Why You Need A Dance Studio Software 

You knew that running a dance studio would be hard. Otherwise everyone would do it. What you might not have planned for is that running a dance studio is about more than just dance knowledge. The responsibilities are near-endless. In fact, you might find that the dance side of the equation gets the least attention.

The Studio Director is here to help. With our web-based software for both Mac and PC, we act as your dance studio’s silent partner, helping you get costs, stress, and time under control.

The Challenges You Never Anticipated

If you’re lucky, you had some mentoring as you planned to open your studio. More likely, you thought you would dance your way to success, that the money would manage itself, and that all you’d need to recruit doting students is a love of dance.

Reality can be a hard pill to swallow, particularly if you’d prefer to spend your time on creative pursuits rather than becoming a business expert. But wishing things were different won’t make them so. The many unexpected challenges of running a dance studio include:

  • Managing enrollment:
    You’ll need to keep track of who is in your classes and who has paid for them.

  • Closing enrollment:
    A class breakpoint can actually help you earn more money and offer your students a better value. But without automation, you’ll be stuck telling students their class is closed and issuing refunds.

  • Managing funds:
    If you’re like most studio owners, thinking about money is enough to send you into a tailspin of panic. You might be reluctant to spend anything at all, for fear of how spending will affect your bottom line. But you have to spend money to make money. To know how much you can afford to spend, you need to keep track of class payments and other financial data. That means hiring an accountant, doing it yourself, or abandoning things and hoping for the best -- none of which are ideal options.

  • Planning for the unexpected:
    Sooner or later, someone will be hurt at your studio. The roof may need repairs. The local city council might change its zoning requirements. You’ll probably need a lawyer, and will almost certainly need liability insurance. These are costs for which you must plan -- but which you might not have the time or resources to carefully consider.

  • Providing students with useful, customized feedback:
    This can be nearly impossible to do if you’re not teaching each and every class.

  • Managing instructor payments and performance.

  • Tracking inventory:
    One of the simplest ways to maximize profits is to sell items -- whether your own or that of a national brand -- in your studio. Buy too much inventory and you’ll lose profits. Invest in too little and you won’t make as much as you could. It’s an endless balancing act.

  • Marketing:
    From networking with other owners to determining how much, whether, and when to invest in marketing campaigns, advertising is vital to your business’s growth. It’s also a challenging expense to navigate.

How We Help

It’s time for a reality check: you can’t do it all yourself, and trying to do so is a recipe for burnout, mistakes, and near-constant misery. That’s not why you opened your studio. Your students deserve a studio owner who’s excited about work, eager to help, and well-rested enough to take on the day.

The Studio Director helps you be that owner. We offer:

  • Easy, customized progress reports and report cards.
  • Efficient enrollment management, including management of payments and class closures.
  • Simple inventory tracking.
  • Software that works on both Mac and PC, that is cloud-based and accessible anywhere.
  • Clear numbers about enrollment, revenue, and other data that will help you grow and run your business.

With The Studio Director: Make More Money & Recruit More Students

Spending money you can invest in your studio is painful. We get that. That’s why so many of our clients were initially reluctant to invest in the small investment of The Studio Director. But consider this: without The Studio Director, you’ll likely be paying more -- and probably significantly more -- for the services we offer. We eliminate the following expenses:

  • Wasted time: Your time is your most valuable asset. As a finite resource, once it’s gone it’s gone. Consider how much you bill your hourly work. Every time you waste time on an administrative project, you’re losing that billable hour.
  • Employee wages and salaries: It’s simply unrealistic to think you can be an accountant, a receptionist, and a retail manager. Unless you want to lose your mind, you’ll have to hire people to fill these roles. That can cost thousands, even for part-time staff. Never mind the administrative and tax hassle of managing employees. The Studio Director acts like an employee, but without all the hassle.
  • Wasted money: To effectively run your studio, you need to know what’s working and what’s not. An advertising campaign that doesn’t get results, for instance, is like throwing money down the drain. The Studio Director’s customized reports help you determine exactly where to spend your money, allowing you to make better financial decisions that grow your studio and increase your profits.