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You opened your martial arts studio because you love the sport, love teaching, or found the perfect way to turn your passion into a living—not because you hoped to spend your days doing admin! Get your time back with the best online registration software for martial arts studios.

6 Features to look for when deciding on the best online registration software for martial arts

Not all options are equal, so be clear on the features that matter most to you. Here’s what to look for when choosing the best martial arts software:

#1. Martial arts registration online — how easy is it for you and your students to use?

Easy online registration options will keep you from having to answer the phone or respond to email every two minutes. The best online registration software for martial arts should make it simple for people to find and sign up for classes online, right from your website. It should:

  • Let you display all classes along with dates, times, and instructors
  • Offer an automatic waiting list if a class is full
  • BONUS: Let students sign up for virtual classes! If you offer virtual classes, be sure your online registration software lets students sign up for and log into them easily, whether via Zoom, Google Meet, or your own virtual classroom. 

#2. Flexible payment processing — can it accept any payment, any time, any way?

If your online registration software can also handle payment processing, that eliminates the hassle of having students handing you money or trying to pay for classes at the door. Here’s what to consider:

  • Will it let you accept a variety of payments, including credit card, debit card, and even bank transfers? 
  • Will it work from any device, including laptop, phone, and tablet? 
  • Does it offer flexible payment options, from one-time payments to automated recurring payments? 
  • Can it also track payments made in person via cash, check, credit, or other options?
  • Does it easily accommodate gift cards, coupons, or customer loyalty cards?
  • Does it securely store and process sensitive customer financial data?

#3. Student management — does it keep your students’ information in one place?

If you’re already taking student registrations and payments online, then it makes sense to keep all of that valuable student data in one place too. Some questions to consider are:

  • Can the system keep track of all student contact information? 
  • Does it also provide additional information of value? For example, can you see all the classes a student has taken? Can you add notes for each student?
  • Can you collect and keep important paperwork, like waivers, right in the system?

#4. Business analytics — does it give you a better understanding of your business?

A software system that tracks student sign-ups and payments can also provide valuable data about your business! Look for online registration software with powerful analytics, and ask:

  • Can it provide a snapshot of your cash flow and your business’s financial health? Does it have a robust revenue dashboard?
  • Does it let you see incoming and outstanding payments at a glance?
  • Does it highlight any trends in class sign-ups, including popular classes and popular times?
  • Can it integrate and sync with your existing accounting software?

#5. Automated communication — does it simplify the way you keep in touch with students?

Whether you want to send automated payment confirmations, reminders about upcoming payment deadlines, or other important emails, a good system should be able to do it for you. Look for the following features: 

  • Automatic payment confirmations and reminders
  • The ability to send out other automated communication—like class updates, new schedules, or upcoming events and competitions

#6. Cloud-based — can you use it from any device, anywhere, any time?

Finally, make sure your martial arts software solution is cloud-based. That way, you can keep all the information you need on hand and access it any time, from any device, no matter where you are. It’s also great for letting other studio staff retrieve the right information when they need it.
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