9 Creative Community Art Projects for Kids

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If you’re an art teacher, studio owner or camp manager hoping to spark creativity, this post shares some of our favorite community art project ideas for kids. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box, though, and make them your own as you find new ways to inspire your students!

Why Are Collaborative Art Project Ideas Important?

Art is all around us. Whether it’s the sound of an acoustic guitar in a café or a colorful mural on a building, these sources of inspiration are everywhere. But what makes art so important?

For starters, art provides historical context and important insight. It’s been used as a form of expression and communication throughout history. Because art can be controversial, it also promotes healthy conversations about our culture. Further, public art displays serve as community gathering places, providing opportunities to interact with people from all walks of life.

When it comes to personal impact, participants in community art projects can develop skills that are necessary for growth. It’s a way to promote healing in various forms of therapy. And it’s an integral way for communities to showcase their identity and create beautiful spaces. For all of these reasons, the impact of community art projects for kids can’t be overstated. By encouraging community art projects for kids, we can help them learn how to think creatively, boost confidence, work well with others, and be better community members.

The Best Community Art Project Ideas for Kids

Not sure where to start with your next project? We have you covered! Here are nine community art projects for kids of all ages.

1. Paint a mural

There’s nothing quite like being caught off guard by an eye-catching mural. Communities often promote this type of artwork to beautify downtown spaces. Whether it’s an underpass or the side of an alleyway building, these are great spaces for creation. Don’t just limit yourselves to walls either. When approved by your city, some of the most gorgeous murals can be on electrical boxes, bus stops, and more. 

Encourage your students to work together to find the perfect idea for a mural. Consider items that may be noteworthy and personal, such as your state flower or a local landmark. You may even consider making this a teachable moment by having a professional mural artist lead the project.

2. Inspire with sidewalk chalk

Kids love chalk because it’s easy to work with but still creates beautiful work. What’s more, it isn’t permanent, so there’s no need to get permission before taking to the streets. Using chalk for community art projects for kids is one of the easiest ways to get your students working together.

Sidewalk chalk writing

Ask your students to think of inspiring scenes or motivating words to splash across local sidewalks. Runners and dog walkers are sure to smile when they notice the color and beauty of your students’ work on their everyday route.

3. Spread joy with painted rocks

This is one of those easy community art projects that can actually be completed in your studio. Gather as many flat, smooth rocks as you can and ask your students to paint them. Whether they choose to go abstract with shapes and colors or depict a flower or star or dinosaur, make these rocks bright and beautiful!

From there, ask your students to place their rocks in special places around town. Perhaps it’s a local hiking trail or the corner planter in a downtown setting. Wherever they choose to place them, people are sure to find a little joy when they spot them.

4. Gather bottle caps for a piece of art

Many community art project ideas stem from passion for a bigger cause, such as sustainability.

Consider gathering plastic bottle caps to create a mural or piece of art that is eye-popping and multi-dimensional. From water bottles to soda bottles, it will only take a few weeks for your students to gather quite an assortment of bottle caps for this project to create a new piece.

5. Host a community art exhibit

This is another one of our community art project ideas that can actually be completed right inside your studio. Hosting a community art exhibit for a great cause can provide so many wonderful benefits for your students.

They’ll be proud to show off their artwork in a public setting, but they can also give back to the community by donating the proceeds to a great cause! Consider charging an affordable entrance fee of just $5 and have your students choose a local charity or community effort to donate all of the ticket sales.

6. Create a photo stop

It’s hard to deny that everyone loves a good Insta-worthy photo opportunity! Many cities have iconic photo stops that have become a part of the local culture.

Inspire your students to think out of the box about ways they can create a great photo opportunity for residents and tourists alike. Consider letter art that states the name of your city or even an abstract mural that includes a local hashtag in an approved spot, or even in front of your studio!

7. Decorate ceiling tiles 

Ceiling tiles don’t have to be boring! From classrooms to pediatric dental offices, plenty of businesses like to add a pop of color by decorating ceiling tiles.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply paint them. Find a local business or charity in need of sprucing up and let your students get creative.

8. Design community postcards

Postcards are a great way for tourists to share highlights from their travels. And who knows the area better than the residents who are born and raised there?

Ask your students to make postcards that reflect all of the unique things about your community. From there, ask local coffee shops or gift shops if they’re willing to put them on display for you! Provide them as a freebie or charge a dollar or two and let your students donate the money to a good cause.

9. Start a community garden

Gardens provide beauty and tranquility when we need it the most. But the act of gardening is also a great way to beat stress, making it a popular art therapy activity.

Gather pots, soil, and seeds and let your students cultivate a unique garden space. Wherever you choose to do this, it can serve as a gathering place where they are proud to show friends and family what they’ve been a part of.

Kids working in a community gardeb

Gardening can lead to many individual community art projects for kids, such as decorating signs to label plants, painting rocks to place in the garden area, creating windy trails made from smooth stones, or taking a trip to a nursery to pick out flowers.

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