5 Benefits Of Dance Studio Online Registration Software

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Dance studio online registration software is not only convenient for your potential students and their families, it also provides you with an organized and paperless way to keep track of your clients. These are the major reasons to offer online registration, along with tips on finding the best solution for your studio.

Why Do I Need Dance Studio Online Registration Software?

Nowadays, people want to be able to accomplish their daily tasks as quickly and easily as possible. The more simple and straightforward you can make class registration for them, the better.

With the right dance studio online registration software, the registration tool will be integrated directly on your website. Giving your students and their families the option to enroll in classes online, fill out registration forms, and schedule upcoming classes makes it easier to get new students in the door. Here’s why.

1. It’s faster

With online registration software for dance studios, your potential clients won’t need to spend their time looking up your number and getting you on the phone. They do not have to wait for you to call them back, nor do they need to drive over to your studio to talk to someone in person.

They can register for classes in their own time when it is most convenient for them. Your students or student’s caregivers who have full-time jobs barely have time to figure out when they are going to make dinner as it is. They’ll appreciate your easy online registration process the most.

2. Reduces your admin time

Likewise, as students register for classes, they will understandably have questions. If they call in to register, you or your team will need to answer those. If they’re signing up through your website, though, they will have answers to many questions right in front of them.

The right dance studio software makes online registration intuitive and guides potential clients through the process. This saves your time for classes, fun creative work, or working with customers who do have more complex questions.

3. Provides a full view of your offerings

Along with the ability to sign up for classes, you also give families greater visibility into your classes and offerings in real-time.

For example, if there is still space in the Tuesday evening tap class, students and their parents can see that at a glance and enroll at any time of the day or night to get into the class. If you begin to offer virtual classes or events, your customers can see that as well.

Further, with the best dance studio software solutions, you can choose the information you want parents to see and update, such as:

  • All open and available classes
  • Current policies, such as reduced hours
  • Student notes on progress
  • Past calendar of classes, including previous absences

4. Encourages events and special offers registration

Likewise, families can also view and register for any parties or special events you are offering at your studio.

The best dance studio software tools can automatically send your customers emails about your special offers and events for that month. Those emails can include a direct sign-up link to those events so they can sign up immediately. Your customers will get an email confirmation, as will your staff.

5. Your studio gets paid faster, on time

With dance studio online registration software, you will no longer have to print out and mail expensive registration packets. Families can pay you immediately online with their credit cards when they register and this payment will be directly deposited into your account.

Look for a solution that offers online registration management along with payment processing so you can keep all of your information within one tool. You can learn more about the different features and benefits of credit card processing tools for dance studios here.

Look For These Features With Your Dance Studio Online Registration Software

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to dance studio software, but you want to find a tool that works well for your studio, with the features you need. We recommend looking specifically for these features.

A great customer service team

While getting started, you could have a lot of potential questions. Whether you are processing an electronic payment for the first time or want to make some changes to a registration form, it helps to have someone available immediately.

Further, you probably won’t have all the time in the world to navigate through all of the tools and options your dance studio software provides right from the get-go. Find a provider that offers free online demos and one-on-one training so you can learn about and add more features as you ramp up.

Staff scheduling

The best automated tools can help you manage staff schedules and significantly reduce the time you would usually spend manually reworking employee schedules each week.

With dance studio online registration software, you’ll automatically know how many students signed up for each class, how many teachers are needed, and the best way to schedule their time.

Customer management

Even as you bring in new clients, you don’t want to forget about the ones you already have. Find software that provides your customers with their own online portal, so they have the ability to manage their kid’s classes, check-in on their progress, read any announcements, and make payments.

With an online portal, customers will no longer need to call your studio unless there is an absolute emergency or complex question. They will be able to view exactly when and what they have paid for class registration, what they have left to pay, and update their account as needed.

Online reporting

An easy-to-use online dashboard can help you get a high-level view of your business. Your important data, like enrollment numbers, outstanding payments, and customer information, should be kept in one place. This makes operations easier to manage for you and your staff.

The dashboard should also allow you to analyze trends in class enrollments and attendance, zeroing in on any specific periods of time where absences peak or dip. Every detail about your business should be easy to view and analyze so you can make more effective decisions for the future.

Simple payment processing

The best dance studio software keeps all of your payments in one place. You should be able to easily view all of your customer’s profiles, details on their payment histories, and whether their current payments are completed or outstanding. Other tools will provide the flexibility of recurring payments, so your students can truly set it and forget it.

For all, find a solution that organizes all payment options into one tool. Your students should be able to pay how they prefer, online or in-person, with those payments seamlessly integrated.

Make Studio Registration A Snap!

Dance studio online registration software makes it easier for you to bring in more students and spend more time on the creative work you love!

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