Tips for Mastering Social Media

Ready to ramp up your social media presence? You’re in luck, because dance studios have never had more options. Today’s social media engagement revolves around short, catchy videos, with TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook driving the trends. Dance studios can make the most of these social media tools to showcase their teachers, students, and classes in […]

Dance Studio Trends & Stats for 2022

Despite the pandemic, people kept dancing—in the streets, online, and increasingly, back at their favorite dance studios. While 2020 was the year that changed everything, dance studios have since adapted, stayed competitive, and started seeing their numbers (and revenues) recover. This, coupled with surging interest in dance and an emphasis on access and inclusivity, hints […]

8 Tips for Marketing Your Dance Studio

COVID-19 changed everything, and while your pre-pandemic dance studio marketing strategy may have been great, it’s probably due a refresh at this point. Here are our tips for marketing in 2022: 1. Turn your pandemic pivot into a profitable marketing strategy If you have a collection of pre-recorded videos, how-to clips, or resources your dancers […]

Stop Chasing Delinquent Payments with The Studio Director

As a business owner, you know paying customers drive your business. However, nothing causes things to come to a screeching halt faster than having to chase delinquent payments or even non-payments. Expired credit cards and late payments from customers are a huge headache. You have to chase customers down, ask awkward questions, and maybe cancel […]

8 Ways to Find the Best Dance Competition Music

You want students to shine during dance competition season, and that means finding the perfect choreography and music ideas to highlight their talents. Unfortunately, too much music for dance competitions has been overdone, with dancers and their instructors flocking to familiar favorites instead of exploring new musical terrain.  That’s what an informal survey of dance […]

How To Find The Best Dance Studio Software: 8 Features To Look For

When choosing dance studio software, there are so many questions. How do you know if you’re picking the best one? What do you need to look for? Which one can help scale with your studio as it grows? Do you even need studio management software at this stage? Using the right dance studio management software […]

Gymnastics Drills to Boost Student Skill

Sports like gymnastics require a sharp and well-developed skill set, with skills building on each other as gymnasts progress to more complex routines. Gymnastics drills are important because repetition helps the proper movements and techniques become second nature to your students. Combining handstand gymnastics drills, balance drills, and gymnastics pad drills gives students the foundation […]

15 Vital Dance Studio Tax Deductions To Write-Off This Year

Managing a dance studio in 2021 was no easy feat. If you took a financial hit due to the COVID, it’s important to identify savings where you can. Thankfully, businesses do have additional tax relief options in 2021. Not sure where to begin when it comes to the dance studio tax deductions you qualify for? […]

How to Handle Customer Complaints

So You’ve Got a Customer Complaint—Now What? It happened: your first customer complaint. Maybe it was posted on Yelp or Facebook, where the whole world can see it. Or perhaps it was sent directly to your inbox. Either way, you’ll have to address it, and do so promptly and graciously. Here’s what you need to […]

Choose the Best Online Registration Software for Martial Arts Studios

You opened your martial arts studio because you love the sport, love teaching, or found the perfect way to turn your passion into a living—not because you hoped to spend your days doing admin! Get your time back with the best online registration software for martial arts studios. 6 Features to look for when deciding […]