Your Guide To Choosing The Best Yoga Teacher Insurance

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Whether you’re a yoga studio owner or teacher, your work is about helping others find wellness and balance. Yoga teacher insurance can help you and your students maintain this balance, along with additional peace of mind. Here’s how to find the best yoga teacher insurance, from the first step of reviewing your options to finding the best fit for you or your studio.

What Is Yoga Teacher Insurance?

You need insurance for your house, your car, and of course, your health. It’s no surprise that a highly active career may need some level of protection as well. Yoga teacher insurance can safeguard your livelihood. If you own your studio, it can also help protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

So, what is yoga teacher insurance exactly? Simply put, it’s insurance that can protect you from the financial blow of litigation or lawsuits that could arise if students are injured in your class or studio, or if there’s any stolen equipment or studio damage.

Most yoga studios carry some level of liability insurance. This is the best way to protect studio space, equipment, and all other assets. In some cases, studios with full-time instructors will provide insurance for their teachers. Yet, most yoga teachers need to buy their own coverage. This is especially true if you are a contract instructor who is teaching in a limited capacity for multiple studios.

Why Is Yoga Teacher Insurance So Important?

If you’re a teacher, you bring your best to every class, but despite your efforts, there are some liabilities and risks you can’t avoid.

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. More and more people are turning to this whole-body practice to stay fit, but also cure their existing ailments. With this growth, more students are taking classes, which means there is a higher chance of someone getting hurt.

While it is rare, your students can file a lawsuit against you for injuries they sustained during class, as well as a range of other issues. A lawsuit can cost thousands of dollars even if the case doesn’t go to court, draining your finances quickly. Even if you win your case, attorney fees add up quickly.

Yoga teacher insurance can protect you from the unexpected and give you a safety net.

Types Of Yoga Teacher Insurance

The two most common types of yoga teacher insurance are general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. They serve you in very different ways.

General liability insurance

General liability insurance helps protects you financially from third-party injury claims.

For example, if a student slips and falls after you’ve mopped the floors, this insurance could protect you from liability claims from that fall. It generally does not cover claims of injury due to your instruction, however. This type of lawsuit would fall under professional liability insurance as we’ll discuss below.

General liability insurance can also cover damage to your property in the case of a fire or other accidental situation. In some cases, it can even provide coverage for stolen equipment.

Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance generally protects you or your business from lawsuits that stem from claims of negligence. This could be an accusation that you failed to meet industry standards dealing with certification requirements if you own a studio. It will typically also protect you or your teachers from claims of injuries resulting from instruction errors.

This type of insurance can also provide protection from lawsuits for undelivered services. For example, if you are accused of failing to teach the classes you’ve sold, your insurance company could handle any legal issues that arise.

What Insurance Does A Yoga Teacher Need?

First, consider the types of yoga you teach most often. For example, if you lead gentle yoga designed for seniors, insurance is an important topic. Students who are 65 and older have a greater rate of injury from practicing yoga when compared with other age groups. You will definitely want to protect yourself with professional liability coverage, in this case.

You should also take into consideration where you teach and how often.

Check-in with the studio owners you work to find out what type of coverage they already have in place. It’s also important to note that even student instructors generally need insurance. While it typically comes at a much lower price, it still provides the necessary protection from legal situations that can come up while you’re in training.

How To Find The Best Yoga Teacher Insurance Options

Yoga teacher insurance options vary greatly. If you’re looking for a plan, you’ll need to consider several important factors. These are our tips for finding the best coverage for your specific situation.

Compare prices

Everyone has a budget. Find the right insurance plan at a price that won’t break the bank. In general, you’re probably looking at rates ranging from $100 to $400 per year, though this depends highly on a variety of factors, like location and more.

Research several different options before making a decision, and remember that expensive doesn’t mean better. There are plenty of plans that will give you the coverage you need for a fair price.

Ask for professional recommendations from your network

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a quality yoga teacher insurance provider.

Your more experienced colleagues have dealt with this issue and usually have good recommendations. Plus, they understand the need to stick to a budget to be profitable, what options are available in your area, and what levels of coverage you’ll need. Reach out to your professional contacts with a request for recommendations.

Look into options from professional associations

Professional associations can also be a great resource. These groups know the industry inside and out, which makes them more in tune with your needs.

Some associations, such as Yoga Alliance, even provide an assortment of member benefits. Enjoy free online workshops and retail discounts as a result of your membership.

Find the actual coverage you need

It’s important to find coverage for the style of yoga you teach. Different classes present different types of risks. For example, if you need aerial yoga teacher insurance, look for a mention of this particular practice in the policy descriptions.

You may also want to consider where you teach your classes. If you’re typically in a range of different studios and environments, including outdoor venues, make sure you’re covered in all cases.

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