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The Gallery Dance Collective, MA

"I've gone through TSD with a fine-tooth comb and I want to say after spending a year with Dance Studio-Pro and doing trials with Jack Rabbit and MindBody Online, this is absolutely THE most fluid and functional software I've come across to date."

Stars & Stripes Kids Activity Center, MI

"I directly attribute The Studio Director to increasing our bottom line profit by 17%! We lowered our labor costs to do remedial tasks that can be handled by TSD more accurately and faster than anyone that you could ever hire."

Seattle Gymnastics, WA

"Wow! This program is amazing.

The auto-tuition feature is worth the money all by itself.

Plus, it's turned up two 'bugs' in our pricing schedule that neither the parents nor we ever caught!"

Trusted and Loved by Thousands of Studios

Although we may not be the cheapest studio software on the market today, we will save you the most time. Saving time means saving money. There’s a reason why we’re the market leader with thousands of dance studios and gyms using our software. It’s about the quality of the solution and the total cost of ownership, not just the price.

Still not convinced?

Let’s share a scenario where we review the actual cost for buying, and more importantly operating, studio management software.

The Background

  • You are taking enrollment for the new fall season.
  • 250 students will enroll over the next few days.
  • Your tuition is calculated based on the number of hours the student is in class; first sibling gets a 10% discount, second or more get 15% off their tuition. Military families get a 20% discount. There is a promotional period where registration fees are discounted.

**Note: This is just one of thousands of tuition, discounting, & additional fee scenarios that can be calculated, prorated, and posted automatically by The Studio Director. No other software on the market is this sophisticated.The more you can automate, the more time you can save!

The Scenario

  • After the first wave of enrollment, about 20% of these students will want to change something. They may drop a class, they may add a class, they may switch classes; all done at different times throughout the month. This leaves you needing to re-calculate tuition and discounts, re-prorate and then adjust the accounts for each of these students. {What a headache!}

    This is where we come in. The Studio Director will do all that for you — no need for a calculator — no need for manual adjustments!

Manpower + Credit Card Fees + Cost of Software = Your Total Cost of Ownership

  • For this example, the average revenue per student is $125. They each pay with a credit card and everyone enrolls online. Yes, that can be done! And is done by many businesses using our solution. Let’s take a look at 5 actions that you will take with your studio and see how we can save you time and money.

1. Enrolling Students in Classes

  • Remember that all students will enroll themselves online in this example.

    • The Studio Director: No Administrative Time
    • Other Software: No Administrative Time

2. Tuition Model, Discounts, Prorating

  • Validating the tuition, multiple discounts, prorating and registration fees for each student and adjusting the current and future month’s charges for each account.

    • The Studio Director: No Administrative Time
    • Other Software: 3 Minutes per Student x 250 Enrollments = 12.5 Hours

3. Class Changes

  • You have to deal with students adding classes, dropping classes, and switching classes for that 20% we mentioned before. We will assume that us and ‘Other Software’ take the same amount of time to actually process the add, drop, or switch. Then you will need to re-calculate the tuition, apply any discounts, pro-rate and adjust the accounts for current and future months.

    • The Studio Director: No Administrative Time
    • Other Software: 10 Minutes per Student x 50 Students = 8.5 Hours

4. Automated Emails

  • You will be sending out automatic emails to these newly enrolled students. One email upon enrollment thanking them; one a week later reminding them about your policies; one a week after that giving them important dates; and one more with your referral program information.

    • The Studio Director: No Administrative Time {Set it & Forget it!}
    • Other Software: Cost prohibitive; you would have to manually send emails each day to newly enrolled students and track every student’s enrollment date to send future emails after a week, after two weeks, and after three weeks. That would be so painful that you wouldn’t do it!

5. Credit Card Fees

  • Remember that for this example, all students pay with a credit card and the average payment is $125 per student.

    • The Studio Director:($125 x 250 Students x 2.3%) + (250 Students x $0.10) + $20 = $764
      *Using one of our preferred providers (interchange plus pricing and $0.10 per transactions + $20/month fixed fees) 
    • Other Software: ($125 x 250 Students x 2.9%) + (250 Students x $0.30) = $981
      *Using square (2.9% + $0.30)

Your Total Cost of Ownership =

  • The Studio Director: $0 admin fees + $764 credit card fees + $89 monthly software fee = $853
    Other Software: $315 admin fees (21 Hours x $15/Hour) + $981 credit card fees + $30 monthly software fee = $1326

The Studio Director saves you $473 per month -- That's a 36% savings!


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Additional Features to Save You Time and Money

The Studio Director offers you more time and flexibility with these additional features!

  • Events & Recitals
  • Costumes
  • Skill Charts & Report Cards
  • Email Tracking
  • Texting
  • Inventory
  • Attendance
  • Student sign-in
  • Instructor Timesheets
  • Document Management
  • Mobile Application
  • Automatic Prospect for Marketing Campaigns
  • Google Integration

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