Embrace Change with Open Arms

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People tend to get nervous when it comes to changing their ways. It is uncomfortable venturing into unfamiliar territory and not knowing what the outcome will be. Yet, without change we leave no room for the opportunity to learn and improve the things we have accomplished so far. Change is the way we continue to grow and expand ourselves. It is also a way to keep people intrigued and entertained.

So far, things have been working out alright for you, but you really need that extra zing that is going to catapult you forward and allow you to take flight. There are ways to do this that are sure to only be positive adjustments and it doesn’t have to feel like you’re walking in blind. Using the right tools to make the changes appropriate for your business will help you to approach everything with excitement and confidence.

Take a look at your business now and think about the parts that could use a little livening up. Maybe you could add some interesting new classes to draw the interest of people who wouldn’t normally think to walk through your doors. Also ask yourself if your business would be easy and simple for newcomers to access? You never know when the new wave of students is going to be drawn to you and you want to be ready for them.

Adding New and Unique Classes

No matter what type of studio you own, there are always the basic classes that people are sure to sign up for. If you own a dance studio you most likely offer ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and modern. Are you tapping into all of your potential clientele’s interests with those options? Fitness studios and dance studios are beginning to offer a wider range of options, such as:

  • belly dancing
  • zumba
  • aerial yoga
  • salsa, etc

Not only can providing different types of classes draw more potential students to your studio, it will also inspire those who are already studying with you to broaden their horizons. Fill your environment with a passion for learning and adventure and your business will flourish. Not sure what type of additions your current students would be into? Take a survey asking them what new classes would be welcome!

Expand Your Staff

Bringing in new staff members is a great way to change up the energy in a workplace. New people usually means a few extra fresh faces tagging along with them as well. An experienced teacher will have friends and other students curious to see what your studio is all about. Changing up your schedule and adding in new teachers is the perfect opportunity to experiment with some new types of classes. Not only can adding staff members change up the vibe, but they can also help support the weight. More employees means more teachers who can sub in when someone is out sick and gives you the opportunity to finally take that vacation you have been needing. Extra help is always a big plus.

Welcome New Students

As you begin to change things up you are bound to have some new interest coming your way. You can also help this along by:

  • sending e-vites to your current students telling them about the new classes and providing them with free passes to give to their friends.
  • posting ‘find out more’ ads on Facebook and other social media sites hinting about the new and exciting specials you are currently offering.
  • designing posters to put up around the neighborhood and in local businesses that share common interests.

There are a lot of people out there looking for that new thing that will make their life a little bit more interesting and healthy. You are the perfect type of business to provide that for them. Show them that you have what they are looking for.

Make Sure That You Have All of The Right Tools

Starting something new is way less intimidating when you have a clear plan of how you are going to accomplish it. Make sure you have your systems in place and that your enrollment process and schedules are easy to access. If you are unsure of how to execute this, you may want to consider using a studio management software. Doing so will help you to construct a user friendly experience that makes class registration, new special notifications, and scheduling painless. With some fresh changes and the right tools you will find that your business has gotten the makeover it has been waiting for.

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