How To Coach Youth Cheerleading: 10 Tip

Cheerleading is a dynamic activity that can help kids and teenagers build confidence, get exercise, and have fun. For many former cheerleaders, coaching youth cheerleading is a dream come true! But being an effective coach requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Whether you’re the only one on staff or overseeing several coaches, there […]

How To Create An Effective Music Class Registration Form

From after school classes to summer camps, a music studio is always bustling with activity. As a studio owner or manager, you may be wondering how to juggle it all. Starting with a solid music class registration form can help you stay organized. This is the best way to centralize all of the important information […]

5 Gymnastics Coaching Ideas To Improve Each Practice

While gymnastics is a great way to build strength and get exercise, it’s a sport that also improves mental focus. It can even help kids and adults improve coordination and increase flexibility. As a coach, your job is to provide a practice that helps your students build a foundation and reap the benefits of gymnastics. […]

12 Fantastically Fun Fundraising Ideas For Dance Teams

With a new season of dance beginning, it’s time to start thinking about fundraising ideas for dance teams! Fundraising for your studio can help with costumes, dance contest fees, scholarships for students, and travel. Go beyond the boring pitch for dollars and try one of these 12 fantastically fun ideas. Why fundraisers are important Fundraising […]

10 Tips For Starting Your Own Martial Arts School

Martial arts classes offer more than a simple opportunity for fitness and exercise. They boost confidence, instill important values, and provide the basic framework for self-defense. If you want to take your passion to the next level by starting your own martial arts school, this post is for you! Starting Your Martial Arts School: A […]

Stop Chasing Delinquent Payments With Studio Director

As a studio owner, you already know that your paying customers are what drives your business. However, nothing can cause your business to come to a screeching halt faster than issues with delinquent payments or even non-payments. Expired credit cards and late payments from customers can be a huge headache for you. You have to […]

All The Ways To Accept Payments With Studio Director

Consumers appreciate fast and convenient ways to pay. In fact, most of us have come to expect a variety of options. From credit cards to recurring payments, it’s important to diversify your payment acceptance options at your dance studios, music schools, or gymnastics gyms. The good news is, expanding your payment options will also provide […]

How To Find The Right Dance Event Management Software

Group of little children in colorful costumes dancing at the outdoor festival on a summer day

When it’s time to showcase student skills, come together to build community, or spread the word about a new program or offering, dance events are the go-to for studios of every size. Whether you’re planning large recitals, small private events, in-person events, or virtual showcases, dance events are a great way to increase studio revenue […]

Teaching Yoga To Kids: How To Get Started + Tips

Group of children doing yoga exercises

Flexibility, strength, the ability to focus, and a sense of inner peace and calm: these are the benefits that yoga has to offer students of all ages. If you are looking to expand the offerings at your studio, here’s how to get started teaching yoga to kids. Why Is Teaching Yoga To Kids So Important? […]

Your Guide To Studio Manager Roles And Responsibilities

Teacher At Performing Arts School Talking To Students Sitting On Floor In Rehearsal Studio

Have you ever thought about taking your passion for dance to the next level and making it a career? Maybe you’ve considered becoming a manager at a dance studio, or even opening your own dance studio. We cover the essential dance studio manager roles and responsibilities, as well as qualities that will help you in […]