How to Make a Dance Studio Profitable

woman at a computer in her dance studio

A profitable dance studio frees up your time to do more, learn more, reach more students, and yes, even enjoy a few precious moments of free time. Here’s how to make a dance studio profitable and how studio management software can help get you there. 1. Offer Something No Other Studio Can Why do students […]

Top Reasons You Need Swim Lesson Software

Female Coach In Water Giving Group Of Children Swimming Lesson In Indoor Pool

Your swim school business is important to you, and it can be scary when you find yourself struggling to keep your head above water either financially or with your personal time. Put simply, you shouldn’t feel like your business is being pulled into the deep-end along with you. When you are running your own swim […]

How To Install A Ballet Barre In Your Studio

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One of the most familiar elements in any dance studio is a ballet barre. When you first open your dance studio, it should be one of your first purchases before your doors open. From the pros and cons of different types of ballet barres, to the standard ballet barre height for your students, this is […]

12 Fun Musicals For Kids To Perform At Any Age

Group Of Children Enjoying practicing for a musical Together

Providing space for your students to perform benefits them in multiple ways. Performance art takes discipline, patience, and confidence. Because of this, children who are active in musical theatre often become highly adaptable quick thinkers. Children who sing, dance, and act are actually four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement when compared […]

How To Find The Best Summer Camp Management System

A multi-ethnic group of cute little kids are rolling on a mat together in gymnastics class.

Summer doesn’t have to be the slow season you dread as a studio owner. Parents are on the hunt for ways to keep their kids busy and active while school is out, and our summer camp management system helps you provide the answer! It doesn’t matter what type of studio you’re running. From dance camp […]

9 Creative Community Art Projects for Kids

community art project for kids

If you’re an art teacher, studio owner or camp manager hoping to spark creativity, this post shares some of our favorite community art project ideas for kids. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box, though, and make them your own as you find new ways to inspire your students! Why Are Collaborative Art […]

Dance Class Rates: How Much Should You Charge As A Studio Owner?

Group of little boys and girls dancing while having choreography class in the dance studio. Female dance teacher and children

It’s a common question for dance studio owners: how much do dance classes cost? Or more importantly, how much should you charge to remain competitive yet profitable? The answer can make or break you as a business. If you get your dance class rates right, you’ll have happy customers and enough revenue to pay your […]

The Benefits of Dance Classes for Special Needs Students

Children with special needs participating in a dance class

If you’re interested in offering dance classes for individuals with special needs at your studio, there are some amazing benefits for studio and students alike. This is what you should know about the benefits of dance for special needs students and some things to consider when putting together special needs dance classes. The Benefits Of […]

55 Dance Quotes That Will Delight And Inspire Your Students

It’s not always easy to find the right words, but dance quotes have a unique way of speaking for us. Whether you’re a studio owner looking for quotes to display around your studio, or a teacher in need of great dance quotes for Instagram captions, we can help. Studio Director is a company that is […]