngSave money by not mailing paper invoices / statements. Your customers will get an email receipt each time a payment is processed. If their card fails for any reason, they will get an email notification automatically. Recoup your merchant processing fees by having the system add optional surcharges to every credit card transaction.

CCprocBank.pngCredit card numbers are stored securely by a company (Vantiv Integrated Payments or Payment Express) with a Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) certified process. Helps eliminate your risk associated with storage of this sensitive data.


  • $30.00 per month
  • Plus the internet merchant account / payment gateway fees using one of the options below:

Security Considerations

With emerging compliance standards from different card brands, it is critical that credit card numbers are stored securely by using merchant gateways that have implemented the newest data security compliance standards of the major card associations – including CISP, PCI, and PA-DSS. The Studio Director has partnered with some of the largest, most respected merchant gateway companies that specialize in storing and keeping your customer’s credit card information secure (Vantiv Integrated Payments and Payment Express).

When evaluating software options, consider your risk of using software programs that store credit card numbers on your PC or on an Internet server that doesn’t comply with these standards. Reducing the risk of fines from the card associations or losing the ability to process cards is well worth it.

Preferred Processing Option


Vantiv’s gateway service leaves your processing relationship intact while enabling you to benefit from their PCI compliant payment technology and fully integrated payment solution through The Studio Director software. In fact, Vantiv can work with any processor on the market today and without any required software to install or manage.

Likewise, Vantiv is also a full service processor and can offer you a Meet-or-Beat rate analysis to replace your existing merchant account provider.

  • Meet-or-Beat Processing Rate
  • No Monthly Minimum Fees
  • Reduce your PCI Compliance scope
  • Secure Credit Card Storage for FREE!
  • Processing services for both U.S. and Canadian based merchants
  • Affordable eCheck Processing for U.S. merchants
  • Virtual Terminal and Full Scale Reporting

To set up an account with Vantiv or to get more information about their rates/fees, fill out this contact form.

For Our Customers Outside North America


Everything you need to process credit cards on-line and schedule recurring billings for your customers. ACH/Electronic checks are not available.

Contact us to have Payment Express contact you to discuss their competitive rates and fees.