12 Dance Studio Management Tips To Begin The Season

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Another year, another dance season. It is time to let go of all of the unnecessary stress that accumulated last season and take this opportunity to start fresh. What a great feeling to have gained the valuable knowledge that will prepare you for what is to come. Still, you probably have not thought of everything.

Maybe there is something you knew you could put off until the last moment, and now you have forgotten what it was. Or maybe, since you are still new to this business, you aren’t feeling completely confident about what all to include on your new seasons checklist. Well it is time to get the ball rolling, so here are 12 studio management tips to help you begin your new season with a confident and forward moving attitude.

  1. Reorganize your website. Make sure that it is easy to navigate, includes all of your news and upcoming events, and features photos of your young dancers in the snazzy outfits they wore for the last recital. Your website is a huge reflection of your studio and should always be kept up-to-date. With the new season beginning, you are sure to have some changes and reminders to announce.
  2. Set goals for each of this year’s classes and inform the parents and students of what these are. Giving incentives motivates people to go that extra mile and to tap into a team-based state of mind. With everyone on this new page together, you can all help each other achieve something bigger and better.
  3. Create or redecorate your studio’s bulletin board with bright and encouraging quotes, photos, and news. Making a warm environment will direct attitudes to a positive and exciting place.
  4. Check in with each of your students and be sure they have all selected the proper shoes, tights, etc for all of the upcoming classes. Providing a list of your preferred brands and styles and where these things can be bought is extremely helpful for parents.
  5. Get your teachers and staff together and do something fun, especially if you didn’t get a chance to do so for the holidays. This shows them you appreciate them and that you want them to have fun and enjoy their jobs (in addition to working hard and being prepared for a busy season, of course).
  6. Send out thank you notes to your students and parents. This keeps things on a friendly, more personal level and helps families to feel happy that they have invested their trust in your company.
  7. Ramp up your advertisements on social media. Perhaps venture into a zone you haven’t tried yet. If you have yet to make a twitter account, this could be the time. Another option is starting up a blog, if you don’t already have one, that will draw more attention to your site and keep your current followers in the know.
  8. Send out packages in the mail and emails with the new calendar, costume and shoe order forms, special local events, and anything else you can think of to get your dance community pumped about what is to come.
  9. Retrain your staff on their scripts for answering the phones and when they are seated at the front desk. Encourage them to be upbeat, warm, and inviting as they tend to be the face and voice of the company.
  10. Make sure you are on site and spending time in the lobby as much as possible. You are the person that everyone wants to know, show your clients that you care about them too.
  11. Start being proactive in the community outside of the studio. Give what help you can at fundraisers and get involved with a group that centers around something that matters to you. Getting your face out there in the places that count lets your community know that you are also an outlet for them in the town and someone people can depend on.
  12. Start building your referral system. Find ways to get your students talking about you in their schools and the parents talking about you with their other parent friends. Providing special gift packages and organizing unique events are a couple ways to do this. Keep thinking outside of the box and encourage your staff to share any ideas they may have in this area. The best way to expand your business is by the word of mouth of your existing customers.

Cheers to you and your new season. Remember, your creation is bringing joy to others. Your time and dedication has already gotten you this far, here is to seeing just how much higher you can raise the bar.

© The Studio Director. 2020