The harsh reality of operating a business is that many of your customers will refuse to pay if given the chance. They’ll “forget,” or “need a little more time,” or simply disappear after a few classes. Business owners of every variety spend an inordinate amount of time chasing down payments from these inconsiderate clients.

Streamlined billing may not eliminate the tendency of some customers to not pay. But it certainly makes it easier to track down missing payments and assess which accounts have a history of nonpayment. When paired with The Studio Director’s credit card processing, you can spend less time chasing money and more time running your studio.

The Monotony of Billing

What does billing your customers really mean? It’s more than just asking for money and watching it roll in. Many studio owners are shocked by what a time-consuming annoyance even mundane billing tasks are. Accurate, effective billing means:

  • Keeping track of enrollment.
  • Effectively managing incentives, discounts, promo codes, and rebates.
  • Remaining on top of promotions, including those promotions’ expiration dates.
  • Talking to students about billing issues -- including difficulties with payments and deadline extensions.
  • Turning large past-due accounts over to collections.

No One Likes Talking About Money

Money is a leading cause of fights in most marriages. If people who love each other spend so much time fighting about money, you can bet that money will also be a major stressor in your studio. Talking about money with your students or their parents is challenging, particularly when you like them and he or she owes you money.

A streamlined billing process such as that offered by The Studio Director removes the stress of talking about money. You can automatically generate invoices. And if you feel uncomfortable asking for money, you can even blame it on your software -- “My program automatically applies late fees...” or “After a certain amount of time has elapsed, my billing system automatically sends accounts to collections.”

A Streamlined Process

If you choose to bill by hand, you’ll either have to hire and train an accounting manager, or you’ll need to do it yourself. Doing it yourself requires you to take time away from running your business, keep diligent track of all of your classes, enrollment payments, and instructor payments, manage purchases and inventory, easily generate bills, decide on software for accepting credit card payments, and track down missed or late payments. 

That’s a lot of work, with very little reward. Our streamlined process does it all for you. You simply put in the information, and we take it from there. This streamlining of billing makes it easier to get paid, freeing you to run your studio, expand your business, and chase your dreams.

Doing the Work for You

How much per hour do you bill for your time? How much per hour does it cost to operate your studio? Time is more than just a valuable commodity in limited supply. It’s also money. The time you spend billing and managing payments is time you could have spent building your business, instructing your students, and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

The Studio Director’s billing program removes this hassle, freeing you to do the things you enjoy and are good at. Anyone can bill your clients, but only you can nurture their developing skills, run your studio, and be the welcoming face of your business. We allow you to get back to that pivotal work.

Freeing You to Do What You Do Best

Nobody warned you that running your own business demands more than just athletic and teaching skills. You practically have to have degrees in business, accounting, law, and local government to keep it together. That might be why so many new businesses fail before they even get off the ground. It’s simply unreasonable to expect that anyone can fill all the roles that running a new business demands.

So where does that leave you? You don’t have to hire an army of billing and business management experts. And you don’t need to do it all yourself. After all, your time is better spent doing what you do best. Spend a few dollars on The Studio Director. We’ll manage the billing so you can expertly manage your finances, enrollment, and every last payment. Your time is your most precious commodity. Don’t waste it on a simple task you an outsource.