31 Fun And Catchy Dance Studio Names Ideas

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Branding is an integral part of creating your dance studio business. It determines how you’ll be known to your students, as well as the general public as one of many dance schools. It influences how people will find you online and off. If you anticipate a lot of foot traffic, it’s an even bigger piece of the puzzle. Need a little inspiration? Read on for catchy dance studio names and ideas, along with our tips for finding dance studio name ideas as a new studio owner. 

Brainstorm A List Of Unique Dance Studio Names

Starting a new dance studio is an exciting time, and it’s well worth the additional time to make sure you get the name right! Begin with a simple brainstorming session or two. Think about your goals for your dance studio and what you want to convey about your classes. Does your dance company specialize in any type of training? Your dance studio business can compete with top dance studios nearby with a creative name for your dance lessons.

Make a list of names for your dance studio. Write every single one down, the bad ideas and the good ones. The point right now isn’t to turn on your internal critic—it’s for your ideas to branch and build off each other. It’s best to create your list, sleep on it, and then brainstorm some additional ideas the next day.

As you continue to search for the best name for your dance studio, remember to think out of the box. Your name doesn’t have to include “dance studio.” For example, if you love the idea of using your last name, you can diversify by titling it as a “dance academy” or “dancing studio” or “performing arts center.” Some dance studio owners prefer “school of dance.”

Geography is another great way to steer your dance studio name in the right direction. Consider your city or town name paired with one of the descriptive titles, such as “dance academy.” This will naturally help people locate you if you’re in the suburb of a busy metropolitan area. Dance academy names can be as creative as you would like.

Use Dance Studio Name Generators

If you already have words or descriptive adjectives you like, consider using a dance studio name generator. Simply enter in a word or two and you’ll have a list of ideas using the keywords you entered. Even if you don’t find a perfect match, it may lead to even more inspiration!

Words like dancing angels, ballroom bunnies, blessed angels, and dance gals might seem silly, but are worth a shot and can brainstorm a good name for your dance school.

Sometimes it takes a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing as well, so we’ve compiled a list of some creative dance studio names that can spotlight your dance styles. Here are 32 ideas to inspire yours.

  1. All That Jazz
  2. Art in Motion
  3. Beat Box Dance Studio
  4. Curtain Call
  5. Dance Expressions
  6. Dance ’til Dawn
  7. Encore Dance
  8. Dance Works
  9. Follow My Lead
  10. Groove and Go
  11. Inspired Movement
  12. In Motion
  13. Purely Pirouettes
  14. Rhythm in Motion
  15. Showoff Dance
  16. Spotlight Studio
  17. Steps and Styles
  18. Tango Talent Dance Company
  19. Tip Toes Dance Studio
  20. Waltz and Wander Dancing Studio
  21. Air Dance Lessons
  22. Soulbeat Dance Studio
  23. Pineapple Dance Studios
  24. Millennium Dance Complex
  25. The Dance Connection
  26. Motion Dance Studio
  27. Dance Vortex
  28. Always Dance Studio
  29. The Dance Box
  30. Life Dance Daze Studio
  31. Future Dancers of City Name

Once you have a long list in hand, use the following tips to choose the right name for your new studio. The dance studio name generator can do a lot of the heavy lifting for coming up with good dance studio names.

Visualize a Name For Your Dance Studio

Dance studio names are visual because they’re usually tied to a logo. When it comes to marketing materials, you want something short and catchy. Having a cohesive brand name and logo for your dance studio is a great way to have a professional dance business and advertise your dance classes.

This name will appear on your building, merchandise, website, flyers, and so much more. It helps to visualize the names you have in mind to find the best fit for these purposes. You can begin to cut out names that will be too long to add easily to a logo or merchandise.

Your dance company can increase revenue by having merchandise for dedicated dancers to purchase for their dance class or to show off at a competition. Having a concise name and logo for your dance fitness studio is key to lower costs of printing items, and easily recognizable for others. Your dance studio business name is a part of your brand, so take pride in this.

Do A Quick Online Search

This is an essential step when you’re thinking about dance studio names. In fact, it can usually make or break an idea. Do a quick Google search with your now shorter list of names to see what’s already out there. Would the URL for your website be available? What about social media handles?

If you have your heart set on a particular name that is already being used in your region, it’s best to think of another option. This will help you avoid confusion or infringement issues. Make sure your own dance studio has a unique name compared to other dance studios in the area. You don’t want your dance classes mixed up with another dance school in the nearby area.

little ballerinas being instructed by a teacher

Avoid These Mistakes

Choosing a name for your dance studio is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. In a lot of ways, your name is the foundation of your business. Everything you do will be centered around this identity. This can range from using “dance academy” vs. “dance school” or “dance club” to more specific titles.

While the name should be something you’re proud of and connected to, there are logistics to consider. As you go through your list of potential dance studio names, be sure to avoid:

  • Names that limit your business growth in terms of offerings
  • Unusual or misspelled words in an effort to be unique
  • Words that are difficult to pronounce
  • Lengthy phrases that won’t fit on marketing materials
  • Generic names that don’t offer any clues as to what type of service you offer

Finally, Go With Your Gut

While it may be tempting to ask for input from all of your closest friends and family members, we advise against it. You risk hurting feelings over names you don’t like. Plus, a consensus decision may lead to a boring name. Your dance connection is key to naming your dance studio and this is your business name, you are the dance insider and should trust your judgment.

You now have a shorter list. Again, sleep on it and look at it with fresh eyes the next day. Cross off the names that you don’t like. Once you have only a few names, say them out loud and see how they feel. Which one feels right? It’s best to go with your gut when it comes to naming your dance studio!

After you choose the right name, the U.S. Small Business Administration recommends protecting it by registering it with the right agencies. This will make sure your dance studio stands out and makes sure it is protected if any other dance company nearby attempts to take it.

Grow Your Dance Studio

Once your dance studio is up and running, you’re bound to wear many different hats. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone – a good dance studio will use assistance when needed. 

Studio Director is a comprehensive dance studio software that handles the many details that will make your studio run more efficiently. From class scheduling and student communication to online registration and payments, Studio Director can do it for you and more.

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