The Best Equipment for a Gymnastics Studio

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Here is a look at some of the best investments you can make when outfitting your gymnastics studio with equipment.

If you own a gymnastics studio, you’ll need equipment.  The right equipment will help your new students progress and keep your more proficient students on track to ensure that they don’t have to go elsewhere as they get better at their sport.   If you’re looking for some ideas, consider the following items that most gym owners say they are glad they have on hand. A fully outfitted studio is one of the best ways to attract interest and build your client list. Each of these items will offer returns on the investment that you won’t believe.

Top Quality Mats

Gymnastics PictureOne of the most important things to outfit your studio with is top-quality mats. These will give your students a place to land safely when they learn and perform tricks and stunts in the studio. Choose thick, supportive pads that will also cut down on the chance that your students will suffer from short-term or long-term injuries or conditions that get in the way of proper form and performance.


Trampolines are a very valuable addition to your teaching curriculum.  When students are learning the gymnastics basics, a trampoline can help them get the moves right so they can transfer them to the mat or beam once they’ve mastered each of them.  Fortunately, trampolines come in all sizes and styles so you should be able to find one that fits your budget and space without sacrificing what you need to get out of it.


Any good gymnastics studio is going to be outfitted with beams in a variety of sizes, widths, and heights. Getting the best beams will never be a cheap endeavor, but by having every option out there, you attract a wider range of students and ensure that they stay with you as they progress through the levels of gymnastics.


Grips are a pretty important thing to have on hand when you run a gymnastics studio, and you’ll want a variety of sizes and styles so you can cater to the various types and ages of your students. Grips also offer a measure of safety, which is something you can use as marketing material when you try to get new students. Keeping grips on hand is also a great way to ensure that a student can still participate even if personal grips were forgotten.

Cleaning Supplies

Your gymnastics studio will be much more enticing and safe when it’s cleaned on a regular basis. That means being fully stocked with wipes and sprays that you can use to wipe and mop all the surfaces on your studio to kill germs and bacteria. A clean studio is much more likely to attract students and keep them coming back, so this is probably one of the most important things to consider when it comes to gym equipment.

Wondering how to keep track of your budget so you can plan for these large expenditures? The right gym software program like The Studio Director can help you track your income and enrollment so you know which classes are growing and might need new equipment.  You’ll never regret making sure your studio stands out from the rest with the best equipment you can afford.

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