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Opening a dance studio requires wearing many hats. Not only do you need to focus on acquiring students and the day to day operations, but turning a profit and becoming successful. How are you going to set yourself apart?

We have devised 8 tips on how you can personally find your own dance studio success.

Take Control of Your Business

If you want to take your dance studio to the next level, consider:

  1. Offering a wide variety of dance classes. Offering a variety of options keeps you more interesting than your competitors. Try to diversify your classes with dance genres from different countries and dance disciplines. Focus on moving outside the typical tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop class. Consider working in belly dancing or South Asian dance styles that are not already offered at nearby studios.
  2. Offering unique instructors. People love taking classes from a local artist. However, knowing that they are getting an education that is unique takes the experience up to another notch. How can you engage that pal who studied with a big name to teach a special session and bring your studio to a whole new level? Talk to them, you never know what their influence could mean.
  3. Ask for advice from your successful comrades. Every thriving artist has a network of other thriving artists. If you really want to make it, you need to network. Quit biting your tongue and choose to seek advice. If you really want to make your business work, find friends that will help you to make it all possible.
  4. Find a community that will support you. Sure, you’re starting up a dance studio, but don’t sell yourself short. There are so many people in the area that will be ready and willing to support your venture. Consider partnering up with theatre programs, churches, gyms, etc. Think outside the box.

  5. Turn the focus onto yourself and your personal goals. Sure, this business is your baby. you cannot help but spend every waking hour thinking about it. If your business is going to really be something though, it depends on you having yourself together. How is everything going on outside of your business? Do you feel confident in yourself and your personal life? Though you may think this does not matter, it does. Being confident makes all the difference.
  6. Consider how your location appears to others. Though there may not be a lot to choose from when it comes to the spaces offered to you in your city and your budget, there are still some elements that you have control over. Your home is not the only space that needs some of your personal flair — your clientele will also appreciate your taste. Do you remember that it was like to walk into your first dance studio class? What did it feel like when you walked through the front door? There is no doubt that you remember what the first room felt like and whether or not the first person you saw gave you a smiling welcoming.  This is important to your clientele. Make sure their experience is something that they will treasure dearly.
  7. Do not hesitate to offer deals. Maybe you already have your trusty clientele, so your next step is to bring in new interest. Give your current clientele coupons to hand out to their friends. This can consist of getting their first week free, as well as offering perks to those who bring these new students into the mix.

  8. Remember that time is money. At the end of the day, it is important that you are not wasting your time. Know what your focus should be spent on, and delegating the rest of the tasks to your team. Fortunately, it is not always necessary to bring on staff to take care of these extra tasks. This is where dance studio management software can truly take a weight off of your shoulders.

Set Yourself up for Success

You are the designer of your company’s success. There are multiple ways that you can appeal to your customer base. You can reach out to your community and all it has to offer, but keep in mind success does not happen overnight.

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