Whether you have been in the industry five months or five years, odds are you're ultimately going to end up looking for better dance studio solutions for running your business. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck, because we have put together a list of some of the best tools and products available today, that can help your dance studio thrive. And, the best part, is some of them are free! Let’s dive right in!

Our Favorite Dance Studio Solutions

This truly is the best time in history to start a business. That’s not to say opening a dance studio is all roses and unicorns. Sure, there will still be hard work to be done, and you’ll have lots of tasks that need completing. Nonetheless, the sheer number of tools available these days, are the result of many years of innovators coming together to create the very things that make running a dance studio business easier than ever before.

The tools we have chosen and listed below allow you to run your dance studio from anywhere with an internet connection. Yes, you will still need in-house teachers, and/or staff members that run the physical business. On the other hand, these tools and products won’t keep you as the owner glued to your office, let alone the dance studio itself. In no particular order, here’s a rundown of our favorite dance studio solutions:

  1. Google Drive
  2. A project management tool such as Asana or Trello
  3. A graphic design program such as Canva
  4. A survey platform like SurveyMonkey
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Grammarly
  7. A stock photo site such as Pixabay or Pexels
  8. Social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  9. Ongoing training tools like Youtube, Udemy and others
  10. A social media scheduling platform like Buffer or Hootsuite
  11. Something to help you invoice your clients
  12. A class scheduler
  13. Digital filing system
  14. E-mail program complete with templates for drip campaigns, marketing and more.
  15. Progress report system
  16. Credit card processing

While this list is not an end all, be all, we’re confident that every solution we’ve mentioned here can make your dance studio run more efficiently. Now, let’s break each of these items down a little further, so you can see how using them can make your studio the power house it deserves to be.

1. Google Drive


For up to 15 GB of data, you have free ‘cloud’ storage that your dance studio can use for things like:

  • creating documents that can easily be shared with students, teachers, parents, partners, investors and more
  • storing photos for social media, website use, newsletters, etc.
  • preparing spreadsheets, and slideshows, and forms, and a whole host of other things

As an added bonus, with the tools in Google Drive, you won’t have as much of a need for things like Microsoft Office. If you’re trying to cut costs, cutting that monthly fee could help.

2. A Project Management Tool

Project management tools like Asana and Trello allow you to create to-do lists, and assign staff members to those lists, and track their completion. From dance recitals to what to put on your dance studio’s social media accounts, there are always new projects that will be coming up for you.

All of these moving parts need a place to be housed in, so that you know what projects are in progress, what’s on the back burner, what’s soon to be started, and the tasks that are already completed. Both Trello and Asana have free versions of their systems as well.

3. A Design Program For Graphics

Design programs like Canva turn the non graphic-designer into a makeshift designer thanks to their templates, fonts, and suggestions for using their system. You can create everything from social media images to infographics to eBooks and flyers for free with Canva’s basic account. There are also a bunch of tutorials created by Canva, and users of Canva online to learn how to do pretty much anything you could want to do with the program.

4. A Survey Platform

Survey platforms like SurveyMonkey are a fabulous way to get feedback from your database for everything from what classes to offer, to the best dates and times to host events. You can create simple questionnaires with multiple choice options, or open-ended response options. You can even allow your responses to be anonymous, which could help you get more accurate data depending on the nature of the survey.

5. Google Analytics


You might be wondering why we would mention Google Analytics in our dance studio solutions. Here’s the thing – Google Analytics is great for telling many of the things you need to know regarding the traffic to your website. It’s one way you’ll know what’s working and what’s not in terms of how you are driving people to your space on the internet.

Let’s say you did a social media campaign on Facebook, and you need to know if there was a spike in visitors on your website as a result. Google Analytics can give you a report of where those website visitors came from. Yes, Facebook can give you some insights, but Google is typically more accurate in accounting for what lead to the visits on your site.

This data can help you determine where to focus your efforts in terms of promotions as well. Let’s say you are getting a massive spike in visits from Pinterest. Perhaps that tells you that you should be more active there to drive more interest in your studio.

You can also get demographic information on your visitors that could clue you into what types of classes and events you might want to consider offering. Finally, you’ll get location data as well that might help you determine where to expand, should there be a demand for a dance studio in a place that doesn’t currently have one.

6. Grammarly

If you’re like many business owners, you are writing regularly in your business. Blog posts, social media updates, e-mails, letters, the list goes on. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a better tool to ensure good use of grammar, and to catch your spelling mistakes? The basic function of Grammarly is free, and it identifies most spelling and grammar errors. It’s also been found by most reviewers to be much better at finding errors than the basic spelling and grammar checkers of programs like Microsoft Office and Libreoffice.

7. Stock Photos

Though you should always take your own photos when promoting your business, we get that it’s not always feasible. Stock photo sites are the popular choice when you need images for marketing materials, but don’t want to or can’t take on your own images. Besides, if we’re being honest, it’s significantly cheaper to buy stock photos than it is to hire a photographer for a full blown photo shoot.

Cheaper still is using free stock photography sites like Pixabay and Pexels. While your options are significantly more limited than image choices found on paid stock photo sites, and you will see many other companies using the same images you’re considering, in a pinch it gets the job done for free.

8. Ongoing Training Tools

Youtube, Udemy, Teachable and many others may not seem like dance studio solutions at first blush, but think again. You should always be learning in your business so that you can grow your business. Your smarts are your unique business tools after all.

Famed business coach Marie Forleo said, “Learners are earners,” and this could not be more true. The people who are constantly learning are the ones that keep finding innovative ways to make their businesses better. By continuing to educate yourself you could learn everything from better ways to market your business, to best practices for handling difficult clients. Hey, you could even learn how to use many of the tools listed in this post!

9. Social Media Accounts

The biggest social media platforms are still Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – at least at the time of this writing. And, even if you’re not highly engaged and active on these platforms, having an account on each of them is one more free way to get the word out about your dance studio.

If nothing else, you should create an account with each as a placeholder in the event you ever do decide to get active on social media. Of course, you’ll need to post occasionally to them to avoid your pages being unpublished, but that’s for another article.

10. Social Media Scheduling Platform

Once you do decide to get active on social media, having a platform to schedule your posts can be a huge time saver. Platforms like Hootsuite, and Buffer allow you to schedule social media updates weeks, and even months ahead of time. This enables you to batch your content, and schedule several updates at once to trickle out, rather than risking having to take time out of your schedule daily or weekly to post updates. By scheduling it, you also avoid the risk of forgetting to post at all.

The Studio Director – The Ultimate Dance Studio Solution


By now you probably noticed, we stopped at item 10 in our descriptions of our top dance studio solutions. That’s because items 11 through 17 can all be handled by one amazing tool – The Studio Director. Our dance studio software is the result of years of research, and talking with real dance studio owners like you. What we came up with was a single product that helps with a wide variety of things like:

  • Invoicing your clients
    • Want to have your clients be invoiced automatically after signing up for dance classes? Consider it done!
    • How about eliminating the need to chase delinquent payments? We’ve got that covered too. Our software will reach out to the client and have them update their payment information automatically. You don’t even have to lift a finger!
  • Scheduling and filling your classes
    • You enter the dates and times of the classes, The Studio Director pretty much handles the rest. Your students can log onto your site, sign up for classes, and pay for them all in one spot.
  • Digitally filing your paperwork
    • Imagine never losing an invoice or class waiver again. Your files can be digitally stored on our platform, with searchable titles so you can find anything you need, whenever you need it.
  • Emailing your students, prospects, and partners
    • You know you need to keep in touch with your list of contacts, and The Studio Director makes it easier for you.
    • We have templates that you can use to make communication easier than ever before, and you can create drip campaigns for things like on-boarding clients, or introducing prospects to all your studio has to offer.
  • Progress reports for your students
    • Your students, and their parents, want to know how they are progressing in class. With our software submitting updates is a piece of cake. A few simple clicks, some copying and pasting, and everyone will know exactly how they are doing in their classes without it taking too much of your time.
  • Credit card processing
    • With The Studio Director credit card processing, receiving payments is a breeze. It allows your customers to pay their bill on-line, any time. You can bill quarterly, monthly, or whatever works best for you, all while saving hours each month using our secure merchant gateway.

This list of dance studio solutions that The Studio Director offers is just the beginning. There are so many more features to our software we can’t wait to share with you. Whether you just want to run one studio, or have an entire empire of franchises all over the country, we think you’ll find The Studio Director is exactly what you’ve been looking for to make your life as a studio owner a little less hectic. But don’t take our word for it. Give us a test drive.

Try The Studio Director For Yourself

Click here to learn more about The Studio Director. Or, if you’re ready to jump in, and try The Studio Director, there are two ways to check it out. You can request a DEMO which allows you to use all the features of an example site that has been pre-configured with example studio data.

The other option is to sign up for a free 15- day trial that comes complete with one of our team members setting up an environment just for your business. The free trial gives you access to all of our bells and whistle that will show you whether or not The Studio Director is right for you. But, we’re guessing you’ll find you won’t want to go back to life without us once you see just how much we can help you in your dance studio business.

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