Newly Released Product Features!

Virtual Classrooms

Easily schedule and share virtual classes with the video streaming platform of your choice.  

Website Widgets

Widgets allow you to embed Studio Director content directly into your website, emails, or text messages through interactive forms.

Mobile App Enhancements

Our mobile app can now be used to Enter student Skills, Enter Class Attendance Notes, and View more Student Details.

Bundled Charges

This option provides a quick and easy way to add multiple charges to multiple students at once.


Keep parents and students in the know effectively and efficiently.
Marketing Automation

Automatically drip emails to new customers, new seasons, and birthday greetings.

Targeted Email and SMS

Create segment messages to specific groups (classes, class types, seasons, student and family tags + more).

Track Communication History

Have access to email send and open analytics.

Email Delivery Optimization

Manage bounces and automatically opt-out bad email addresses, or those that report spam.

Email Templates

Design reusable email templates to quickly draft and send emails.

Document Distribution

Easily distribute documents to classes and students through the system.


Create promotions and auto-apply discounts to online registrations and future payments.

Custom Mobile App

Promote your studio and engage with customers at any time with a custom mobile app for your studio by Mobile Inventor. Learn More

Student Enrollment

Online enrollment makes class registration a breeze.
Class Schedules

Create and organize class schedules. Manage class size and setup waitlists.

Online Registration

Allow students to register for classes online.

Attendance Tracking

Attendance tracking and reports to show students that are missing classes. Allow students to check-in themselves. Mobile attendance tracking for instructors.

Virtual Classrooms

Easily schedule and share virtual classes with the video streaming platform of your choice.  

Manual Enrollment

Manually enroll students to classes.

Manage Enrollment Changes

Easily handle Trials/Drop-ins, Switches, Cancelled classes, Makeups, + more.

Class Confirmation

Distribute class confirmation letters to families via email or print.

Waitlist Management

Automatic notification when a spot opens up in a class.

Student Waivers

Have students accept waivers online. Waivers can be customized with multiple sections. Able to view their acceptances online for legal purposes, or in case of disputed payments.

Auto Tuition

Collect payments quickly and completely.
Payment Processing

Fully automated payment processing with Credit card and ACH (bank transfer) processing supported. *Get more details about Credit Card Processing

Recurring Billing

Automatic, recurring payments done with the click of a button to process payments, send receipts, send failed payment notifications and post payments to each account.

Flexible Billing Options

Allows for overlapping and different length billing sessions. This means you can enroll in Fall and Summer at the same time and charge for Fall monthly, but Summer in one piece.

Advanced Billing

Calculate and post tuition, discounts, registration fees, prorating, holiday / canceled class considerations, additional charges, + more.

Track Charges

Keep track of charges generated from tuition, classes, costumes, etc.

Added Charge Capabilities

Quickly add other charges to classes and groups of students/families. The system automatically adds these charges each billing period.

Invoices and Statements

Send letters and emails automatically for invoices and statements.

Overdue and Aging lists

Segmented lists for overdue accounts to make collections easier and more effective.

Business Administration

Spend more time in the classroom and less time behind the computer.
Document Storage

Securely keep all class documents for you and students.

Cloud Based

Web based administrative site accessible from any internet enabled device.

Nightly Backups and Data Storage

We manage and upgrade the hardware and software infrastructure so you don't have to.

Mobile Application

Easily access from any device to take class attendance, take student payments, and quickly and efficiently send alerts via texts or emails to your students.

Organize Core Business Information

Maintain up to date information about Families, Students, Classes and Instructors.

Class Calendars

Multiple class calendar layouts for you to choose from.

Data Importing

We will import family/student data from any source and customize/configure your account.

Customer Portal

Allows parents and students to manage their account, sign up for classes, and make payments all online.

Instructor Timesheets

Automatically tracks what classes/students each instructor has taught including substitute teachers, cancelled classes, student attendance and makeup classes.

Skill Charts

Skill charts are used to track student skills and goals and later provide that feedback to them via a report card or evaluation.

Student Report Cards

Track individual student achievements/scores and notes.

Graphical Dashboards

Create business reporting dashboards with customized visual data.

Custom Portal

Branded and customized for your business’ brand and policies.

Weekly Insight Emails

Receive weekly business insights straight to your inbox.

Events & Recitals

Manage both effortlessly.
Event Timeline

Ordering of events to prevent conflicts and to give students enough time to change.  The amount of time needed is defined by the studio and the system can order/reorder performances automatically.

Costume Management

Easily assign costumes to classes, measure students, automatically size costumes, order, label/distribute and charge for costumes.


Streamline your business processes further with key integrations.
QuickBooks Integration

Integrate billing directly into QuickBooks.

Google Integration

Allow students to register online and book a trial or drop-in class right through their Google Search page. The ease of use helps attract new students and keep targeted classes and workshops full!

Mobile Inventor

Get your own custom branded app for your studio powered by Mobile Inventor. Downloadable through the App Store and Google Play, your customers can manage their accounts, view class schedules, make payments, and more. Learn more about Mobile Inventor