You opened a yoga studio because you wanted to help your students find a sense of calm in a chaotic and increasingly aggressive world. If you’re successful, you might find that you're the most stressed you’ve ever been. Running a business is about as far form a Zen experience as you can get. The Studio Director works to bring calm back into your life. We keep the chaos at bay so you can finally enjoy running your yoga studio.

Running a Yoga Studio: Chaos in a Sea of Calm

If you’re like most yoga devotees, you’re an expert at cultivating calm amid chaos. Running a yoga studio can break that sense of calm. You’ll have to fill more roles than you ever dreamed of, and being a warm presence, a yoga expert, and a passionate teacher are simply not enough. You have to be a competent business manager. That includes juggling many different demands:

  • Enrollment: To make money, you have to enroll students. To enroll students, you need to be organized. Tracking payments and enrollment is in itself a full-time job.
  • Marketing and branding: Students want to go to a yoga studio that fits their philosophy, that feels welcoming, and that meets them at their skill level. You need branding that makes students feel comfortable, and a marketing campaign that reaches your ideal student.
  • Student Progress: Students come to your studio to learn. Customized report cards and progress reports are vital for helping your students learn, supporting their interest in your studio, and ensuring they enroll in the right course.  
  • Money: It’s the giant elephant in the room, and perhaps you’d rather not think about it. Money makes the world go ‘round, and it will make or break your studio’s success. You need to know how much you have, how much you can spend, and what you can do to pad your bottom line.
  • Legal Issues: Students get injured. Zoning rules change. Communities want to use your building for their own means. These and so many other legal issues can send you into a tailspin of panic and stress. A competent attorney, good contracts, and liability insurance can all protect your interests.
  • Communication: In an era of instantaneous communication, students expect no delays. If a class is canceled, they want to know yesterday. They expect rapid feedback, helpful class notes, and a friendly response.  
  • Managing Staff: Managing staff is about more than just hiring the best people and letting them get to work. You have to pay them, manage their contracts, conduct performance reviews, ensure payroll taxes are properly managed, and maintain cordial relationships supported by healthy boundaries.

No one can do it all on their own. Trying is an exercise in futility that will turn your business into little more than a source of misery.

That’s why the best business owners outsource some functions. You can hire people, of course, but that will mean more management and administrative work. It’s also expensive. The Studio Director gives you the stress relief a small army of staff could offer, but at a fraction of the cost.

Your Emotional State Matters

As a yoga devotee, you know firsthand that the mind and body are connected. Your emotional state affects your health, which in turn affects your business and your ability to be a competent, devoted instructor. Don’t allow stress to tear down your resolve, erode your joy, and ultimately consume your business. 

Running a yoga studio, like living a happy life, is all about balance. The Studio Director restores balance to your life and to your yoga studio. You’ve worked hard. You deserve to enjoy your studio, not constantly fret about it.

How We Help

The Studio Director is your best ally in the rise to the top. We manage all of the stuff you’d rather avoid:

  • Class enrollment, including online course enrollment and payments
  • Inventory
  • Student communications
  • Report cards and progress reports

We’re like an accountant, a receptionist, a communication expert, and a manager all rolled into one inexpensive package. And we’re available on the go, which means you no longer have to be chained to your office or your computer.

Save Time and Money, Then Grow

Your time is your studio’s most valuable asset. Don’t spend it sending bills and tracking down student payments. Let us take care of that work for you. We know you probably don’t enjoy it anyway. We save you money by helping you keep track of expenditures. Our comprehensive reports help you determine which expenditures are helpful and which are nothing but a waste. We understand that you don’t have time to track down information, so we put it all in one place. 

You deserve a break. Your students deserve your time. The Studio Director makes both goals a reality. We help you feel the zen you aim to deliver to your students.